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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Times to meet Aunt Arctic in English Servers :)

If you tracking for Aunt Arctic here are three dates, times and servers when she will be online to meet us :)

February 22nd at 5:00pm PST on Arctic
February 25th at 9:00am PST on Flurry
February 26th at 5:00pm PST on Sabertooth

Thanks Amanda at Club Penguin Support for this information :) You are AWESOME :)

THANKS Amanda from Saraapril

Club Penguin Hollywood Party CHEATS :)

Card-Jitsu Snow Secret = Power Cards!

This is a message from Polo Field:

As you know, the Card-Jitsu Snow Beta Test is coming soon! Until now, we haven't put up any details about the game - we don't want to ruin the surprise!
But we DO want you to be ready for battle. So here's a hint: you're going to want Power Cards.

In fact, Power Cards will be the ONLY cards you're using in Card-Jitsu Snow. 
How do you think the game's going to work? Leave a comment below.
Waddle On!

WOW! This is indeed a way for Disney trying to get us to buy Card-Jitsu Cards BUT I have very BAD experience from the last time I bought these cards! BEFORE you buy any and try to add them to your Card-Jitsu Deck online read this WARNING: Unlock item Online FAILED! What to do?

How to win a Trophy on Awards Show?

This is a message from Loustik005:

Hi Stars!
Awards Ceremony starts tomorrow! You're probably wondering how to win a prize. The list of winners is top secret, but I have two things to advise you to increase your chances of winning:
1. Become a superstar! (Complete the tasks at Studio A, B and C )
2. Attend the ceremony when The Scene will be open!

Tons of prizes will be awarded in various categories!! It will be a spectacle blast In the meantime, do not forget to prepare your speech, it could be used!
And the award for best actor returns to ... that's still a secret! See you tomorrow! ;-)

Right now I’m preparing for tomorrow by trying on different dresses :) I like this one a lot but maybe…I’m glad I have a few more hours to make my mind up…LOL :)

Awards Show items to Win :)

Club Penguin Awards Show items :)

Hollywood Party CHEATS Club Penguin :)

Meet Cadence in French Servers Today :)

This is a message from Loustik005:

Today on Wednesday February 20, 2013 Cadence will visit us on Yéti at 6:30 am and Jour de Neige at 8:30 am (PST)

Thanks for the info :) I hope Penguins that not have met her yet during this Party get the chance to do that :)

Club Penguin Hollywood Party CHEATS :)

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