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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Saraapril’s Hollywood Party Stamp Book :)

I have decorated my Stamp Book in GOLD and STARS for the Hollywood Party :) Cadence, Gary, Sensei and Aunt Arctic has ALL been around during this Party so I decorated with their Stamps and then I added the Shooting Star Pin, Golden Awards Pin and Music icon for the Awards Show :)

…See earlier Stamp Book decoration Saraapril’s Prehistoric Stamp Book :)

Saraapril Fan Art by Cc Lemon :)

I love your kindness and your enthusiasm! Although I don't play Club Penguin that often anymore, I love checking out the latest updates from your blog! You're such an amazing hard worker, and you make me smile! :)
- Cc Lemon

...THANKS Cc Lemon both for your kind words and Pretty Artwork :) I feel very HONORED that you keep reading my Blog!

THANKS Cc Lemon from Saraapril :)

Saraapril Fan Art :)

Gold Awards now Available :)

The Hollywood Party Awards is now Awarding Gold :)

…I wonder if I will win a Gold Trophy too? That would be such an HONOR!

…Gold Award has been added to your inventory :)

…Best Space Flight goes to Saraapril! I earned a GOLD Trophy for the Best Space Flight too!?!

…THANKS! THANKS!! THANKS!! I’m so HAPPY and HONORED! I Really don’t know what to say…THANKS!!! HAPPY RUNNING! WAIT! Who got that on tape? I was a little over Excited and tried to run up at stage to say THANKS AGAIN as I got thrown off from there so unexpectedly …LOL :)

Awards Show is OPEN!

Silver Awards now Available :)

Hollywood Party CHEATS Club Penguin :)

FUN with Friends and BUGS!

Here are a few more Pictures from what we have done TOGETHER so far during the Club Penguin Hollywood Party :) At the Dock I met Pikapokemon4 :)

…She has a very nice Home :)

…Oops! We got the Card-Jitsu Dancing items while Bows BUG!

…WOW! Pikapokemon4 is GREAT at throwing water balloons…LOL :)

…CONGRATS Friend :) Well Played :)

…The Limo is a GREAT Place and CP Members have Yellow Stars around them during this Party and Friends have Green Star :) BUT there is a BUG so not ALL Members have their Stars!

…Ben5155 and I are sitting and listening to the Music Dubstep Puffle is Playing :)

…EVERYONE needs encouragement and here we are telling Dubstep that we like him :)

…Ben5155 has an Awesome Hollywood Party decorated Igloo :)

…I LOVE to take Photos and I don’t mind to be photographed BUT sadly the Camera comes not only with a Flash but with an INVISIBLE BUG! I’m INVISIBLE and STUCK AGAIN!

…this is NOT FUN! And sometimes I can’t talk during this Bug either…

TIPS: If this happens to you open your Map and change room…

...Hi again Friends :)

…TOGETHER with Friends I’m waiting for Sensei :)

…I hope Sensei will come BUT it will take a few hours before he does…

…During the long wait we told jokes, laughed and talked :)



…My FAVORITE Special Stunt is to jump through the Window :) WOOHOO!!! And then…quickly move away so I don’t get other stunt Penguins on my head…LOL :)

…THANKS! It’s so nice to meet you too :)

…10 minutes before we expected Sensei to come I got this AGAIN: Sorry, something went wrong with Adobe Flash Player. Try logging in again….BUT sadly the Server was FULL!

…Here we are waiting for Gary :) Hi there Friends :)

…Stream Stunt Jumping :)

…THANKS for all your kind words :) TOGETHER WE ROCK!!!

…Gary didn't came this time BUT TOGETHER we had FUN anyway :)

…When I received a Silver Trophy for the Best Student I met Alexandriada :)

…and she won a Trophy for Best Dressed :) CONGRATS!!! And THANKS for the entertainment at the Stage :)

…Dance Party in Alexandriada‘s Igloo :)

Dance Contest FUN :)

…THANKS for the FUN Friends :) TOGETHER WE ROCK!!!

…And THANKS to ALL FUN Penguins I have Player TOGETHER with you are ALL STARS!!!

FUN with Friends :)

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