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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Club Penguin Times issue 384 :)

Puffle Hotel Announcement! That’s a Wrap!

Puffle Hotel Announcement :)

PH has big plans to build a puffle hotel!

By PH — G’day mates. Have I got news for you! To celebrate this year’s Puffle Party, we’re building a Puffle Hotel! It’s gonna be tall, ’cause I’ve got something exciting to show ya up in the clouds...

I was out in the wilds doing some research when I spotted something incredible! A strange cloud is coming towards the island. I grabbed my telescope—and I couldn’t believe my eyes. The cloud is choc full of puffles! Crikey, was I ever excited! And that’s not even the craziest part. Looks to me like a cloud of RAINBOW puffles! Can you believe it?! We just gotta reach ’em. But that’s where the Puffle Hotel comes in. We’ll build this really tall Puffle Hotel, where everyone can bring their pets to be pampered. And we’ll launch from the roof to reach the cloud. Piece of cake! I’m finishing up the design right now, and construction’s gonna get started next week. So come by the Plaza and lend a flipper!

That’s a Wrap!

Thanks for all the memories!

By Aunt Arctic — The Hollywood Party has come to an end. And what a party! It truly was a star-studded event. The glitz and glamor on the red carpet, and the spectacular performances from the actors were truly top-notch. I had a wonderful time meeting so many of you, interviewing you, and watching the Awards Show. Thanks to everyone who came out: all the superstars, directors, and film fanatics—you made this event sensational! Keep pursuing your Hollywood dreams. You all have so much potential! As they say: That’s a wrap!

Upcoming Events :)

On now! Comedy Corner Head to the Coffee Shop for some laughs! And get ready for ROFL’s galore.

Mar. 14 Igloo Furniture Every igloo could use a little more puffle—new furniture coming soon!

Mar. 21 Puffle Party Bring your puffle out to party!

Mar. 7: Puffle fan fashions coming to the Clothes Shop!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until March 6. Golden Award Pin CHEAT :) 
Next pin hidden: March 7—20

Newsflash :)

Construction has started at the Everyday Phoning Facility. Everyone on site should bring their hard hat and jackhammer!

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

What made you want to write for the newspaper? –Juan A. Wright
Growing up I loved learning new words, reading books, and writing stories. I also loved mysteries, and always had to get to the bottom of them. When I thought about what kind of career I wanted, I knew that writing for a newspaper would be a perfect fit!

How do I become a tour guide? –Guy Dee
To become a Tour Guide, head to the Ski Village. Once you’re 45 days old, you can take the test to find out how much you know about Club Penguin. Pass, and you’ll be awarded your official Tour Guide hat, and can start giving tours!

Can I be published in the newspaper? –Pueblo Shed
Absolutely! We love hearing from you. Go to the bottom of the back page to send us your questions and jokes. Each week, we choose a few to publish in the paper, so keep checking to see if yours gets picked.

Safe sailing to Shipwreck Island thanks to red beacon.

What’s that red light in the telescope? –Bee Kang
This is a question I’ve been hearing quite often actually. The answer has an interesting story to it. To start off, I’ll tell you that the red light is from a beacon. Last year, brave adventurers went on a quest with Rockhopper. They collected supplies from different places, then traveled to Shipwreck Island to build the beacon. The waters around the island are terribly dangerous. Many a ship has crashed on the rocky shores. In fact, Rockhopper himself nearly crashed into the island! But with the beacon, Rockhopper can safely navigate the waters around the island, and continue his adventures.

Secrets Classified Puffle Care Tips :)

By PH: Puffles are amazing creatures! There are all sorts of things ya should know about them. I’ve got some tips for ya:

  • Puffles need food, exercise, grooming, and rest.
  • When ya select a puffle in your igloo you’ll see four bars—these tell ya how happy your puffles are.
  • If one of the bars is getting low, that means your puffles need attention.
  • Make sure ya keep their stats up. If all their stats get really low, your puffles could run back to the wilds.

Puffle Handbook :)

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 383 :)

Quest for Golden Puffle back at The Stage :)

The Old Award Winning Play Quest for the Golden Puffle is Back at the Stage :)

…I like this play with ALL the cool Special Effects so I’m HAPPY it’s back again :)

…Adventure! Danger! Thrills & chills! All before breakfast!Welcome to the lives of daring treasure hunter, Alaska, and her trusty friend, Yukon. Together they travel the world, searching for riches and rare puffles. But no treasure is as rare, or as dangerous to find, as the mysterious Golden Puffle. Join Alaska and Yukon on their thrilling quest into the Pyramid of the fearsome King Ra-Ra.

…There are no new items in the Costume Trunk Catalog but mouse over this page and you will find the Hidden Secret Crock and Flail 300 coins :)

…Alaska’s Explorer Hat 300 coins, Sienna Explorer Outfit 650 coins, Lasso 150 coins, Safari Hat 250 coins, Supply Bag 700 coins and Beige Explorer Outfit 650 coins :)

…Mummy Costume 600 coins, Pharaoh Headdress 500 coins, Gold Bracelets 200 coins and Pharaoh Costume 550 coins :)

…Director’s Hat 250 coins :) As always ALL Penguins can buy the Adventure Background for 60 coins :)

Tour Guide message: Welcome to the Plaza! From here you can visit the Pizza Parlor join the Quest for the Golden Puffle at the Stage or adopt a puffle at the Pet Shop

Tickets everyone! The Stage is putting on the Quest for the Golden Puffle Star in the production as one of the actors or call the shots as the director And find out if the rumors of a golden puffle are true


Quest for the Golden Puffle
Yukon: We have to be careful in this pyramid, Alaska!
Alaska: Can't find rare puffles without a little danger...
Alaska: Hey look, a switch! Wonder what it does...
Yukon: Oh no! Run! It's a snowball trap!
Alaska: What's an adventure without a few traps?
Yukon: That was close! Told you we should be careful!
Alaska: Careful is my middle name.
Yukon: Look! The Golden Puffle! Let's get it!
Alaska: I've been waiting a long, long time for this...
(Door opens, and Boris appears)
King Ra-Ra: Halt! Who dares to enter the great pyramid!
Alaska: Quick, Yukon! Grab the Golden Puffle!
(Yukon quickly grabs the Golden Puffle statue)
Yukon: Got it! Let's get out of here!
King Ra-Ra: Don't let them take it, Boris!
Alaska: We've gotta get out of here... fast!
Yukon: Oh no! We're trapped in the pyramid!
Alaska: You can say that again.
Yukon: Oh no! We're trapped in the pyramid!
King Ra-Ra: You can't escape the great pyramid!
King Ra-Ra: Now give us the Golden Puffle!
Alaska: I don't give up my quests that easy, Ra-Ra!
Yukon: Wait! I think I know how to stop all of this!
(Yukon gives Boris the Golden Puffle)
Alaska: What are you doing, Yukon! That's my treasure!
(Boris unwraps the Golden Puffle)
Yukon: It's a puffle-shaped chocolate in gold wrapper!
King Ra-Ra: That's right! And Boris was really hungry!
King Ra-Ra: That's why we had to get it back!
Alaska: Sigh. Guess it's not the rare puffle I thought.
King Ra-Ra: Oh, but it is rare!
King Ra-Ra: It is made of the island's rarest dark chocolate!
Yukon: These weren't the puffles we were looking for.
Alaska: Do not fear, Yukon! New adventures await!
King Ra-Ra: Hmmm... where did I put that snowball of mine?
Alaska: Onwards to victory and the rarest puffles!

Quest for the Golden Puffle ANIMATED :)

Puffle Hotel Grand Opening Exit Picture :)

The Puffle Hotel we can see in the Puffle Party “Gotta Have a Wingman” Music Video will be here in Club Penguin during the Puffle Party March 21 - April 2, 2013 :) Puffle Hotel Grand Opening!

Club Penguin Opening and Exit Pictures :)

Red Nose item CHEAT :)

The Coffee Shop has got a Stage for the Red Nose Event and here EVERYONE can pick up a FREE Red Nose item :)

…Do you want to buy undefined for undefined coins? Hmmm…This is a FREE item!

…Well…we have to wait a little so Club Penguin can fix this FOREVER LOADING BUG!

…and DONE :) You have found a Red Nose would you like to pick it up? Yes Please and THANKS :)

…Red Nose on my Beak and I’m ready to make Penguins Laugh :)

Tour Guide message: Welcome to the Coffee Shop! We're hosting a comedy corner Sit back and enjoy some stand-up comedy or get up on stage and tell your best jokes!

Help raise money for the Red Nose Day in UK VIDEO :)

Red Nose Day :)

EPF Construction has Started :)

In the Ski Village you can pick up a FREE Miners Hard Hat and help out with the Construction work of the “Everyday Phoning Facility” and EPF Agents knows that the Command Room is indeed in need of reparations too!

…Welcome Agent! Thanks :) WOW! Look at that BIG Phone!

…Time to open this Box :) WAIT! Did that sound come from inside?

Top Secret: Command Room Update!

EPF - Elite Penguin Force!

The wheels on the Bus go…

I think the Limo is AWESOME and one of my Favorite things to do is to sit here and sing :) The wheels on the Bus go round and round…LOL :)

…If you don’t have earned the Director’s items or got the Gold Trophy you better HURRY before this Party ends! On this link collection post you will find MORE items to earn and buy Club Penguin Hollywood Party CHEATS :)

Hollywood Party Tour Guide :)

Stars are visible all around Club Penguin both in the Sky and Waddling around :) Welcome to the Disney Club Penguin Hollywood Party Tour Guide and prepare to be dazzled :)

…This is the Town Head to the Coffee Shop for some java, Get your groove on at the Dance Club or check out the latest fashions in the Clothes Shop :)

…Here we have the Coffee Shop Keep your eyes out! Superstars are stopping by for hot coffee, and fresh fruit smoothies :)

…This is the Clothes Shop Let's join the fashion show! We can show off the latest styles from the catalog, snap photos of fabulous models or head backstage and help with the show :)

…While waiting for the Limo that will arrive every third minute to drive you between Town, Snow Forts and Plaza let’s take a look at the safe chat :)

Interview me!
Let's rehearse the routine
Check out this stunt
Cue the special effects
Let's hit the red carpet
Cameras rolling
Into the limo!

…and Hollywood Party jokes :)
How can you tell which fly is an actor? It's the one on the screen!
Where did the cows go on a Saturday night? The mooovies!
Where do mermaids go to see movies? At the dive-in!
Why are movie stars so cool? They have a lot of fans!
What's a rabbit's favorite dance style? Hip-Hop!
What do you get if you cross a refrigerator with a stereo? Cool music!
Why didn't the hot dog star in any movies? He wasn't getting good rolls!
Why did the fish go to Hollywood? He wanted to be a starfish!

…HURRAY! The Limo and Dubstep Puffle is HERE :)

…Check out this Limo! Here you can enjoy the VIP treatment or rock out in the DJ booth And what limo is complete without a pool?!

…Welcome to Club Penguin Studios! The cameras are rolling on three new films Head onto the sets to take part in the action or take a Superstar Tour You never know who you'll run into!

…Quiet on set! Club Penguin High 3 is now filming Get your dancing shoes on and join the production or be the director and call the shots :)

The Getaway! Lights. Camera. Action! There's some daring actors on this set If you're up to the challenge you can show off your stunt skills Watch out for explosions!

Space Squid: Space…prepare for the ultimate adventure Now filming Return of the Space Squid Watch out for ALIENS!

…Here we are at the Plaza :) The paparazzi's snapping photos as Superstars hit the red carpet Let's get their autographs! WAIT! Looks in notes…this is the Tour for the first week of the party…Sorry…here is the new script that’s from February 21 :) The Awards show has started! And Superstars are hitting the red carpet Head inside to see who's won or snap some photos and get autographs :)

…Welcome to the Awards Show! The best and the brightest cross the stage to accept their awards. Let’s give them a round of applause :)

…Check out the Pizza Shop It's pretty swanky. Here you can enjoy a slice of pizza and some cream soda or head into the kitchen and whip up some pizzas :) I LOVE the fish that are swimming around under the glass floor :)

…for items, secrets and FUN during this Party look at this post Hollywood Party Club Penguin CHEATS :)

What’s New in March 2013?

This is a message by Polo Field:

Hello Penguins!

March is just around the corner, and we are gearing up for an awesome party and some AMAZING new stuff! Can you guess what’s coming from these picture clues?

Leave us your best guesses in the comments below! Until then… Waddle On!

I guess the first Picture is about the updated EPF Command Room, the middle Picture looks like a Puffle care room so I guess it’s a Sneak Peek of the Puffle Party and the third Picture looks like it’s a New furry item from a Catalog :)

Club Penguin Sneak Peeks :)

Red Nose Day :)

Red Nose Day :) 
This month Club Penguin is taking part in Disney's Comedy Magic campaign, Turning Funny into Money! Penguins all over the island are wearing Red Noses and telling jokes to support Red Nose Day. Help Disney raise £100,000 for Red Nose Day – Grab a red nose and start doing something funny for money!
Upload a screenshot of your penguin telling a joke and Disney will donate £1 to Comic Relief per person up to £100,000! Go to Terms apply. Disney UK

…This is how the Club Penguin Background looks like on the Disney page :) Make us Laugh February 28 - 15 March :)

…More info and Sneak Peeks on Red Nose items here Help raise money for Red Nose Day in the UK VIDEO :)

Free code and Puzzles from Club Penguin Magazine :)

In the Hollywood Party issue of the Club Penguin Magazine you can solve these puzzles to find the code and redeem 500 coins :) THANKS Disney UK :)

Club Penguin Magazine :)

Times when Aunt Arctic will visit French Servers TODAY :)

This is a message from Loustik005:

Today Wednesday 27, 2013 Aunt Arctic will visit us on Yéti at 6:30 am. And Jour de Neige at 7:30 am (PST).

UPDATE: In another Tweet Loustik005 says that the time for Jour de Neige is 8:30 am (PST). I wonder if this is a correction or if Aunt Arctic will be in that server at BOTH those times?

Hollywood Party CHEATS Club Penguin :)

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