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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Puffle Hotel Construction at Plaza :)

In time for the Puffle Party a Puffle Hotel will be built and right now Penguins are needed to help out with the Construction :)

…Don’t you want to help us Speed? Oh…you want to but it’s a BUG so you can’t dance! Isn't this an OLD Bug?

…If you don’t have the Construction Stamp you can earn that at the Plaza right now :)

Puffle Party and Rainbow Puffles coming Soon :)

Get, Set Go Club Penguin Ad Video!

This new Disney Club Penguin Advertisement Video is made of clips from other CP Videos so in one way this New Video is already Old :)  Disney UK

Here you can find more Club Penguin Videos :)

Beta Test of Card-Jitsu Snow Report :)

This is a message from Polo Field:

Hey penguins, It's been a busy week here at Club Penguin, and we wanted to give you an update on the big Card-Jitsu Snow Beta Test!

We've received thousands of comments since the beta test launched last week. Thanks for sending in your comments and the bugs you've seen - keep it up! Did you know that we track every bug we find? Bug tracking and bug squashing is a very important part of making a game! See the picture below? The red line is the number of bugs we wrote up for tracking, and the green line is the number of bugs we've squashed! Pretty cool, huh?

Here are a few of the bigger bugs that you've let us know about:

#1094 - Users seeing only background art in game if Snow player exits before loading screen
#1090 - Users are able to enter Bonus Round even if player is KO'd during game
#1042 - Music will occasionally double up in game - multiple tracks will play at once
#993 - Game occasionally "freezes" while playing - users must exit game

Great work, testers! Thanks for helping to make Club Penguin even better.

In other news... Many of you seem to be using older versions of web browsers like Internet Explorer. Make sure you have the latest version of your favorite web browser updated and the latest version available of Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer to test Card-Jitsu Snow. And remember to ask for permission from your parent before you install anything!

Waddle On... and happy testing!


Thanks for the Progress info :) It’s FUN to help you looking for Bugs :)

…On this post you will find the link to where you can Play Card-Jitsu Snow BETA Card-Jitsu Snow BETA is HERE!!!

Card-Jitsu Snow BETA VIDEO :)

Ninja Down Details ANIMATED :)

You that have read my blog for a while know that I LOVE Details and in the Card-Jitsu Snow Beta Game I have a Favorite :) When a Ninja is down it gets a cool animation circling around the head :) Water Ninja has Fish :)

…Fire Ninja has Hot Sauce bottles :)

…and Snow Ninja has Ice cream :)

…Oops! You lost the game Ninjas! Next time make sure to work better TOGETHER :)

…On this post you will find the link to where you can Play Card-Jitsu Snow BETA Card-Jitsu Snow BETA is HERE!!!

Card-Jitsu Snow BETA VIDEO :)

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