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Sunday, March 10, 2013

FUN with Friends :)

My Puffles and I were Training in our Card-Jitsu Snow BETA Igloo when Rocky Road 3 and Zekev came and visited us :) Hi there Friends :)

…Rocky Road 3 invited us to see her Wilderness Igloo :) 

…Then Zekev showed us a Medieval Igloo that he has started to decorate :)

…This is Zekev’s City Apartment Igloo! COOL! And it has both a view and a POOL :)

…Tech70 found me and my Puffles in our Puffle Roundup Igloo and TOGETHER we had so much FUN talking :)

…Puffles are PERFECT Pets one day we WILL be able to Tip the Iceberg!

…Tech70 and I took a look at an OLD Club Penguin Ninja Mystery :) Back in 2008 this Ninja Shadow moved! Ninja Shadow at Lighthouse :)

…we Both miss the Old FUN Club Penguin days that were filled with so much MORE Secrets and Mysteries BUT we think it is way more FUN to EARN items at Parties that we do now then just pick them up as we did back then :)

…Time to work :) Hi P108459960 this red garden shovel is a “Penguins at Work” item and it’s sadly not available right now BUT you can pick up a FREE Hard Hat at the Ski Village or inside the Mine and help us Drill :)

…Thanks for helping out with the Puffle Hotel Construction Everyone :)

…It’s hard work to dig so I and and Coolivan10 took a short break to waddle around in the Forest and there we met MORE Friends :)

…When we went back to the Plaza we got a COOL Surprise! LOOK! Red Nose Day Clowns :)

…We were invited to join in and so we HAPPILY did :)

…Red Nose Day Clowns LOVE to tell Jokes :) Let’s go the the Stage at the Coffee Shop…



…Sadly my Friends List is Full so I can’t add anyone BUT if you have LESS then 50 Postcards in your Mailbox I’m HAPPY to send you a Postcard and then we are Club Penguin Friends ANYWAY :)

…THANKS EVERYONE for visiting and Entertaining my Puffles :) Let’s visit some of YOUR Igloos too :)

…Here we are in Darwin553’s Puffle Spa Igloo :)

…This is Mimmy26176’s Runway Igloo :)

…Hi Penguan2003 :) You have an AWESOME Home :)

…THANKS to ALL FUN Penguins I have played TOGETHER with and that have shown me your Igloo Designs :) TOGETHER WE ROCK!!!

FUN with Friends :)

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