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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Adopt a Rainbow Puffle Task 2 CHEATS :)

18 hours has passed and now step 2 to become a Puffle Care Expert and adopt a Rainbow Puffle is available :)

Task 2: Groom your Puffle :) Click on Go there…

…Inventor LOVE the Spa Treatment :)

…Great Job! Your Puffle looks terrific! Your next task will be ready in 18 hr and 00 min! Time to Collect rewards :)

…ALL Penguins will get coins :) You have earned 150 coins :)

…And Members will get the next item in the Puffle Expert Care Outfit :) Puffle Groomer Outfit has been added to your inventory :)

…Now I have TWO lights lit for Bonus item and Adopt a Rainbow Puffle :) The Text Bug is on the Task 3 page too!

…This is how the two Puffle Care Expert items I have earned so far looks like :) See you again in 18 hours :)

How to become a Puffle Care Expert? CHEATS :)

Club Penguin Puffle Party 2013 CHEATS :)

Spy Phone Message from Gary March 21, 2013 :)

I was in the Puffle Hotel Lobby to buy more Puffle Food when I got a Spy Phone Message :)

March 21, 2013


Zounds! Re-construction of the EPF is coming along splendiferously. I'm particularly ecstatic about the addition of an on-site lab! For SCIENCE!

…AWESOME! I can hardly WAIT to do Experiments there and who knows maybe we find an ingredient among the rainbow clouds that can help us to cure Cancer :)

See earlier Spy Phone message from PH :)

When to meet PH in Spanish Servers CHEAT :)

PH the Puffle Handler is waddling around at the Puffle Party 2013 and here are a few dates and times when you can meet her in Spanish servers :)

Thanks Tato Maxx for these times to meet PH :)

  • March 23, 2 pm (PST) in server Avalancha
  • March 24, 12 pm (PST) in server Pizzarock
  • March 26, 7 am (PST) in server Ballena azul
  • March 27, 11 am (PST) in server Pufflelandia

Q: Where is PH?

A: PH’s favorite rooms are the Puffle Play Zone and the Hotel Roof :)

Great idea to take a nap while waiting Purple :) TOGETHER with PH we will have PUFFLEASTIC PARTY FUN :)

Puffle Party 2013 CHEATS :)

Rainbow Puffle ANIMATED :)

After you have become a Puffle Care Expert you can Adopt a Rainbow Puffle :) I think the Newest Disney Club Penguin Puffle is so cute and here it is Animated :)

Rainbow Puffle Plays with Super Cloud Toy :)

…Rainbow Puffle is Dancing :)

…The Rainbow Puffle Laughs so HARD that it Farts SPARKLES…LOL :)

…Oops The Rainbow Puffle is NOT waterproofed…WARNING be careful while bathing it…LOL :)

…The Rainbow Puffle tries to make a Bubble Gum Bubble and…Oops…try again :)

…Time to brush the Rainbow Puffle Fur :) Do you like this Style? You don’t!?! Please don’t start to cry I will try again…OR…WOW! You are a GREAT STYLIST :)

…The Rainbow Puffle is HUNGRY!

Puffle Party 2013 CHEATS :)

More Animations soon…

PH has a NEW Background :) FREE ITEM :)

If you meet PH don’t forget to pick up her New FREE Giveaway Background :) And if you like me have her on your Friends List you can open her Player Card and pick it up anytime you want :) Oops! The OLD PH the Puffle Handler image BUG is STILL here!

…You have found a PH Giveaway Would you like to pick it up? Yes Please :)

…This is how PH’s New Background looks like on my Player Card :)

…This is how PH’s Player Card will look like IF Club Penguin bothers to fix the Bug!

Club Penguin Puffle Party 2013 CHEATS :)

Rainbow Puffle Pin CHEAT :)

You will find the Newest Club Penguin Pin Hidden here at the Beach :)

…You have found a Rainbow Puffle Pin would you like to pick it up? Yes Please :)

Club-Penguin- 2013-03-1385 - Copy

…See earlier Red Nose Comedy Pin :)

How to add Saraapril’s Club Penguin Pin Tracker :)

Puffle Party 2013 items Catalog :)

We have a Puffle Party 2013 items Catalog :)

…ALL items in this catalog are for Members! Puffle Costumes! Rollover each color to preview and buy costume :) The Rainbow Puffle Costume 400 coins, I Heart my Rainbow Puffle T-Shirt 250 coins, The Rainbow Hair Wig 350 coins, Rainbow Puffle Hoodie 400 coins and Puffle Mania Shirt 350 coins are NEW items :)

…Here is an old Hidden item :) Puffle Raincoat 350 coins :)

Puffle Party 2013 CHEATS :)

How to become a Puffle Care Expert? CHEATS :)

In the Puffle Hotel Lobby you will find a Noticeboard click on it and…

…Complete all four Puffle tasks to earn your bonus :) Task 1: Exercise your Puffle! Oops I need to go to my Igloo and pick up a Puffle to help me with this Task…DONE :) Click on Go There!

…This is a GREAT Puffle Spa and Gym :)

…Stand on the icon to let your Puffle Exercise :)

…Great Job! Your Puffle got a work out! Your next task will be ready in 18 hr 00 min :) AWESOME! I LOVE the Countdown Timer :)

…ALL Penguins can collect Coins :) You have earned 150 coins :)

…And Members can pick up the first item in the Puffle Expert Outfit :) Puffle Trainers shoes has been added to your inventory :) THANKS :)

…Time to take the Elevator…

…To the Roof :)

…Members can enter the Rainbow Puffle Cannon and Fly to the Cloud where the Rainbow Puffle come from :) BUT FIRST…

…You need to Complete your Puffle tasks to access the Rainbow Cannon and adopt a Rainbow Puffle :) Click on icon to do your task…

Task 2: This Task is not ready yet. Complete the previous task! BUT I have already DONE THAT! TEXT BUG! I think the Countdown Time should be here too :)

...This is the Ad Message Non Member Free Playing Penguins get if they try to use the Rainbow Cannon! Adopting a majestic Rainbow Puffle requires a paid membership! Members can: Earn their Puffle Care outfit, Blast into the Cloud Forest, Adopt and show off Rainbow Puffles :)

Puffle Party 2013 CHEATS :)

UPDATE: Adopt a Rainbow Puffle Task 2 CHEAT :)

UPDATE: Adopt a Rainbow Puffle Task 3 CHEAT :)

UPDATE: Adopt a Rainbow Puffle Task 4 CHEAT :)

Club Penguin Times issue 387 :)

IT PICKED ME! ME!!! Puffle Hotel Now Open!

It Picked Me! Me!!!

Rainbow puffles find good homes.

By PH — Crikey, what a discovery! This place just got a lot more colorful, thanks to our newest puffle species. I’m excited to say that they’re finding good homes with penguins all over the island.

Members who complete their Puffle Care Quest can blast into the Cloud Forest and adopt a rainbow puffle. “The Cloud Forest is AWESOME!” One pizza chef said. ”You get up there and can see the island below, and there’s a bunch of rainbow puffles playing.” “And then, one of them came out and picked ME!” A penguin in a prom dress could barely contain her excitement. “Oh my! I just adore my rainbow puffle! When I got up into the Cloud Forest, he CHOSE me! I named him Sir Reginald. He’s so majestic! I can’t wait to get him a crown.” “All my other puffles were mighty excited to meet him. They’re getting along like peas and carrots. My orange one even shared his squid and pickle pizza!” Members, if ya think ya got what it takes to care for a rainbow puffle, head to the Hotel Lobby to start your quest.

Puffle Hotel Now Open!

Pamper your pets today!

By Aunt Arctic — It’s a very exciting day here in Club Penguin. The Puffle Hotel is now open! Penguin and puffles have been stopping by all day to check out the new building. “It’s a WILD success,” PH exclaimed, “What an awesome space for puffles to exercise, get groomed, eat, and relax!” I encourage everyone to drop by for this grand opening celebration. And while you’re there, you can start your Puffle Care Quest in the Hotel Lobby. Members will earn their Puffle Expert Outfits, and can adopt a rainbow puffle. And everyone gets paychecks when they complete their puffle care tasks. So what are you waiting for? Take your pet for a walk, and join the puffle party of the year at the Puffle Hotel!

Upcoming Events :)

Apr. 5 Penguin Style What’s your style? New fashions coming to the Clothes Shop soon.

Apr. 5 Squidzoid vs Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal Club Penguin’s greatest heroes take on the ultimate foe at the Stage!

ALERT! Puffles take over the island!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until April 4.
Next pin hidden: April 5–17

Now Hiring!

Think you have what it takes to be a Puffle Care Expert? Apply now at the Puffle Hotel!

Ask P.H. :)

How many puffles can I adopt?–Mannie Patts
It’s great to see so many penguins interested in adopting and caring for puffles. Everyone can adopt two puffles (red or blue). And members can adopt up to twenty puffles. I’ve done some research and found that twenty puffles is a LOT. It’s for sure the most anyone can take care of at one time. How many puffles ya adopt is really up to you. But ya gotta make sure ya can take care of ’em all. Puffles can be quite a handful. Sometimes it’s hard enough getting one puffle to take a bath, let alone twenty. Try adopting one or two at first before you decide to pick up another. I know you’ll enjoy having a pet. Have fun with your puffles!

A little bit of care and attention goes a long way.

How do I become an excellent puffle owner?–Cary N.
I’m glad ya asked! I love sharing puffle care tips with everyone, and helping puffles find great owners. There’s a few things ya can do to become a great puffle owner. First, read up on the different types of puffle species in the Puffle Handbook. Each puffle species is unique, and likes different things. Once you’ve adopted a puffle, ya can bring it to the Puffle Hotel and start the Puffle Care Quest. The quest will ask ya to complete four different puffle care tasks: exercising, grooming, feeding and relaxing. If ya do all four things, you’ll know almost everything there is about puffle care. But the most important part is a whole lotta love and attention. So greet ’em when ya come home to your igloo, and give ’em plenty of hugs.

Secrets Classified Pufflescape :)

By PH - Looking to get good at the Pufflescape game? Well then I’ve got some tips for ya!

  • Use the environment to help ya reach some of the O’Berries. Some objects will move around if ya click on ’em.
  • Ya gotta collect the O’Berry bunch if ya wanna unlock the extreme mode.
  • Once ya collect an O’Berry, the tips will turn on. Use ’em if ya get stuck.

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 386 :)

More soon…

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