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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Do the Puffle Party Shake VIDEO :)

Do the Puffle Party Shake Video from Club Penguin: Many players asked the Club Penguin Team to make this little music video... Well, here it is! Enjoy! :) The Club Penguin Team is excited about the Puffle Party and the Rainbow Puffle!

Club Penguin Puffle Party 2013 CHEATS :)

Saraapril’s Sad News!

It was so hard to have to leave Prism at the Rainbow Cloud and when Orange and I came home we had to tell 19 very EXCITED Puffles that had worked so hard to redecorating our home while we where gone to make our NEWEST Family member to feel Welcome the disappointing News!

…I agree Speed this is NOT FAIR! We have worked so HARD TOGETHER and succeeded to complete all the Puffle Party 2013 Tasks and then Club Penguin didn't allow us to bring home the Rainbow Puffle! What did you say Inventor? It’s a BUG!?! GOOD THINKING! Let’s hope this is just another CP BUG and that it will be fixed Soon :)

Disney Club Penguin Puffle Party 2013 CHEATS :)

Club Penguin’s Home Page is Down BUG!

Right now I can’t login to Club Penguin Home page and their Blog and other pages are unavailable too!

Club Penguin BUGS!

UPDATE: I can login to Club Penguin again :)

Adopt a Rainbow Puffle Task 4 CHEATS :)

HURRAY! Today is the Day I will become a Puffle Care Expert and then I can Adopt a Rainbow Puffle :) Time to do Task 4 :)

Task 4: Relax with your Puffle :) Click on Go There…

…Orange is at sleep BUT I have a hard time to sit still as I’m so EXCITED that I soon will be able to meet and Adopt a Rainbow Puffle!!! I will try to at least be quiet so I don’t wake my Puffle…

…GREAT JOB! Your Puffle looks so relaxed. Restart your tasks in 18 hr and 00 min :)

…You have earned 150 coins :)

…and Members can pick up the Spa Towel neck item too :) Puffle Care Expert Special Dance ANIMATED :)

…ALL Penguins can now pick up a Gourmet O’Berries Bag item :)

…This item has a Special Dance :) How to Feed Gourmet O’Berries  to Puffles? Wear ONLY the Gourmet O’Berries Bag hand item and dance :)

…Member can now Adopt a Rainbow Puffle :) Use Cannon to Launch! Click on Go there (OR just Go There…LOL :)

…This Cloud has a Rainbow River, Raindrops Trees, Stormy Lightning Trees and RAINBOW PUFFLES :)

…HURRAY! Hi there little cute Rainbow Puffle :) I’m so HAPPY that you want to be my Puffle :)

…This Rainbow Puffle has chosen you! Choose a name…Hmmm…you are very sparkly and have colors of the rainbow…I will call you Prism do you like that? You do :) Prism it is :) Click on Adopt…

…Sorry, you may only have a maximum of 20 Puffles! Ok…

…No this is NOT OK! I have played Club Penguin since August 2007 and even back then it was rumors about Rainbow Puffles! Now when they FINALLY are here you at Disney CP TEAM are too LAZY to bother to fix the coding in the Game so we are allowed to get room for a NEW Puffle something you ALWAYS have done in the past when a NEW Puffle has arrived! It’s true that I already have 20 Puffles 12 are Adopted, 1 choose to live with us and 7 are my Foster Puffles! They are my BEST Friends and I LOVE them ALL! I have taken good care of them for YEARS and TOGETHER we have had so much FUN and also endured and survived a HORRIBLE WAR! I DON’T want to loose ANYONE of them! PLEASE Club Penguin can you fix this and allow us to have 21 Puffles? Right now I’m so SAD and I feel like CRYING! This is the WORST PUFFLE PARTY EVER!!!!

How to become a Puffle Care Expert? CHEATS :)

Club Penguin Puffle Party 2013 CHEATS :)

UPDATE: The Wonderful day when Prism came Home :)

Earth Hour 2013 :)

Today March 23, 2013 is EARTH HOUR and if you like me want to take a stand against Climate Change and show that YOU care about our Planet please TURN OFF as many lights and electrical equipment as possible between 8:30PM – 9:30PM (local time wherever you are) I think Earth Hour is a SUPER COOL EVENT and I and my Family take part in this every year :)

…On these links you will find more info about Earth Hour and Earth Hour Pictures :)

Earth Hour March 28, 2009 :)

Talking about Earth Hour with Herbert and Klutzy :)

Earth Hour Preparations 2010 :)

Earth Hour 2010 has Started :)

Earth Hour 2011 :)

Earth Hour 2012 :)

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