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Monday, April 1, 2013

Secret Agents Only - EPF Mission Clue!

Here is a very short Sneak Peek of the New EPF Mission that will be available in Club Penguin 5, 2013! Thanks Polo Field :)

…Hmmm…A Waterfall, a Map and a BIG Hot Sauce Bottle hidden Underground! In the Club Penguin Times 388 we can read that April 5 a Party will be here that is called “Fun at the Cove” and we are invited to come out for surf, sun, and Pizza!! And we have earlier got a Sneak Peek of a Food Fight in the Pizza Parlor! Is Herbert up to something again? WAIT! What if Herbert’s plan is to ONLY allow us to eat Seaweed Pizza!? Time to investigate…

…You will find more info and links to more Sneak Peeks on this post New EPF - Elite Penguin Force Mission April 5 - 16, 2013!

Puffle Party Time - Penguin Poll :)

It’s Puffle Party time! Where do you like hanging out with your puffle the most? Hotel Lobby? Gym and Spa? Rooftop Pool or Puffle Play Zone? I like to play in ALL these rooms BUT on the Roof top is the Rainbow Cannon and that’s the way to visit Prism so I will vote for Rooftop Pool :)

…This is how the Poll looks like right now :) You can Vote too on YOUR Favorite Answer :)

…See earlier Penguin Poll :)

April Fool’s Mini-Party Invitation by Polo Field :)

This is a message from Polo Field:

It's April Fool's Day... Heard any silly jokes today?
To celebrate April Fool's, I'm going to have a mini-party in my igloo. Pick out the silliest outfit you own, and log on to the server Fjord at 1pm Penguin Standard Time (that's in about an hour.) Bring your puffle, too!
I'll update this blog post with screenshots from the event. :)
Waddle On!

Thanks for the invite Polo that’s sounds like FUN :) Sadly I don’t think I can make it BUT I wish you a HAPPY SILLY DAY :)

UPDATE: Polo Field - Here's a recap for those that missed it: The server was almost full when we tried to log on!

We spent some time handing out postcards in my igloo! It was pretty crowded! (Detail by Saraapril: You can see the New EPF Spy Phone in this Picture and the Puffle Patio Lanterns that are not released yet)

Next we changed up the igloo to give everyone a bit more space. Plus now we could see all of the hilarious outfits everyone wore for the celebration! Clown wigs, moustaches, flying bunnies, squid lids... So many fun outfits. Nice one, Mr Amazing07!

Finally, we went on a few toot parades around the island. I even heard that Ninja was hiding away somewhere on the server...(Detail by Saraapril: Current Spy Phone! These Party Pictures are taken by at least two different penguins)

Thanks again for all the fun! And to the person who said "Thanks for the donuts"... You're welcome!

Club Penguin Fun Stuff :)

PH will be in English Server Hot Chocolate Soon :)

Visit the server Hot Chocolate in 10 minutes for a chance to meet PH! Message from Club Penguin :)

When to meet PH in German Servers CHEATS :)

Where to meet PH in Portuguese Servers CHEATS :)

Puffle Party 2013 CHEATS :)

UPDATE: PH has now left the Server

Club Penguin Payday April 1, 2013 :)

LOOK! It’s PAYDAY TODAY and that’s NOT a JOKE! LOL :)

…350 coins for my EPF Agent work :)

…and 250 coins for my Tour Guide work :)

…HURRAY! I’m SUPER RICH!!! Just kidding LOL :) BUT I’m Richer then  before! Thanks Club Penguin :)

…See earlier Club Penguin Payday :)

Saraapril’s April Fool’s Party 2013 Igloo :)

I LOVE April Fool’s Day and the Silly, Wacky FUN April Fool’s Parties Club Penguin has thrown us :) Sadly there are no decorated Party rooms for April Fool’s in CP this year and I think that is SAD! BUT it IS April Fool’s anyway and my Puffles and I have TOGETHER created a Box Dimension World with portals to seven Silly Rooms :) Crazy Candy Land, Insane Instruments, Silly Sensei, Funny Plants, Christmas lost in Time, Wacky Rides and Laughing Gold Fever :)

…Time for me and my Puffles to have FUN :) HAPPY April Fool’s Day to EVERYONE!

…Here you can take a Silly Waddle on Disney Club Penguin April Fool’s Parties :)

Club Penguin April Fool’s Party and CPIP Party 2008 :)

Club Penguin April Fools Day Party 2009 :)

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