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Friday, April 12, 2013

Art at Club Penguin Headquarter in Kelowna :)

Here are pictures taken during Club Penguin Media Summit 2013 by Shelby Barone, GlitterfulFelt that also has a blog called :) This sign welcomed the media, journalists and bloggers to the First-ever Disney Club Penguin Media Summit at the headquarter in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada :)

…At the Entrance Cadence, Aunt Arctic, Rockhopper and Yarr, Sensei and Gary the Gadget Guy are painted behind a real waterfall! COOL :)

Club-Penguin- 2013-04-1294 - Copy

…There are lots of AWESOME Artwork at the walls and here are Rockhopper, Herbert, Klutzy, Gary, Shadow Guy and a Ninja :) On the wall over the couch you can read: All our DREAMS can come true if we have the COURAGE to pursue them - Walt Disney

…I LOVE the colors and style on all the furniture around the office :)

…Here is a drawing from the Video Never Awake a Sleeping Sensei :) This will remind the CP Team about how important Teamwork is and that if EVERYONE works TOGETHER problems can be solved :)

…The Migrator and BIG Puffle Beanbags :) I would LOVE to have those at home :)

…Yarr is keeping an eye on everyone :)

…No Club Penguin Island in sight…Yet :)

…Here you can see how to draw Mascots :) Club Penguin revealed that it one day will be a NEW Mascot but we don’t know when yet :)

…Rookie is in charge of the Featured Club Penguin Fan Art and…

…these Penguins are adding another AWESOME drawing on the wall…LOL :)

…Is this a Puffle on the way to a Costume Party OR…I think this little shy fellow looks cute :) In the Puffle Trouble Video you can see another unusual looking Puffle :)

…Welcome to sit down for a Coffee at…

…The Coffee Shop :)

G Billy, Petey K, Franky and Stompin’ Bob from the Penguin Band and and their Fans are trying to get into the Club Penguin Game room to hide from Herbert…LOL :)

…On this post you will find more from this Event Club Penguin Party Sneak Peeks 2013 :)

Club Penguin Party Sneak Peeks 2013 :)

At the Club Penguin Media Summit LOTS of Sneak Peeks are shown right now and here are some pictures from Shelby Barone, GlitterfulFelt that also has a blog called :) Here is a picture of how the Plaza will look like during the Marvel Superhero Takeover in April 2013 it will become a Metropolis/City Center!

…in the Forest we will have Central Park :)

… and there will be a Secret Tunnel! Hmmm…is this Cove OR Dock? I think it’s the Cove and that the tunnel will go to the Dock :)

…There will be a Mini Game where we with a crane can fish up destructible from the Cove! AWESOME! I LOVE to help the Environment :) I hope we can take these junk to the plant and recycle it :) Recycling and Environment Game ideas :)

…Mini Game Sneak Peek :)

…Here is another Sneak Peek of a Mini Game!

…you can play as a Hero or a Villain!

…Super Costume Sneak Peeks! The white hoodie is a secret item for the Super Hero party and you have to play a special game to get one…

…Club Penguin will be available on mobile platforms like iPad in the future :)

…Card-Jitsu Snow will be here in May 2013 and I LOVE how good the Dojo Entrance looks like fully decorated :) For more Sneak Peeks of the Game look at this post Card-Jitsu Snow Beta :)

…The Ski Village will be decorated for the Party :)

…I LOVE the Ski Hill decoration! It looks so COOL :) I can Hardly WAIT for the Card-Jitsu Snow Party!!!

…This is a Sneak Peek from the June 2013 Party and it’s a School! COOL!!! I wonder what kind of Party this will be? I hope Sensei or Aunt Arctic will be our Teacher :)

Club Penguin Sneak Peeks :)

UPDATE: Art at Club Penguin Headquarter in Kelowna :)

Saraapril’s Operation Hot Sauce Stamp Book :)

I LOVE to look for and finding Clues and I think the EPF Operation Hot Sauce is so much FUN :) I have decorated my Stamp book as a cheat map for Secret Agents to help them solve this mission :) The blue cover is for water (if you don’t already know you will understand why later) and the splash pattern is for the secret EPF message at the Kitchen door :) Hot Sauce Pin: Start at the Pizza Parlor where the Hot Sauce bottle is missing, Magnifying Glass Pin: Talk to other agents and look for clues, Polar Paw Print Pin: Use a Tracking device, Beach Chair Pin: Find the secret underwater entrance at the Dock, Herbert Stamp: What is Herbert up to now? And how can I stop him? Idea :) Jellyfish Pin: Flooding the cave, Pizza icon: Operation completed! Time to celebrate with a PIZZA PARTY :)

…See earlier decoration Saraapril’s Hollywood Party Stamp Book :)

FUN with Friends :)

What time is it? Waddle Down Memory Lane Time…LOL :) Here are a few more FUN with Friends Pictures from the Club Penguin Puffle Party 2013 :) After Agent Hush, Vindore, Purple and I had playing Dance Contest TOGETHER we talked about how cute Puffles are and then we came up with lots of silly Puffle fur Ideas like Bad fur day Puffle and Half spiked fur half groomed fur Puffle…WAIT! That is INDEED a bad fur day…LOL :)

…Vindore has decorated this Igloo as the April’s Fools Silly Place  Dimension Room :) We took turns to tell Silly Jokes at the Stage and I laughed so much that I got a Stomach Ace!

…We tried to track Herbert in Agent Hush Igloo but we found NOTHING! I wonder where he and Klutzy can be?

…Tech70 and I are listening to Shakespeare’s monologue :)

…I met Richard1222 and he showed me his PUFFLEASTIC Decorated Igloo and introduced me to his Super cute Rainbow Puffle names Rainbow :) THANKS Richard1222 it was FUN to meet both you and ALL your AWESOME Puffles :)

Businesmoose Invited us to a Moose Monday Party :) He worked in the Snack Shack and made sure that we all got Popcorn to eat :) Thanks Moose these are very yummy :)

…We will miss you! Hearts for Moose <3 Bye for now Moose One day I hope we meet online again and then we can have a Find Four rematch :) Businesmoose’s Goodbye Party!

…The Puffles Play Zone is the place to go if you want to Transform into a Puffle :) BUT…

…if you open your player card and transform into a Penguin again you are not removed from the room! BUG!

…Holland93733 invited me to his Office Igloo that also has a Puffle daycare :) AWESOME!

…Time to work! Hmmm…reading the code…and…what did you say Holland93733?

…HURRAY! ALL CP Bugs are Fixed :)

…Then we had a No Bugs Party TOGETHER with our Puffles :)

…I LOVE Penguina192’s Puffle Shop it’s filled with EVERYTHING a Puffle needs :) And if you are looking for something she doesn't have right now she will order it for you and it will be available within a week :)

Mancala is so much FUN :)


…CONGRATS you are an AWESOME Sled Racer :) Bye for now Friend :)

…Field Friday :) Hi Polo Field how are you today?

…I asked Polo if we will be able to own MORE than 20 Puffles one day and he answered “maybe not sure through yet”

…Thanks for the answer Polo I HOPE we will as I wish for that SO MUCH!!! Visiting Prism at the Cloud Forest :)

…Then we noisily waddled to…

…Feed Puffles :)

…Hi Friends :)

…Rainbow Puffle Emote :) Feeding Puffles made us…

…Hungry too :)

…Let’s order Pizza for EVERYONE :)

…while eating we talked about Puffles and Favorite Parties :)

…Can Club Penguin bring back another SUPER FUN Summer Water Party? Pretty Please?

…then we had so much FUN visiting and Liking Igloos :) Here we are having a Dance Party in Pinky74668’s Igloo :)

…Icesharpe is very good at Dance Contest :)

…and his Puffles are so kind :) THANKS for the Food Brown Puffle :)


…THANKS to ALL FUN Penguins I have Played TOGETHER with in Club Penguin :) TOGETHER WE ROCK :)

FUN with Friends :)

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