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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

Polo Field’s Twitter account is suspended! UPDATE: April 19, 2013 Polo Field’s Twitter is back again :)

…On Disney Club Penguin Home page an Ad for the NEW Secret Base Igloo for members is added!

…The EPF Operation Hot Sauce is sadly over but the mess in the Pizza Parlor is cleaned up :) If you open your Spy Phone and click on missions you can read this message: New Mission Report to the Command Room immediately! BUT…

…There is no New Mission...BUG!

…The Soccer Field is at the Stadium right now BUT from the Town we can see the Hockey Rink…BUG!

…I LOVE the sound of Ocean and Seabirds we can hear at the Iceberg, Cove, Dock and Beach right now :) If you are up at the Ski Hill you can hear it too mixed with noise from the Ski Lift :)

…We still have the Operation Hot Sauce Sounds in some rooms…BUG!

…The header on lots of the Disney Club Penguin web pages is updated so they look the same the header on the Club Penguin home page :)

…The Club Penguin Marvel Superhero Takeover background Picture has been added to the pages and the language dropdown has been moved from the top of the page to the bottom of the page!

…The language dropdown has been updated so the languages are in alphabetic order :)

…The Exit sign text in the Command Room is now centered and a debris stick is missing!

…this is how it looked like earlier :)

…The PH’s image has now been updated too :)

…My Friends List is unavailable as the Friends List icon is not working when I click on it…BUG! I have no problem to use the other icons :)

…On the Club Penguin parents page has a icon been added: Gecheckt! Das Netz für Kids.

Club Penguin Bug

More soon…

Crystals in Club Penguin!

There are Crystals here and there around Club Penguin! Hmmm…I have seen those before in the Sneak Peeks for the Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2013! Three Crystals at the Dock…


…There are Crystals here the Snow Forts too! This can’t be good!

…at the Forest we can investigate this phenomena! I wonder…Did the Crystals fell from the sky? Or are they coming from the underground? This to investigate! Club Penguin Times issue 391 :)

…I wonder what the Tour Guide message says? Wait for a sec while I’m looking for my Tour Guide Hat…here it is :) Watch your step! There's been some seismic activity here recently crystals are coming up through the earth! Join the scientists at the research station to study them!

Club Penguin Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2013 Sneak Peeks!

Earth Day - Random Acts of Kindness :)

This is a message from Polo Field:

Hey Penguins! Yesterday we spotted Leafypingu rallying to make a difference in the Club Penguin community for Earth Day. It got the team thinking... What could we do to make a difference for Earth Day here at Club Penguin HQ?

That's where you come in! We'd love your help to decide where we should make a difference right here in our home town of Kelowna, Canada.

We have three ideas:

A) Plant some trees
B) Clean up our local stream
C) Plant a garden for our local women's shelter

Which do you think we should do?

Let us know where you think the Club Penguin Team should make a difference for Earth Day! We'll post an update here on the blog after we finish.

Until then... Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team

I think you should split up in three groups and do A, B AND C as they ALL are GREAT Earths Day Projects :)

Climate Change - What have you done Sensei?

Club Penguin Missions Update Sneak Peek?

Club Penguin has added this Picture on Instagram and I think it looks like a Secret Agent that choose what mission to do :) I LOVE how we now can play the EPF-Operation Hot Sauce within the online game TOGETHER with other Penguins and I think it would be AWESOME if CP added all the Cool PSA Missions so we could play them like that too :) Pretty Please Club Penguin can you do that?

EPF - Elite Penguin Force!

Marvel Super Hero Takeover Trailer!

This is a message from Polo Field:

Hello again, Penguins! As Spike Hike mentioned, the Marvel Super Hero Takeover is returning to Club Penguin this month! We're excited to show you all the new heroes, villains and places from the Marvel Universe!!

Check out the EPIC new video the team put together to celebrate this HUGE party: Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2013 VIDEO!

…Chaos reigns…WHY are you grownups at Disney Club Penguin Excited over WAR!?! Why don’t you put your energy to create Peace and Happiness around the Island instead? I really don’t understand you at ALL!!!

Club Penguin Marvel War Diary!

Saraapril Fan Art by Ninjacool1225 :)

thank you saraapril for your blog lets beat Herbert together! :) keep blogging - ninjacool1225

…THANKS Ninjacool1225 :) GREAT IDEA! TOGETHER we will solve Operation Hot Sause AND hopefully help Herbert to understand that if he worked TOGETHER with us Penguins again we ALL would have so much MORE FUN :)

THANKS Ninjacool1225 from Saraapril :)

Saraapril Fan Art :)

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