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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Club Penguin Marvel War 2013 Diary part 1

Since Spike Hike excitedly announced that he had brought another Marvel war upon us I and my Puffles have secretly worked hard to help the kind Crabs that saved us last year by helping them to stock food, blankets and medical supplies in hidden locations around Club Penguin Island…

…I can’t stand the thought of that my Puffles have to suffer during another War! “Heroes” and Villains have already occupied Club Penguin Island and today I took my Puffles one by one to the Pet Shop pretending everything was normal so nobody would try to stop us and from there they had to make their own way up to the Hotel Roof to escape through the Rainbow Cannon to Prism at the Cloud Forest! Hopefully they will be out of harms way up there…I can just hope they all arrived safely…

…when I waddled alone through the forest after I sent away my last Puffle I couldn't stop crying…

…I don’t know when or even if I ever will see them again! If I survive the war I will hopefully meet all my Puffles again if not I pray that someone will take care of them and treat them kindly…The Disney Club Penguin Marvel Superhero Takeover 2013 War will soon be here and I will do my best to help the victims and report about what happens on Club Penguin Island

Club Penguin Marvel war Diary!

UPDATE: Club Penguin Marvel War 2013 Diary part 2

Robots in Club Penguin!

This is a message from Polo Field:

Now, let's talk about robots! Here are some sketches of robots that you will see on the island soon.
We want to know: If you could build a robot, as it would be? What could he do? We'll choose one comment to the next post feedback!
Waddle ...

I think it would be AWESOME if these Robots could help us to collect trash and junk around Club Penguin Island and then work TOGETHER with us in the Recycling Plant :)

Crystals in Club Penguin!

Club Penguin Marvel Superhero Takeover 2013 Sneak Peeks!

Fun with Friends :)

Here are a few of the things my Friends and I have played in Club Penguin lately :) I like that we Agents can work TOGETHER when we solve the EPF - Hot Sause Mission no matter if we are members or non members :)

…Get secret information about Herbert from fish…what the fish told me? Sorry it’s classified for now…LOL :)

…Pizza Party :)


…Polo Field was so kind and listened to us when we explained how mush we wished that the Earth Day Party hadn't been canceled this year :)  EARTH DAY ROCKS!!! Then we waddled to my Igloo…

…to eat Pizza :)

…Pizza with extra cheese and extra onions :)

…King15199 has the new secret base Igloo and that Igloo design includes a bug!

…the Snowball I throw just vanished…Bug Blooper…LOL :)

...Time to look at and Like MORE Igloos :) WOW! This Igloo is FILLED with COOL Stuff :)

…I LOVE the kind Penguins at the end of the Sled Race Game :)

…CONGRATS Echo006 you are an AWESOME Sled Racer :)

…Time to Construct…Hmmm…will a Jackhammer really help here? LOL :)

…So much to do…

…What’s inside this box? EPF Construction has Started :)

…If you two play first I will wait for my turn :)

…I LOVE the Card-Jitsu Animations :) Oops! Sorry…LOL :)

Card-Jitsu Fire Battle :)


…Tech70 has created California in his Igloo :)

…and in Ocean6100’s serene Home by the River we had so much FUN :)

…Earth Day is near and we are working TOGETHER in the Community Garden :)

…These veggies are so Yummy :)




…TOGETHER with Sleepyhead7 and Prange7846, Webkinz38824 and I worked hard to grow MORE food for the Community :)

…Time to Recycle :)

…DONE! GREAT Teamwork Friend we made LOTS of new useable things from junk :)

…trying to save the jungle Saraapril’s Earth Day 2013 Igloo :)

…Webkinz38824 has built a Hospital to help Penguins and Puffles :)

…THANKS to all FUN Penguins I have player TOGETHER with in Club Penguin :) TOGETHER WE ROCK!!!

FUN with Friends :)

My Penguin App on iPad :)

Special Update from Spike Hike:

Hello Penguins!

I’ve had a secret that I’ve wanted to share this everyone for almost a year... Today I can finally share it with you!

Some of you may have seen me show up occasionally in the Friends list from a place called "My Penguin." A few of you guessed that it may be a secret Club Penguin app on mobile... You were right!!!

I’m excited to tell you that our new iPad app is coming soon!

The first version of "My Penguin" will let you play some of your favorite mini-games, shop from the catalog, and change your Penguin's outfit . The app is totally connected to Club Penguin, so your Penguin, clothing and coins will be shared whether on mobile or the web.

That’s just the beginning, too… We'll be updating the app regularly and bringing more of the Club Penguin world to the app throughout the year!! Stay tuned to the blog for more news and updates on “My Penguin”!

Until then... Waddle On!

My Penguin will be a free download and be available on May 9, 2013 Members will be able to access member items in the catalog but Non-members can only get free items

Thanks for the update Spike :) I like the mini Games Pufflescape, Puffle Rescue, Puffle Roundup and Ice Fishing Online so I think it’s GREAT that they will be available on the My Penguin app :) 

…More info and links on this post Card-Jitsu on iPhone coming soon?

Penguin of the Day: Thruthenite :)

This is a message from Polo Field:

Hello Penguins!

Polo Field here... with another Penguin of the Day! Hope everyone had a great Earth Day. Did you do anything special for the environment yesterday?

A member of the Club Penguin Team told me about someone that's been doing a lot to help the environment in their local community. This penguin has raised money to help endangered animals, and helped raise awareness for autistic children... Congratulations, Thruthenite! I've added 5000 coins to your account for being our Penguin of the Day.

Thanks for being helpful and caring in your community. I love your epic superhero costume...

We love hearing about helpful penguins like Thruthenite. If you want to nominate someone who you think deserves to be Penguin of the Day, let us know more about them! Contact us here:

Until next time... Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team

CONGRATS Thruthenite and THANKS for helping the Environment :) I would like to nominate ALL penguins that stand up against bullies and with that not making themselves to bystanders :) Ella Henderson about Safer Internet Day 2013 :)

On this post you can read what I did for Earth Day 2013 :)

Card-Jitsu Game on iPhone coming soon?

Back in June 27, 2011 the Brazil magazine Recreio had Sneak Peek information that said Card-Jitsu would be available for iOS on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch but for some reason this never happened! BUT the Puffle Launch they also talked about was released for mobile platforms in September 2011 :) Now new information has been found on the web! Thanks Anonymous for telling me about this :)

Club Penguin app info: In 2012, we worked with Disney to create several iPhone apps belonging to the Club Penguin franchise. Most significantly, we created an app for Card Jitsu, which required designing not only within the MMORPG's existing style, but for an audience of young users that required intuitive simplicity and fun.

...The question is will this game really be released? Time will tell…What we do know is that during Club Penguin Media Summit there was a sneak peek of My Penguin App that will be available for mobile platforms in the future :)

Spike Hike: We’re going to start in a humble way, with an app that is a companion experience to Club Penguin — it’s not a walk-around-and-chat kind of “world” experience. You’ll be able to access your avatar, change your costume, play some mini-games for coins, and get things for your coins. Over time, we want to bring more and more pieces to mobile, but we don’t want to just port the Web experience, and we want to be thoughtful as we do it.

…for now there is no date when the My Penguin App will be released!

Club Penguin CHEATS :)

UPDATE: My Penguin App on iPad :)

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