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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Holly Dress to Odin Amor BUG!

If you add the Holly Dress on your Penguin you will see it on your Player Card BUT your Penguin will be dressed in the Odin Amor! Thanks Peppy32e for telling me about this Bug :)

Club Penguin Bugs!

Learning from Aunt Arctic :)

TOGETHER with other Penguins I waited for Aunt Arctic in Server Bigfoot at the Club Penguin Times Office :) While waiting we had lots of FUN Playing Mancala :)

…Aunt Arctic is a GREAT reporter and she always interviews Penguins to get stories and news for the Club Penguin Times :) I will ask her how she thinks we can make Club Penguin more Peaceful and FUN as it was earlier and if she thinks we will have a Water Party soon :)

…Hi Aunt Arctic :) Hello all! So many awesome writers here!

…Okay everyone! Gather round, Staff meeting, Let’s get down to business…

...What’s the latest scoop?


…Have you checked your facts? We need facts to write! Yes we have AA!

…That’s good! What’s your headline?

…Get that story typed up run with it we go to press soon! Yes ma’am right away! We will all do our best to help you get the Newspaper out!

...I need brave reporters! Are you brave enough?

...I think you are!

…When it comes to interviews always ask the five W’s Who? What? When? Where? Why? The key to a good story!

…Stop the presses! I’ve got a major scoop!

…Super villains have robbed the bank! Let’s go!

…here in time!

…Aunt Arctic started to look around and take notes…

…we need to get this story, starts interviewing…

…Robots! You built them?! That’s crazy! Reporters interview this penguin please…

…we need to know all about this!

...Great work on the story everyone! Let’s go to the park :)

…There we got the opportunity to interview Aunt Arctic and so we did :)

…After we had asked some questions about Peace and Club Penguins future we talked about the weather…Winter just ended so hopefully no snow now! But Card-Jitsu Snow might be soon

…Aunt A thanked us for helping her with the Club Penguin Times :) Such great work! You’re all great reporters! Thanks AA for taking the time to teach us how to be reporters :)

…Then we had a lovely Picnic :)

…AHHHH!!!! Someone threw in a Electric Blast into the crowd and it exploded right in front of Aunt Arctic! Luckily nobody died but some got burned and needed medical help! WHY did someone do that to us?!? I don’t like the Marvel War at ALL!

…to the cove!

…There are so many Penguins that wish to meet Aunt Arctic so I and some friends stayed at the Park to talk and then we liked igloos :)

…THANKS Aunt Arctic for visiting it was FUN to help you with the Newspaper :) TOGETHER WE ROCK!!!

FUN with Friends :)

Snow is Coming Sneak Peek :)

Here is a Card-Jitsu Snow Sneak Peek from Spike Hike: To make up for the bugs...Look closely. There is more to the story than you have been told so far.

…I wonder who that is on the Top of the Mountain? Hopefully it is someone that is willing to help Sensei and us to bring back Peace to our world :)

Card-Jitsu Snow Beta Test VIDEO :)

Marvel mayhem - Penguin Poll!

It's Marvel mayhem! What's your favorite part?!
Suiting up, Using my Power Gloves, Collecting crystals, Destroying the city with robots, Building robots…I like the mini game Collecting Crystals so I will vote for that even though I think Puffle Launch is more FUN :)

…This is how the Poll looks like right now! You can Vote too on YOUR Favorite answer…

…See earlier Club Penguin Poll :)

Brainwave Power Glove Bug Fix Coming Tonight

This is a message from Polo Field:

Hey Penguins, some of you have been reporting a problem with getting today's power glove. Thanks for telling us about it! We have a fix that we will release tonight. Many apologies that some of your are experiencing this but hope you are enjoying the Marvel Superhero Takeover.

Waddle On

Thanks for the info Polo I hope not all of the Member Power Gloves will be destructive! So far I have only found the Construct Power Gloves useful THANKS for making them for EVERYONE :)

Robot 4 and Brainwave Power Gloves available!

Enduring Marvel War with Friends!

The Club Penguin Marvel Super Hero Takeover is back but luckily the Plaza isn't destroyed yet and there I met my Friend Tubbi3 :)

…We had so much FUN talking to the cute giraffes in her Igloo :) Hello up there how many trees can you see?

Find Four FUN :)

…The Underground Pool is a nice place to be and Tinker2527 and I like to be down here and talk :) Now and then a cute Crab comes and curiously looks at us :)

…Watching a movie while waiting for Aunt Arctic in Server Arctic :)

…and then Midnight Emo almost gave me a POP QUIZ! LOL :) I like BOTH your COOL Igloo designs :) Time to find a room to wait for Aunt A in :)

…The Plaza has been destroyed! While waiting we are trying to stay positive hoping Aunt Arctic will tell us how we can to bring back Peace to our world! What kind of music I like? My parents make sure that Littletias and I listen to all kinds of Music as it’s part of a good education but my Favorite Music is everything that makes me feel Happy and and that I can dance to :)

…Why is Everyone Happy?

…We are Happy because we decided to instead of just standing around waiting for Aunt Arctic to come and solve our Problems we started to cleanup and repair the Plaza ourselves :) TOGETHER WE ROCK!!!

…Sorry my Friends List is full so I can’t add anyone BUT I can send you a Postcard :) Oops…now I’m out of coins…I will play Pufflescape later and then I can send more Postcards :)

…Aunt Arctic has left the server without visiting Plaza I guess she must have been so busy at the Newspaper Office that she didn't have time to come here…Next time I will try to meet her there :)

…Let’s visit and like some Igloos :)

…THANKS to all Penguins that are working so hard to repair and make our world better! YOU ARE TRUE HEROES!!!

FUN with Friends :)

Robot 4 and Brainwave Power Gloves available!

Robot Model number 4 is available to Build in Club Penguin!

Club-Penguin- 2013-04-3505 - Copy

…First you have to Build Robot Model 1 and Robot Model 2 and Robot Model 3 then you can Build Robot Model 4 …

…This is how its wave and destructive dance looks like…OH NO! We NEED the Fire Truck and now it’s DAMAGED!! TO THE RECYCLING BIN WITH YOU!!!

…Brainwave Power Gloves are available too…

…This item is not currently available! BUG! Oh well…they will probably be destructive too…

…Next Robot Model and Power Gloves will be available April 29, 2013

Mini Games: Choose your side in the Marvel War!

Robot 3 and Magma Power Gloves available!

Club Penguin Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2013 CHEATS!

UPDATE: Brainwave Power Glove Bug Fix Coming Tonight

UPDATE: The Brainwave Power Gloves are now available but sadly they are destructive too!

UPDATE: Define Hero Club Penguin!

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