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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My Penguin coming Next Week Sneak Peek!

This is a message from Spike Hike: Hulking up for the Marvel party using #MyPenguin! You guys are going to love this!!! Coming next week!!!

...You have the cute PINK Viking Hat! I would LOVE if that item become available in Club Penguin online again :) Pretty Please?

UPDATE: May 1, 2013 from Spike Hike:

Hey Penguins, I hope you are having as much fun in the Marvel Superhero Takeover as we are!! Its (Typo it should be it’s) so awesome seeing so many heroes (and even a few villans) on patrol!! (Typo it should be villains)
To get in the spirit, I decided to dress my Penguin as Tiki Hulk. What do you think? Anyone want to join me in the Tiki Avengers?!! To get set for the party, I used the My Penguin app's full screen player card. Trust me on this - it is awesome!! Touch makes it so simple and so much fun to style your Penguin's outfit. And its (Typo it should be it’s) all connected to, so changing your outfit on iPad will also change it online automatically. Cool, huh?

We can't wait to get this app and your hands...and we will be doing it next week.
My Penguin launches May 9, 2013. And best of all, its (Typo it should be it’s) free to download!!
Until then...Waddle On!!

My Penguin App Sneak Peek :)

Card-Jitsu Game on iPhone coming soon?

My Penguin App on iPad :)

Throw a snowball My Penguin App Sneak Peek :)

Secret Agent Training Sneak Peek :)

This is a message from Polo Field:


I can't say exactly what this is, but very soon agents will have the chance to hone their spy skills... and face new challenges!
Tell us what you think this could be in in the comments below.
Until then... Waddle On!

I think the Field-Ops icons in the Picture shows that we soon will be able to play those mini games again :) I think that will be FUN and hopefully EPF will develop to be more like the smart and clever PSA in the Future :) I would LOVE if you brought back the Original PSA Missions into the Online Game :)

…Here is an earlier Picture and a wish Club Penguin Mission Update Sneak Peek?

Robot 6 and Ooze Power Gloves available!

Robot Model number 6 is available to Build in Club Penguin!

…You can skip building Robot Model 1 and Robot Model 2 and Robot Model 3 and Robot Model 4 and Robot Model 5 if you click on the little image of Robot Model 6…

…This is how its destructive dance and wave looks like…So you enjoyed to destroy the Pier? That’s PATHETIC! To the Recycling Bin with you NOW!!!

…Brainwave Ooze Power Gloves are available too…

…they are destructive too…

…Next Robot Model and Power Gloves will be available May 1, 2013

Mini Games: Choose your side in the Marvel War!

Robot 5 and Fireball Power Gloves available!

Club Penguin Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2013 CHEATS!

UPDATE: Define Hero Club Penguin!

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