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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Define Hero Club Penguin!

During the Disney Club Penguin Marvel Super Hero Takeover we can choose to be a Hero or a Villain and then go out and destroy or save Club Penguin! ALL Penguins can get the Construct Power Gloves and use them to repair our world and that’s GREAT :) As a paying member you can get 8 MORE Power Gloves all found under the Hero section and ALL can be used not only to hurt robots but also to DESTROY buildings and private property!!! Electro Blast Power Gloves, Force Wave Power Gloves, Magma Power Gloves, Brainwave Power Gloves, Fireball Power Gloves, Ooze Power Gloves, Crystal Shards Power Gloves and Telekinesis Power Gloves

Club-Penguin- 2013-05-0453 - Copy

…So my request to Club Penguin is Define Hero!

Club Penguin Riot!

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