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Thursday, May 9, 2013

My Penguin App Cake :)

This is a message from Spike Hike:

Now at a party with the team to celebrate the launch of #MyPenguin!! I love the cake!!

...That Cake looks so Yummy :) Have FUN at your Office Party and give Happy77 a Hug from me it was AWESOME to meet her online again :)

My Penguin app Party invitation :)

Club Penguin Home Page Background Picture Update :)

CP has updated the Background Picture of their Home page again :)

…This is how the whole Picture looks like :)  My Penguin app Ads on Club Penguin Home Page!

Club Penguin Background Picture :)

My Penguin App Party Invitation :)

This is a message from Spike Hike:

My Penguin is LIVE!! Help us celebrate!!

HUGE news Penguins, the My Penguin app for iPad is now live on the Apple App Store. You can download it here!!

My Penguin lets you connect with your Penguin account, style it with your items, earn coins by playing 5 minigames, and buy items from the catalog. It's completely connected to Club Penguin, so all your items and coins and are synced.

The app also has some awesome games to play including Pufflescape, Puffle Rescue, Puffle Roundup, and Ice Fishing... with more games on the way soon! These games are mobile versions of CP classics and you'll notice we added some new features and "touches" to make these games awesome on iPad.

Many of you have written in asking for My Penguin on iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android. We hear you and we're working on it! We're also working on more languages including Spainish, French, German, and Portugese (Oi Brazil!!)

But the most exciting of all is that My Penguin is only the beginning for Club Penguin on mobile. Stay tuned to this space because we will have lots of news coming about future updates to My Penguin. We have a "world" of surprises lined up for this year!!

With news this exciting, we just have to celebrate and if there's one thing Penguin's know best, its how to party!! So this afternoon at 3 pm PST, join me and the ENTIRE Club Penguin mobile team online for a special celebration for the launch of My Penguin. I've also been told that some of our favorite CP characters and mods will be on the Island to join the fun!! We'll be playing on lots of servers, so let's make this the biggest celebration in CP history!!


Thanks for the Party Invitation it sounds like FUN :)

My Penguin app FAQ :)

My Penguin app is available NOW :)

Throw a Snowball from My Penguin app :)

UPDATE  (1:57 PST) - Some of you are reporting that you cannot login through My Penguin. We're on it and will get it fixed ASAP.

UPDATE (2:40 PST) - We're still digging in on the login issue. It appears that if you quit the app (you may need to stop it by double clicking the home button and removing from the dock) and then restart it. It works correctly. We are still seeing if we can fix on our end. Apologies to those experiencing this.

UPDATE: Message from Polo Field:

The Party Starts NOW!

Come join us on Club Penguin for a huge party with the entire Club Penguin Team at 3pm Penguin Standard Time today!

Spike Hike and I have invited as many people as we possibly can to party on the servers Fog, Fjord, Crystal and many more! We're celebrating the release of "My Penguin" on iPad, and all the epic Card-Jitsu stuff that's coming this month! Now everyone can become a Fire Ninja or a Water Ninja, and later this month... Snow Ninjas, too!

Look forward to some of you there. :)

UPDATE: Thanks for partying with the Club Penguin Team! We should do this again some time. ;)

UPDATE: My Penguin App 1.0 Launch Party :)

Spy Phone message from Jet Pack Guy May 9, 2013 :)

I LOVE Snow so the Dojo Courtyard and Ninja Hideout are my FAVORITE Rooms in Club Penguin right now :) Look I have a Spy Phone new message indication :)

May 9, 2013

Jet Pack Guy

Report to the Command Room to check out Spy Drills - our new elite training terminal. Hone skills. Earn medals. Gear up. Enough said.

…See earlier Spy Phone message from Rookie!

Club Penguin Twitter and YouTube Backgrounds Update :)

Card-Jitsu Snow is now featured on Club Penguin Twitter Background :)

…The YouTube Channel REALLY Features SNOW…LOL :) Bug?

UPDATE: CP Twitter has changed background again to feature the Launch of My Penguin app!

Club Penguin Background Pictures :)

My Penguin App Ads On Club Penguin Home Page!

Ads for My Penguin app are added on Disney Club Penguin’s Home page: Personalize Your Penguin On the Go and more…

…Earn Coins and Exclusives On the Go and more…

...Play Exciting Games on the Go and more…

…This ad is added too BUT the text is not in English…BUG!

UPDATE: This Bug is now Fixed :)

My Penguin app is available NOW :)

Throw a Snowball from My Penguin app :)

Throw a Snowball from My Penguin app :)

If you have the Disney Club Penguin “My Penguin App” you can throw a Snowball on your Friends into the Online Game :) If you get a Snowball on your screen be quick to click on it to see who it’s from :) You’ve Been Hit! by Pup1one from the My Penguin App Would you like to throw a snowball back at Pup1one? Yes :)

…You’ve thrown a snowball back at Pup1one :)

…I LOVE Snowball Fights so I think this Feature is FUN :) But it can quickly grow annoying if you are playing a Game so I think it would be a very good idea for CP to add a Feature so Players can “mute” the Snowballs from My Penguin App when they wish to :)

My Penguin app is available NOW :)

My Penguin app is available NOW :)

The Disney Club Penguin My Penguin app is now available on iTunes :)


The popular virtual world of Club Penguin comes alive on the go! Play 5 exciting games, customize unique penguin looks, unlock mobile exclusives, and stay connected to friends and the action at

EARN virtual coins to get new items & outfits
SHOP for fashions in the Penguin Style catalog
UNLOCK mobile exclusive items & styles
SYNC items & coins to use between the app & a account

EXPLORE 16 underground caves in the hit game Pufflescape
WIN coins, bonus items & treasure in the exclusive Sushi Drop game
SAVE puffles in danger in 18 levels of Puffle Rescue
GATHER up crazy puffles in Puffle Roundup
CATCH fish & avoid jellyfish, crabs & sharks in Ice Fishing
THROW snowballs at penguin friends online & add new buddies on the go
WATCH the newest videos & get sneak peeks on the What’s New Blog
ACCESS your items in the app & online at

In the virtual world of Club Penguin, players can personalize a penguin, shop for styles, join parties, play games, collect pet puffles, decorate igloos, and hang out with friends.

*Please note that this app is available in English only. More languages are coming soon, including: Spanish, Portuguese, German and French.

Requirements: Compatible with iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G, iPad (3rd generation), iPad Wi-Fi + 4G, iPad (4th generation), iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular (4th generation), iPad mini and iPad mini Wi-Fi + Cellular. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.

My Penguin App Sneak Peek :)

Card-Jitsu Game on iPhone coming soon?

My Penguin App on iPad :)

Throw a snowball My Penguin App Sneak Peek :)

My Penguin app available May 9, 2013 :)

Sushi Drop game on My Penguin app :)

My Penguin app FAQ :)

UPDATE: My Penguin App 1.1 Sneak Peek :)

UPDATE: My Penguin App 1.1 download available :)

UPDATE: My Penguin version 1.1.1 available :)

Club Penguin Times issue 394

Ninjas Wanted! Club Penguin Saved!

Ninjas Wanted :)

Everyone can now train to become Fire and Water Ninjas. Sensei

By Aunt Arctic — There are many questions about the mysterious snowfall at the Dojo. But Sensei was nowhere to be found.

Sensei’s sudden disappearance is certainly unsettling. He only left a hastily written note. “The elements are out of balance. It is time for me to face the truth behind the storm.” “The Fire and Water Dojos are open to all. I need every one of you to prepare.” “Soon, you will understand.” “One single snowflake may be quiet. But many become a powerful force.” This sounds serious. Drop your pizzas and head to the Dojo! Stay tuned for more information.

Club Penguin Saved

Villains defeated thanks to the Super Heroes!

By a Super Hero — Penguintropolis is free from the grip of evil at last!Courageous heroes used their super powers to stop Protobot and his legion of robots right in their titanium tracks. “Citizens of our great city—together we saved the day!” a satisfied hero exclaimed from a rooftop in the Town. “With your unwavering bravery, we were able to defeat the diabolical evil that overtook the island. Truth and justice prevail!” Strange crystals that once held power over robots in the city have disappeared, as has Protobot. Passers by have noticed a strange multicolored glow being emitted from Gary’s lab. It remains unclear whether the two are connected. The Elite Penguin Force have released a single word statement— CLASSIFIED.

Upcoming Events :)

On now! Penguin’s at Work Show off your sushi skills and become a Sashimi Chef!

May 16 Furniture This season it’s all about ruby and ebony! Get the latest in ninja decor!

On now—battle ancient shadows at the Stage!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until May 15.
Next pin hidden: May 16–29

Newsflash :)

Fire and Water Dojos now open to all grasshoppers. Head to the mountain to master the art of Card-Jitsu.

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

How do I get a paid job? – Joe B.
There are many things you can do to earn coins in Club Penguin. Here are just a few: Once you’re 45 days old, head to the Ski Village to take the Tour Guide Test. Tour Guides help new penguins learn about the island. Interested in something a little more dangerous? Secret Agents help protect Club Penguin from all kinds of threats. Both these careers will earn you a paycheck in the mail every month for all your hard work. If caring for puffles is more your style, then the Puffle Hotel is the place! Puffle experts are paid for completing each task in the Puffle Care Quest. Good luck!

Be prepared for anything with Card-Jitsu Training.

Are you a ninja? – Trae Ning
It’s true that I have been training with Sensei for many years now. And I must say I quite enjoy it. Sensei is a wonderful teacher. Very patient, especially with a beginner like myself. But also very tough. There is no time for tea when he’s teaching. That comes after. I’m sure many other students can relate when I say, it is always a rewarding feeling to hit the gong at the end of the Waterfall. And I’m very proud whenever I defeat Sensei in a Card-Jitsu battle. While I admit that I am far from being a Card-Jitsu master, ninja training has prepared me well for dangerous situations. You never know when you might need these skills.

Secrets Classified Card-Jitsu Fire :)

Grasshopper, mastering Card-Jitsu Fire takes patience, practice, and a few tips.

  • When you don’t have a card of the right element, play your weakest card.
  • If you have a Power Card ready, and get the chance; challenge an opponent to a Card-Jitsu battle. If you win, you’ll gain energy.
  • Never give up. You gain progress even if you lose. But if you quit, you will gain nothing.


…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 393

More soon…

Battle of the Ancient Shadows back at the Stage :)

The Club Penguin Play Battle of the Ancient Shadows is back at the Stage :)

…I LOVE the Switchbox 3000 special effects and how the Costumes for this play looks like Shadows :)

…BUG Alert! The Script and Music needs to be updated…UPDATE: This is now Fixed Thanks CP :)

…You will find both a background Story for this play and Costumes in the Costume Trunk Catalog :) Long, long ago three ancient creatures ruled the lands—Sage Fish, Ancient Dragon, and Snow Monkey. Their great powers could only be matched by each other. To decide who was the greatest among them, they battled. And so the legend of the Battle of the Ancient Shadows was born. Snow Monkey and Snow Monkey Feet are Old items :)

…Mouse over the page to find the Hidden Director’s Hat 250 coins and Megaphone 145 coins are Old items :)

…Sage Fish, Ancient Dragon and Ancient Dragon Feet are available again too :)

Stage Script :)

Battle of the Ancient Shadows
Costumes from this play change behind the screen.
Ancient Dragon: Long ago we dragons ruled the island
Sage Fish: Ahh I must correct you, Ancient Dragon
Sage Fish: For it was we FISH who ruled the land
Ancient Dragon: Ha, you always DID have a funny sense of humor
Ancient Dragon: Are you forgetting our great shadow battle?
Sage Fish: Not likely Ancient Dragon
Sage Fish: Perhaps YOU are forgetting YOUR great loss
Sage Fish: Went up in a puff of smoke, if I recall correctly
Ancient Dragon: You do NOT
Ancient Dragon: For it was we DRAGONS who triumphed!
Snow Monkey: Um, excuse me
Sage Fish: What is it?
Ancient Dragon: Yes, can't you see we're busy?
Snow Monkey: Well, um...
Sage Fish: Spit it out!
Snow Monkey: It's just that...
Ancient Dragon: Just say it!
Snow Monkey: What I want to say is...
Snow Monkey: blushes
Sage Fish: Oh!
Sage Fish: That's rather sweet
Ancient Dragon: Well Sage Fish you DID have a FEW good moves
Sage Fish: Yes Ancient Dragon, you are somewhat impressive
Snow Monkey: Can I make a request?
Sage Fish: But of course!
Ancient Dragon: What do you say, Sage Fish?
Sage Fish: Why not? For old times' sake
Snow Monkey: COOOOOL! Ok ready? BATTLE!
Ancient Dragon: HIIIIIYAAAAAAA!!!!
Ancient Dragon: roasts marshmallow with fiery breath
Sage Fish: holds breath for really long time
Snow Monkey: slips on banana peel
Ancient Dragon: swooshes great tail
Sage Fish: squirts water
Snow Monkey: swings into audience
Director: ACTION!
Director: From the top
Director: Places please!
Director: Bravo! Fantastic acting!
Director: That's a wrap!

Here you can see how it looked like the first time we had this play at the Stage Battle of the Ancient Shadows :)

Penguin Style Catalog CHEATS May 2013 :)

We have a New Disney Club Penguin Style Catalog with both NEW and Old items :) As always I will help you find all the Hidden Secret items without ruin YOUR FUN to look for them :)

…The “Undefined” BUG Strike AGAIN! If you try to buy an undefined item you will be STUCK in a Forever Loading BUG and must log off…UPDATE: The Bug is now Fixed :)

…ALL Players can buy Backgrounds for 60 coins each and the Snowy Mountain Background and Bamboo Grove Background are NEW…

…The Snow Fall Hair Wig 450 coins, Snow Rose Fan 200 coins, Snow Kimono 450 coins are NEW items too…

…and so are The Adored Hair Wig 350 coins, The Heartthrob 3, Daisy Chain 200 coins, Downtown Dress 450 coins, Street Cred Outfit 450 coins, Tags 150 coins, Cotton Sandals 150 coins and White Sneaks 200 coins…

…the Slate Untied Sneakers 200 coins are NEW too…

…and so are the Sushi Combo 150 coins, The Sashimi Chef 200 coins and Sashimi Chef Uniform 400 coins…

…You can mouse over the pages to find Hidden Secret items :) Elemental Balance Gi 400 coins is the last NEW item in this Catalog :)

…Seismic Sandals 150 coins :)

…Sunburst Sandals 150 coins :)

…The Sushi Master 200 coins, Sushi Tray 150 coins and Sushi Master Uniform 400 coins :)

…Red Viking Helmet 750 coins :) Open and close three times then open again…

…CONGRATS! You have found the Secret Blue Viking Helmet 1200 coins :)

…Scrubs 300 coins :)

…and that’s all New and Old hidden items in this Catalog :) My Favorite New items are the Pretty Element Card-Jitsu Snow Outfit and cute Daisy Chain necklace :)

Club Penguin Catalogs :)

Spy Drills EPF Games :)

Spy Drills has been added in the Elite Penguin Force Command Room :)

…**spydrills-hint** Hmmm…BUG!

…**spydrills-prompt** Sadly the Games doesn't work yet…UPDATE: The Bugs are fixed and we can now Play the Field-Ops mini Games :)

Spy Drills: Train to honor elite skills. Challenge to advance agent status. Choose Train or Challenge…Hmm… Let’s start with Training :)

Honor your Skills! Train in each drill to prepare for challenge. Circuit Match, Code Break, Firewall, Code Decrypt, Chip Maze, Grid Command, The Navigator, Radar Strike, Rhythm Lock and Tumblers…

…after I played and successfully completed a mini game I got a black Screen…BORING BUG!

Take the Challenge! Complete 3 drills without errors to earn medals. Click on engage or you can click on Reset to get 3 other mini games :)  Engage…If you don’t get it right the first time just try again with training you will soon be an EPF expert on these games :)

Elite Penguin Force Field-Ops :)

More soon…

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