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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Spy Phone message from Director May 11, 2013!

Look! I have a New Spy Phone message indication AGAIN :)

May 11, 2013


All agents - upon completion of this week’s Field-Op, please take some time to enjoy the Holiday Party, and help out with Coins For Change.

...What!?! Have the Director been using the Time Trekker and got lost in time OR is this a Bug message…time will tell…

…See earlier Spy Phone message from Jet Pack Guy :)

UPDATE: The message from the Director is removed from the Spy Phone so this was a BUG!

Snowballs fight info - My Penguin App :)

This is a special message to all Penguins on my Friends List :) THANKS for ALL Snowballs you have sent me from your “My Penguin App” I LOVE Snowball fights and this is how my screen often looks like :) BUT…

…no matter how many Snowballs I get on the screen at the same time I can ONLY see the name of three of the Penguins that sent them! SAD! So if you have sent me a Snowball and didn't get one in return try again :)

Club-Penguin- 2013-05-1413 - Copy

…Waddle On and keep the Snowballs flying…LOL :)

Throw a Snowball from My Penguin App :)

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