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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Club Penguin Magazine issue 18 :)

Club Penguin Magazine issue 18 is all about sports from FUN runs to Football :) The issue is on sale from May 30, 2013 and is available in the UK and Republic of Ireland :) This issue come with 4 rare sporty items that can be unlocked online… Sports Headband, Red Track Jacket, Weight Bench  and Water Bottle :)

…This picture shows the included toy and stickers :)

Club-Penguin- 2013-06-0289 - Copy

See earlier Club Penguin Magazine 17 :)

Club Penguin Magazine :)

UPDATE: Puzzle Fun Run and earn 500 coins :)

Spy Phone message from Dot May 30, 2013 :)

I was on my way to play Card-Jitsu Snow when I got this message :)

May 30, 2013


Great to see so many agents doing Spy Drills. Kudos you guys. And now that you’ve banked some medals, reward yourself. Elite gear!

…Hi Dot Thanks for your message :) Waddle On and have a HAPPY Day :)

See earlier Spy Phone message from Jet Pack Guy :)

Fire vs. Water Battle - Outdoor Activities :)

Club Penguin Outdoor Activities - Fire vs. Water Battle :)

You Will Need :)

  • 6 or more players
  • 1 referee
  • 4 or more small foam balls
  • Rope
  • A timer
  • Blue and red face paint

Optional :)

  • Blue and red fabric paint
  • White t-shirts for each player

Preparation :)

  1. Divide into two equal sides, one Fire Ninja, one Water Ninja
  2. Fire Ninjas can paint their faces with red face paint
  3. Water Ninjas can paint their faces with blue face paint
  4. Each player can design their own t-shirt using fabric paint
  5. Mark the center of the tournament field with rope or another object
  6. Give each ninja side an equal number of foam balls
  7. The referee sets a timer for five minutes

How to Play :)

  1. When the timer starts each side throws the balls at the other side
  2. When a ball crosses the center line, a player can throw it back at their opponent
  3. When a ninja gets hit three times they have been defeated and have to sit down to the side of the tournament field
  4. When the timer goes off, the side with the most players remaining wins the round!
  5. You can play as many rounds as you like

You can Print This too :)

See earlier Outdoor Activity :)

Puffle Handbook 2013 :)

In the Club Penguin Puffle Handbook you can read about Different kinds of Puffles and how to take care of them :) How to Adopt a Puffle?

Contents Puffle: Species :)

Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Rainbow, Red, White, Yellow

Care, Games, Walking, Playing

What is a Puffle?

Puffles are small, round, furry creatures. They make great pets! Most species are native to the wilds of Club Penguin, although some have been discovered elsewhere.

Each Puffle is unique. Everyone can adopt 2 (red and blue). Members can adopt every color and up to 20.

Black Puffle :)

Although mostly quiet, sudden fiery outbursts show there is more to these intense creatures than meets the eye.

Personality Intense, strong Toys Skateboard Observed in the wild Bursting into flames after eating Puffles O’s Favorite Snacks Fish burger Best Game Cart Surfer Cool Fact Super good at skateboarding

Blue Puffle :)

They’re known for their awesome team work. Few realize that each week blue Puffles eat their weight in cookies.

Personality Loyal, team player Toys Ball, snowballs Observed in the wild Rallying teams together Favorite Snacks Pretzels Favorite Place Snow Forts Cool Fact Can bounce really high

Brown Puffle :)

It is documented that the brown Puffle blinks more than all other Puffles. Its dreams have graph paper backgrounds.

Personality Smart, inventive Toys Beakers, rockets Observed in the wild Superior machine building skills Favorite Snacks Astronaut ice cream Cool Fact Afraid of balloons

Green Puffle :)

Are experts on unicycles. They are also known for their love of April Fool’s parties.

Personality Playful, funny Toys Propeller Cap, unicycle Observed in the wild Vacuums up cookies with its mouth Favorite Snacks Tacos Best Game Jet Pack Adventure Cool Fact Laughs an average of 14.7 times a day

Orange Puffle :)

This species has teeth strong enough to demolish petrified Puffle O’s. And everything else.

Personality Curious, zany Toys Box, wagon, truck Observed in the wild Making quick decisions Favorite Snacks Socks Cool Fact Rumored to eat fridges whole Favorite Place Pizza Parlor

PINK Puffle :)

It is said that the pink Puffle’s fur can hold 30 times its weight in water.

Personality Athletic, cheery Toys Skipping rope, snorkel, trampoline Observed in the wild Using bubblegum to float Favorite Snacks Watermelon Best Game Aqua Grabber Cool Fact Loves to exercise and swim

Purple Puffle :)

The flash of a disco ball transforms this stylish Puffle into a powerful dance force.

Personality Fabulous, particular Toys Disco ball, bubble want Observed in the wild Choosing just the right outfit for just the right occasion Favorite Snacks Hummus and pita Best Game Dance Contest Cool Fact Uses a sleep mask for beauty rest (BUG in image text missing)

Rainbow Puffle :)

These majestic puffles enjoy the fantastical. They may be the only creature to have seen a real unicorn.

Personality Confident, regal Toys Cloud Observed in the wild Cloud surfing and riding down rainbows Favorite Snacks Rainbow lollipop Cool Fact Farts sparkles

Red Puffle :)

From the wilds of Rockhopper Island, they love adventure. Puffle experts wonder what secrets they hold.

Personality Adventurous, extreme Toys Bowling pins, cannon Observed in the wild Hunting for buried treasure Favorite Snacks Stinky cheese Best Game Catchin’ Waves Cool Fact Originally from Rockhopper Island

White Puffle :)

It may be smaller than all other Puffles, but its power is unmeasurable

Personality Shy, powerful, gentle Toys Ice skates, snowflakes Observed in the wild Freezes liquid at will Favorite Snack Yogurt parfait Cool Fact Slightly smaller than other species

Yellow Puffle :)

It is rumored that the yellow Puffle creates artwork from food and furniture.

Personality Creative, spontaneous Toys Paintbrush, easel Observed in the wild Makes music that gets everyone dancing Favorite Snacks Popcorn Best Game DJ3K Cool Fact Wears a beret to paint

Caring for your Puffle :)

Your Puffle’s stats tell you when it is happy, sad, hungry, tired or messy.

Each tab helps fill your Puffle’s stats. Click Feed for hunger, Play for walks and toys, Groom to clean, and Sleep to rest you Puffle.

Go to Pet Papers to read the Puffle Handbook, or to view your Adoption Certificates.

Puffles needs lots of attention. If their stats get too low, then may return to their natural habitat. PH the Puffle Handler in Igloo ANIMATED :)

Playing Games :)

Taking some Club Penguin Puffles into games can help you earn more coins! AND Stamps :) Collect ALL Stamps in Club Penguin :)

Red Puffle Catchin’ Waves :) Purple Puffle Dance Contest :) Yellow Puffle DJ3K :) Pink Puffle Aqua Grabber :) Black Puffle Cart Surfer :) Green Puffle Jet Pack Adventure :)

Walking :)

Puffles love to walk with you (one at a time). It’ll even dance when you do! When you’re done waling, click your player card and the Puffle.

Playing :)

Your Puffles love playing. Try getting Puffle furniture items for your igloo. And that’s not all..there’s lots to discover about your Puffle. Enjoy your pet! Take Care of your Puffle in your Igloo ANIMATED :)

…See how this Book looked earlier and what changes in Personality, Favorite Snack and Cool Facts our Puffles have got :) Puffle Handbook Adopt a Puffle :)

UPDATE: Puffle Handbook 2013 Updated :)

Penguin of the Day Neon Rose May 30, 2013 :)

This is a message from Daffodaily5:

Hiya! Psst! Only EPF can read this post!.. Neon Rose has been doing a brill job as an EPF Agent looking out for other penguins – and puffles - on the Island. Keep up the good work, Agent! Great disguise too!

Go to the Contact Us page to let us know why your buddy should be PotD! Byeee!

CONGRATS Neon Rose :) I LOVE your pretty Fire Fashion Dress :)

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Monsters University Exit Page!

Monsters University MU Prepare to be scared Starting June 27, 2013 in Club Penguin!

…I AM Scared!! Scared that Disney Club Penguin will promote this Pixar Party with TONS of Sneak Peeks and Advertise it so much that I’m BORED of this Monster Party BEFORE it even Starts!!!

What’s New in Club Penguin June 2013?

Monsters University - Club Penguin and Pixar!

UPDATE: The Ad Picture is now added at the Club Penguin Home page too…Sigh…

UPDATE: The Ad Picture is now added on Club Penguin’s Login page too…

Club Penguin Pin CHEAT :)

Here at the Ski Village is the Newest Club Penguin Pin hidden :)

…You have found a Snow Shuriken Pin Would you like to pick it up? Yes Please :)

…See earlier Club Penguin Pin :)

How to add Saraapril’s Club Penguin Pin Tracker :)

Club Penguin Times issue 397 :)

The Battle has just Begun! Ninjas Control the Weather!

The Battle has just Begun!

Ninjas face their greatest opponent! Many skilled ninjas are returning from the snow-covered mountainside with news of menacing minions and a masked walrus.  

I traveled to the Dojo for more information. A group of ninjas at the Snow passage eagerly shared their story. “When we arrived at the battle, all we could see were three sneering snowmen glaring back at us,” a Fire Ninja explained. “Battle after battle, more enemies appeared. Sly tried to strike us out with snowballs. Scrap came in swinging!” “And Tank... whoa, that guy’s got strength.” “But nothing could have prepared us for what we saw next…” Reports of a dangerous walrus are flooding in. It’s clear that his minions are doing his bidding on the battlefield. All ninjas are encouraged to find out more about this vengeful enemy, before it’s too late! How to Play Card-Jitsu Snow CHEATS :)

Ninjas Control the Weather!

Elemental powers unleashed

By Aunt Arctic — Elemental ninjas are working together to sway the weather! “To change the weather, wear only your full elemental suit,” a ninja explained. “Then gather in groups of two or more to alter the atmosphere on the island!” I observed a group of Water Ninjas in the Town performing a special water dance. Passersby quickly donned raincoats and boots to avoid being soaked by the downpour. If you see a group of Snow Ninjas, get out your mittens! And watch out for Fire Ninjas—it’s a little more complicated when they come out. ; )

Upcoming Events :)

June 6 The Stage Dive deep underwater, and discover Penglantis!

June 6 Postcard Have you sent a postcard lately? Check out this month’s Featured Postcards!

June 13 Furniture Catalog Could your igloo use a little school spirit? Check out the Furniture Catalog!

What’s your ‘Real Style’? Get new fashions June 6.

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until June 12.
Next pin hidden: June 13–26

Newsflash :)

Use the pizza emote at the fish stand in the Town or Plaza to earn the Snack Shack Stamp!

Ask Sensei :)

What do you do in your spare time? – Leah Sure
A ninja’s training is never complete. But moments of relaxation are also important. One must know when to move and when to be still. In moments of stillness I enjoy two hobbies. The first is the art of bonsai. When shaping the tree, you must first understand it. You must choose the right pot that will best display the bonsai tree. Can it survive outside, or does it need the warmer climate of the indoors? What will the tree become once you have shaped it? My second hobby is the art of tea. For there is much to learn in a cup of tea. Preparing the perfect cup takes practice. And you must consider how you pour, where you sit, and how you sip. But the most important part, is who you share it with.

A long, long time ago...

Who is this walrus? – Wallie Russ
Long ago, I began my ninja journey, with a good friend. We trained together to master the elements. He was very skilled. But his abilities were clouded by impatience. As we learned to harness the power of Snow, a most terrible thing happened. My friend was buried in an avalanche. Many days I searched for him. I thought he was lost. But I was wrong. I am sad to see he has turned to anger. It is a lonely path that does not move forward, but circles back to the beginning. My students, I cannot foresee all consequences. One thing is certain—he must be defeated. Card-Jitsu Saga “Sensei and Tusk” VIDEO :)

Secrets Classified Card-Jitsu Snow :)

Ninja, as you journey to master Snow, you will be awarded three Card-Jitsu weapons. The Snow Shuriken, the Fire Nunchakus, and the Water Hammer. Wear these items alone, or with your Snow Suit, press ‘D’ and unleash your ninja power.

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 396 :)

Club Penguin Bugs and Details :)

The Pet Shop is updated :) The floor under the Puffles is changed and so the Adopt a Pet Poster :)

…A Picture of the  Rainbow Puffle is added and we have a Text BUG!

UPDATE: This Bug is now Fixed :) The Quiz is renames to Puffle Quiz and a Puffle cost now 400 coins :) The Adopt Button is updated and so are some of the Puffle info like Personality (before it said Attitude), Favorite Snack and Cool Fact :) Here you can see how it looked like earlier How to Adopt a Puffle? The Puffle Handbook is updated with new Puffle information :)

Rainbow Puffle :)

Members Can Quest for a Rainbow Puffle

  1. Got to the Puffle Hotel
  2. Complete all four tasks in the Puffle Care Quest
  3. Launch into the Cloud Forest to meet their new pet!

Got to Puffle Hotel and become a Puffle Care Expert and then you can Adopt the Rainbow Puffle :)

…The OK Button is updated on the “Please give your new Puffle a name” paper…

…and so are the Buttons on the Adopt paper :)

…The Print button on the Adoption Certificate paper has been updated too and is now on the top left :)

…Blue Screen BUG!

…Connection was lost…

…HURRAY! Disney Club Penguin has FINALLY realized that we are TIRED of all their Advertising and removed some adds :) Just kidding! It’s a BUG! UPDATE: This Bug is now Fixed :)

…HURRAY! The Buddies Online Bug is FIXED! I can see where my Friends are in Club Penguin again :)

…Two new Portuguese books have been added to Unlock Items Online :)

…A Missão Secreta do Agente Rookie :) The English versions of the book Agent Rookie’s Secret Mission :)

…A Grande Expedição dos Puffles :) The English versions of the book PH’s Great Puffle Search :)

…Red Track Jacket is now available as an unlockable item :) This item has before been available in the Costume Trunk Catalog for the Team Blue vs. Team Red stage play :)

Water Bottle Puffle item and…

Weight Bench furniture item are now available as unlockable items :)

...and the mail notification number is changed to not be in center again…OLD Jumping back and forth BUG!

…HURRAY! The Fire Ninja Wave Bug is now Fixed so the eyes no longer are visible when you are a Shadow :)

…ANNOYING BUG! When you use Firefox or Chrome! (the Browsers Club Penguin recommends) you can if you are really quick see a picture flashing by when you feed your Puffles, buy items or login to Club Penguin!

…Here is the same animation again but this time I have made it 10 times slower then the original so you easier can see the Bug picture…

…The Icy Mask, Coat of Frost and Glacial Sandals are not visible on the Notification or Friends List! Thanks Litteltias for this Picture :) The old line and broken bubble Bugs are still there too!

…Sensei looks a little unfocused (blurry) in the Water Dojo and Fire Dojo!

…Even though I have a FULL Friends List (500 Penguins on it) and with that can’t receive more Friends Requests I have got Friends requests anyway! HURRAY! I can add more Penguins to my List :) FRIENDLY BUG!

Club Penguin Bugs!

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