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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Card-Jitsu Snow is Coming to iPad :)

This is a message from Spike Hike:

Penguins, It's been a massive month for Club Penguin. We released My Penguin on the iPad which over the weekend reached over 1 million downloads!! Thanks for making this such a success!! We also launched the long-awaited Card-Jitsu Snow and its been awesome to see so many of you having fun with it!! The game has been played over 40 million times already and we can see lots of Snow Ninjas walking around the island.

The Card-Jitsu Snow surprises aren't done yet... this Thursday, June 6th, we will have an all-new update to My Penguin that will include the entire Card-Jitsu Snow game. You can use My Penguin to join other Penguins in the game online! Pretty cool, huh?

But that's not all – we will also release the remaining levels of Pufflescape and Puffle Rescue! So much awesome stuff is happening in Club Penguin right now…and much more to come in this SUMMER OF AWESOME!!! Until next time….Waddle on!

THANKS for the update Spike :) I think it’s AWESOME that we can Play Games on the Go! I so wish I had an iPad…Oh well I have access to a Laptop and that's GREAT too :) Question: will ALL Penguins be able to Play Card-Jitsu Snow on My Penguin App or will it only be for CP Members?

My Penguin App 1.1 Sneak Peek :)

UPDATE: My Penguin App 1.1 download available :)

Club Penguin Help pages updates :)

There is no Help page for Card-Jitsu Snow yet but there are some other updates on the Club Penguin Help pages :)

On the Help page for How/where do I buy items? The text “Ninja Hideout” has been changed to “Dojo” and two pictures on the page have been updated too :)

…On the Help page for Card-Jitsu there Dojo Picture is updated to the New Dojo :)

…On the Help page for Card-Jitsu Fire some of the text has been updated and this is how the text is now :)

Where: In the Ninja Hideout, located at the Dojo


  • To enter the Fire Dojo, you'll need to be a member & have your Amulet
  • Enter the Ninja Hideout and click on the Fire Tablet to open the gate to the Fire Dojo
  • Enter the Fire Dojo and speak to Sensei to start earning your Fire Sui
  • On your turn, select the stone which determines the spaces you move then choose your tile (you'll have two options)
  • Land on a fire, water or snow square - players will battle using that element
  • Land on an Amulet square - the player who lands on the square chooses the element to be played
  • Land on a battle square - the player can choose an opponent and battles in a round of Card-Jitsu
  • Land on a square that already has another player on it - the two players battle in a round of Card-Jitsu

Tips and Tricks:

  • The player who wins the individual battle will not lose any energy
  • The players who lose individual battles will each lose one energy
  • If you directly challenge one player, the player who wins will gain one energy while the player who lost loses one energy
  • If your opponent selects an element card that you don't have, get rid of your lowest numbered card
  • If you're playing and someone quits, you get the experience points. If you quit, you don't get any points.
  • Click on the practice mats to challenge a fellow ninja

…On the Help page for Card-Jitsu Water some of the text has been updated and here is the updated Text :)

Where: In the Dojo


  • Click on the door to the Water Dojo
  • To start a match, click on a practice mat or speak to Sensei
  • Race opponents across tiles to the gong at the end
  • Use your Card-Jitsu cards to battle the elements and move ahead

Tips and Tricks:

  • Snow beats Water, Water beats Fire, Fire beats Snow
  • Use higher numbered cards to defeat strong elements
  • Using a water card on a water tile will increase the element strength of that tile
  • Power Cards can effect the surrounding tiles as well

…On the Help page for “What's a puffle?” And the Help page “How do I adopt a puffle?” The text has been updated from “ten” to “eleven” as there now are eleven types of Puffles available in Club Penguin :) The image on the “How do I adopt a puffle?” is still showing the Old Pet Shop and not the latest Pet Shop update!

…On Club Penguin’s Company page they have finally fixed a Typo BUG :) Before it said “or” and now it’s corrected to “For”

…On the Help page for Elite Penguin Force the text “There you'll get orders for Field-Ops, and you can take on System Defender” has been changed to “There you can complete Spy Drills, and take on System Defender

Club Penguin Details :)

Club Penguin Membership page update June 2013 :)

Club Penguin’s Membership page has been updated again :)

Membership :)

You can purchase 1 Month, 6 Months or 12 Months Disney Club Penguin memberships :)

Membership Benefits :) Unlimited Possibilities :) Personalize Your Penguin :)

Members can:

  • Dress up and express their unique styles
  • Shop for new items in different catalogs every month
  • Get the latest fashions, accessories and sport styles
  • Collect rare and exclusive party items

…LOOK it’s a Blue Guitar Sneak Peek among the animated Picture :)

New Experiences Weekly :)

Members can:

  • Discover all new experiences every week
  • Challenge the latest quests and puzzles
  • Get new and rare items
  • Earn special Stamps to impress friends

…There is a bug with this Animated picture on Club Penguin’s page so it stops at the Marvel Super Hero Takeover…BUG! (I have fixed that on this page) I think it had been better if CP had shown pictures of Catalogs, Stamps and Postcards too and not only Parties! As it’s now it easy to misunderstand and think we get a New Party every week…

Collect Pet Puffles :)

Members can:

  • Collect 11 kinds of puffles with unique personalities Puffle Handbook 2013 :)
  • Adopt up to 20 pets to care for and walk around the island
  • Personalize puffles with the latest pet hats and accessories
  • Take puffles into special games to help earn coins and points

…I LOVE Puffles they are so cute, Funny and COOL :) Hmmm…I miss the Rainbow Puffle in this Animation!

Create Unlimited Igloos :)

Members can:

  • Express their creativity with countless igloo combinations
  • Shop for the latest igloo designs, furniture and music every month
  • Customize, save, and show their perfect homes to friends
  • Make one-of-a-kind igloos that others can visit and "Like" New Igloo Experience is HERE!
…There is a BUG with the animated picture so it stops at the Bamboo Hut Igloo! (I have fixed it on this post)
There's always something new for members!

New Clothing June 6 :) Make the grade with new university inspired fashions in Penguin Style

Furniture Catalog June 13 :) Igloo architects can get the latest igloo items to design, decorate, and create.

A Monstrous Event...Prepare to scare with exclusive member monster costumes June 27-July 9.

Gift Certificates | Purchase Online :)
Give the gift of Club Penguin membership! How to purchase Gift Certificates or Purchase Online?

It’s easy. Choose a 6 or 12 month membership, fill out our secure online form, and receive a Gift Card code via email. Gift Card codes don’t have expiry dates, so purchase one now and forward it via email whenever you’re ready.

….Select a Gift Certificate Amount :)

…Does Your Child Have a Penguin?

Membership Cards | Buy in Stores :) 
Club Penguin membership cards make great gifts!

Membership means more ways to show off unique styles, create the perfect igloo, adopt any color pet puffle, and so much more. Pick up a 1, 6, or 12 month membership card at a retailer near you.

…Where to Buy? Select your Country…

Manage Your Account :)

In Parent Tools, you can set play timers, manage or cancel your child's membership, and more. Club Penguin Memberships are now refundable :)

…Here you can see how the old Membership page looked like :)

Shadow Ninja Power Card VIDEO :)

Club Penguin members can buy Card-Jitsu Power Cards from the Martial Artwork Catalog :) If you are lucky you might get the Shadow Ninja Power Card! HURRAY! I got it :)

…here on this YouTube Video can you see the Special Card-Jitsu Animation for the Shadow Ninja Power Card :) I scared Sensei’s Shadow and Sensei…COOL! Please come back Old Friend it was only a Shadow…LOL :)

…On this post from June 1, 2011 can you see and read more about Club Penguin Shadow Ninja :) NEW Shadow Ninja items Sneak Peek :) ANIMATED :)

Card-Jitsu Power Cards on YouTube :)

Saraapril 5 Years Update :)

Hi everyone :) Here is a quick update of what’s going on in my life :) First I want to say Thanks to Bubsey Good for reminding me that yesterday was the 5th Anniversary of my Blog! Oops! I totally forgot about that even though he reminded me of that last week too! THANKS to ALL of you that are reading my Blog I feel very HONORED that you like to do that and I know that some of you have read every single post I have ever written! And Thanks for the Fan Art you are sending me I treasure ALL of them and I will soon post a few more :)

…My offline life is really crazy busy right now with end of School, end of Figure Skating, end of Ballet and Extra Chores at home as my parents are away for a couple of weeks due to their work! I miss them a lot but Grandpa is here taking care of us and we of him so we are fine :) Where Grandpa go Littlest cousin will soon follow so she is here too even more then usual and that is a LOT! (I LOVE her but she can be very annoying sometimes when I’m trying to blog) When I get time I will update older posts with more details, Card-Jitsu Snow Bugs and post New Fun with Friends posts…I’ve been delayed, I’ve been delayed, I’ve been delayed, I’ve been delayed, I’ve been delayed, I’ve been delayed, I’ve been delayed, I’ve been delayed, I’ve been delayed, I’ve been delayed, I’ve been delayed, I’ve been delayed, I’ve been delayed, I’ve been delayed, I’ve been delayed, I’ve been delayed, I’ve been delayed…LOL :)

…I LOVE to make this Blog and I’m having so much FUN doing so and as a bonus I learn new things every day :) So once again I want to say THANKS to all my readers and to everyone I have played TOGETHER with in Club Penguin :) THANKS for FIVE YEARS of FUN :)

FUN with Friends :)

Saraapril in Club Penguin :)

Penguin of the Day Buddyjosh10 June 4, 2013 :)

This is a message from Daffodaily5:

Hiya! It made me so happy to hear that BuddyJosh10 has been super caring towards others online! Keep it up! *claps*

If you know someone who deserves to be POTD, let us know by heading to the Contact Us page! Byeee!

AWESOME BuddyJosh10 :) Thanks for being a kind Penguin :) I like how you have placed the furniture in your Igloo so you comfortable can sit there and chat with Friends and I think that the plants and cushions make it look like a home :)

See earlier Club Penguin’s Penguin of the Day :)

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