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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Underwater Adventure at the Stage June 2013 :)

One of my Favorite Plays the Underwater Adventure is back at the Stage :)

Club-Penguin- 2013-06-0595 - Copy

…HURRAY! It looks just as I remember it :)

…The Mermaid Shell Pin is Back! OH NO! Pins are NOT suppose to come back! Club Penguin should have made another Pin just as they do with the Ruby and the Ruby Play and other Plays with Pins! BUG!

…We have lots of Old AWESOME Underwater Adventure items in the Costume Trunk Catalog June 2013 :)

…Daring Daisy and Fearless Fiesel are on a mission into the depths of the ocean to search for treasure. But meeting the Wise Fish leads them to a far greater discovery… Black Scuba Mask 200 coins, Scuba Tank 480 coins, Green Wetsuit 600 coins, Yellow Flippers 200 coins, Blue Snorkel 250 coins, Blue Racing Bathing Suit 500 coins and Blue Flippers 225 coins :) The small picture at the bottom is missing the Blue Snorkel… BUG!

…Mouse over this page to find the hidden Secret Director’s Hat 250 coins and Megaphone 145 coins :)

…The Blue Lagoon Hair Wig 550 coins, Mermaid Costume 500 coins, The Surf Hair Wig 400 coins, Shell Collar 100 coins, Shell Cuffs 250 coins and Merpenguin Fin 500 coins :) The small picture on the right side is showing the penguin in another color and in the large picture… BUG!

…Wise Fish Costume 500 coins, Lobster Costume 600 coins and Underwater Adventure Background 60 coins :)

…The Special Underwater Adventure Postcard is sadly not added this time! Here you can see the Switchbox 3000 Animations for the Underwater Adventure Play :) I LOVE special Effects :) Time to open the Script and practice and then invite other Penguins so we can Play TOGETHER :)

Stage Script :)

Underwater Adventure
Fiesel: Our search for the lost city of Penglantis continues!
Daisy: I can't wait to be the first to discover it!
Daisy: Everyone will sure be impressed!
Fiesel: Hey I wonder what that is over there?
Daisy: Is that a giant lobster?
Fiesel: It's an underwater parking attendant!
Lobster: (blows whistle) Hold it!
Lobster: Do you have a submarine seafloor parking pass?
Fiesel: I knew I forgot something!
Lobster: Well then you'll have to park somewhere else.
Daisy: Can you tell us the way to the secret city?
Lobster: It would hardly be a secret if I told you!
Fiesel: What about treasure? Have you seen any?
Lobster: Sure, there's some over there. Now move along!
Daisy: Thanks for the tip!
Daisy: Gasp! Is that who I think it is?
Wise Fish: BLUB! BLUB!
Fiesel: The Wise Fish! I wonder if it can help us?
Wise Fish: Who disturbs me?
Fiesel: We are looking for adventure, oh wise fish!
Wise Fish: Adventure cannot be found...
Fiesel: Huh?
Wise Fish: It will find you.
Daisy: Do you know where Penglantis is?
Wise Fish: The hidden city in the sea...
Wise Fish: Cannot be found by those who seek it.
Wise Fish: But swim down-stream and perhaps it will find you.
Daisy: Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go!
Fiesel: Race ya!
Daisy: I wonder how far we'll have to swim?
Fiesel: We'll just have to keep swimming
Daisy: Good thing we brought our snorkels!
Fiesel: Look! The hidden city! We did it!
Daisy: Wow! Merpenguins!
Bubbles: Welcome travelers!
Flippers: New friends! Fantastic!
Bubbles: It's been a while since we've had any visitors.
Flippers: Yeah! Now let me tell you a joke!
Bubbles: Oh no. Now you've got him started.
Flippers: What lies under the ocean and shivers?
Flippers: A nervous wreck!
Daisy: LOL! That's terrible!
Fiesel: I think it's hilarious!
Bubbles: Enough, Flippers! Let them explore the city.
Flippers: Welcome to Penglantis!
Daisy: This is such an adventure!
Fiesel: I can't wait for the next one!
Director: Places please!
Director: ACTION!
Director: Start swimming!
Director: Fantastic acting, well done!
Director: That's a wrap!

How to add Saraapril’s Club Penguin Pin Tracker :)

Club Penguin Times issue 398 :)

Scare Games Announced! Elements Balanced!

Scare Games Announced!

Prepare your best scare! By Aunt Arctic — Breaking news! The first ever Scare Games comes to the island this month! All penguins are invited to compete! What are the Scare Games you ask?

The Club Penguin Times asked a source, who prefers to remain anonymous, for some preliminary details. Here’s what we learned: “The Greek Council’s planning a MONSTROUS competition. There’s gonna be super frightening, fur raising challenges for four rival teams.” “Oooooh ya! We’re building an epic place for it.” “And I’ve seen a few items—they’ll totally help scarers make the most of their ROARS! Be there or be scared!” Stay tuned, we’ll have more information as the games get closer. It all starts June 27! So get practicing your growls, roars, and ferocious faces! Monsters University Takeover Club Penguin!

Elements Balanced!

A ninja must always be prepared. By a Ninja — Fire, Water, and Snow are back in balance! Brave ninjas are journeying through the stormy summit above the Dojo to master Snow. Many minions have been defeated, but the towering threat of Tusk still remains! “Students, you must continue your training,” Sensei explained, “Time spent training today, will prepare you for what tomorrow brings.” “We must always be ready. For there are always new challenges to face.” Citizens on the island are relieved they were able to weather the storm. Ninjas are encouraged to push forward on their elemental path at the Dojo. How to play Card-Jitsu Snow CHEATS :)

Upcoming Events :)

On now! Underwater Adventure Don’t forget your snorkel! Get washed away with this month’s production at the Stage!

On now! Penguin Style Fabulous fashions for the fiercely free spirit! Now at the Clothes Shop.

On now! Postcards Make new friends! Send a Postcard today!

Create your scary school with the latest furniture!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until June 12.
Next pin hidden: June 13–26

Newsflash :)

Get the latest Penguins at Work outfit—Pizza Chef, in this month’s Penguin Style catalog.

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

How do I change my color? – Rainbow Ralph
A color change is a wonderful way to brighten your look! Head over to the Clothes Shop and flip through the Penguin Style catalog! Choose the color that suits you best and it’ll be added to your inventory. Open your Player Card and show off the new you!

I need help finding the pins! – Sir Chinpins
If you’re not sure when the next pin will be hidden, check the paper!Pins are never hidden in the same room twice in a row. So, if you found the last pin in the Coffee Shop, you can be sure it won’t be there! And, if it gets a bit tricky, don’t be shy. Ask for help!

Earning coins is about having fun!

Which game gives you the most coins? – Trae Ning
Playing games is not only about collecting the most coins.It’s about having a great time. So, if you are playing your favorite game, you’re off to a great start. When you’re having fun, you’ll play longer and earn more coins. What could be better than that? As I always say—practice, practice, practice. The more you do something, the better you get! The better you get, the more coins you earn. You might also want to challenge a few friends. Sometimes a little competition can really help.

Secrets Classified Secrets in Catalogs :)

Did you know? There’s secret items in every catalog! Here’s how to find them:

  • Open up the catalog
  • Move your cursor around the page
  • If you’ve found a secret your arrow will change to a hand, and the area will sparkle
  • Click on it and you’ll see what item has been hidden

There’s more than one secret in each catalog, so make sure to look on every page!

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 397 :)

Penguin Style Catalog CHEATS June 2013 :)

The Newest Club Penguin Style Catalog has Cool for School and University Outfits :) As always I will help you find the hidden secret items without ruin YOUR FUN to look for them :)

Club-Penguin- 2013-06-0561 - Copy

…OH NO! The Undefined BUG AGAIN! Both on New Background and New items! I hope the CP Bug Team fix this FAST as I would LOVE the to buy the Pretty Flower Dress :) UPDATE: The Undefined Bug is now Fixed :)

…The University Gates Background and Monster Arcade Background are both NEW and ALL Penguins can buy them for 60 coins each :)

…Real Style! The Keepin’ IT Real Hair Wig 400 coins, On the Bright Side Hoodie 400 coins and Brown Flip Flops 150 coins are NEW items :)

… and so are The Free Spirit Hair Wig 400 coins, Daisy Daydream Outfit 350 coins and Seafoam Slip Ons 150 coins :) And that was all NEW items for this Catalog!

…Pizza Chef at Work: The Chef Hat and Pizza Apron are available again :) Add ONLY those two items on your avatar and then dance to do the special baking Pizza dance :)

…Red Viking Helmet 750 coins :) Open and close three times then open again…

…CONGRATS! You have found the Secret Blue Viking Helmet 1200 coins :)

…Elemental Balance Gi 400 coins :)

…Seismic Sandals 150 coins :)

…Sunburst Sandals 150 coins :)

…The Sushi Master 200 coins, Sushi Tray 150 coins and Sushi Master Uniform 400 coins :)

…My Favorite NEW items in this Catalog are the Daisy Daydream Outfit and Brown Flip Flops :)

Club Penguin Catalogs :)

Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

On Disney Club Penguin’s Home page “Ninjas, master the elements Train at the Dojo” and “Members can shop university-inspired styles Check out the NEW CATALOG” are added :)

…The Club Penguin Postcard Catalog is updated and these Cool Old Card are now Featured :)

…ALL Penguins can still play Card-Jitsu Fire, Water and Snow! I hope this is a New Feature and not a Bug :)

…There is a MAJOR Card-Jitsu Snow BUG! When you try to play the game you will get a white screen and if you wait a little you will hear the Music BUT you still have the white screen! NOT FUN! UPDATE: This Bug is now Fixed :)

…Here are some old Club Penguin Ninja items that now are available as unlockable items too :) The Storm Hair Wig :)

…Lightning Gi :)

…The Sashimi Chef :)

…Sashimi Chef Uniform :)

…Sushi Combo :)

…White Gi :)

Cloud Wave Bracers :)

…Brown Leather Cuffs :)

…These Igloo items are now available as Unlockable items too :) Ninja Gate :)

…Training Dummy :)

…Noodle Stand :)

…A Picture of Mike and Sully has been added on Club Penguin’s YouTube channel to promote the Monsters University Takeover !

…A Card-Jitsu Snow Sticker Album in Portuguese is available in Brazil :)

…For some countries the Disney Club Penguin’s Products page “Featured Products” has been updated with Club Penguin Magazines :) Here is the  UK Club Penguin Magazine :)

…This is how the individual Product page with the UK Club Penguin Magazine looks like :)

…Germany Club Penguin Magazine or “Club Penguin Magazin” in German :)

…Argentina Club Penguin Magazine or “Club Penguin Revista Oficial” in Spanish :)

…Mexico Club Penguin Magazine or “Club Penguin Revista” in Spanish :)

…Spain Club Penguin Magazine or “Club Penguin Revista Oficial” in Spanish :) And that was all countries that got the Club Penguin Magazine added :)

…Detail: The Unlock Items Online picture is new :)

…The Where to Buy picture is new too :)

Club Penguin Bugs!

More soon…

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