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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Neon Flamingo Pin Club Penguin CHEATS :)

The Newest Club Penguin Pin is hidden here inside the Coffee Shop :)

…You have found a Neon Flamingo Pin would you like to pick it up? Yes Please :)

…This is how the Pin looks like on my Player Card :)

…See earlier Club Penguin Pin :)

How to add Saraapril’s Club Penguin Pin Tracker?

Club Penguin Times issue 399 :)

Scare Games Update! In Focus Tour of the Forest and Cove!

Scare Games Update!

Get growling! Scare practice is in full swing!

By Aunt Arctic — This just in–school spirit is taking over the island as students prep for the Scare Games! Excited students all over the island are cheering as they form into teams.

One excited student in a tweed jacket and pompoms at the Stadium shouted, “Can I get an S—C—A—R—E? Scare Games, yaaayyyy! Goooooo Team...!” Everyone on the island is roaring, rumbling, and howling to get ready for this growling good time. While campus construction is in full swing, scare-raising classes are happening in igloos everywhere. I visited one igloo where the professor was leading a class on frightening faces! And another where students practiced their scare skills head to head! There’s already some fierce competition. So get working on that growl. And create your own scare school with fur-raising items from the latest Furniture Catalog.

In Focus Tour of the Forest and Cove!

Explore the great outdoors!

By a Aunt Arctic — Recently I decided to meet up with a Tour Guide to find out his favorite spots on the island. I was told to meet my guide in the Plaza, and to bring my sneakers. “Today’s workout—uh, I mean, tour—is not for quitters! I’ll set a steady pace, so keep up!” He said while running on the spot. When we made it to the Forest my guide stopped to do a few stretches against a tree. “The Forest is a great place for exercising. You could bring your puffle here for a walk, work off some energy by having a snowball fight, or start a game of hide-and-go-seek with a werewolf and a yeti!” “OK, since we’ve run this far, let’s keep going,” puffed our guide and he sprinted off towards the Cove. “The Cove is a great place for swimmers. I’m training for my triathlon, and need to practice hard.” After a few laps in the water, we roasted squid-kabobs by the campfire. It was a perfect end to a tiring tour!

Upcoming Events :)

On now! Furniture Catalog Check out what’s new and get decorating your igloo!

June 27 Scare Games Unleash your inner monster! Some serious scares are just around the corner!

June 20—Club Penguin Times Celebrates its 400th Issue!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until June 26.
Next pin hidden: June 27–July 10

Newsflash :)

Has anyone seen my pet rock? Tell me if you find it! Thanks! –Rookie

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

I need help earning Stamps! – Stan. P
When you achieve something amazing in Club Penguin, you could earn a Stamp. There are tons of Stamps to earn—some harder than others. I suggest trying to earn some of the easier Stamps first. Some are pretty difficult, but the more you play the games, the easier they’ll get. Sometimes it’s silly things that will earn you Stamps. Like throwing all the ingredients and making a mess in Pizzatron. Flip through your Stamp Book from your Player Card to see what you could earn today.

How do I get the jackhammer? – Jack H. Mere
You’ll find a hard hat in the Mine Cave. Go ahead, pick it up! It’ll be added to your inventory. Put only the hard hat on, and start dancing. You’ll be drilling in no time!

Creativity, originality and whole lot of fun!

How do I get others to Like my igloo? – Iggy Lou
It can be challenging to make your igloo stand out from the crowd.If you want more Likes—be creative! Try mixing a few unusual furniture combinations. If you like flamingos and dragons—a tropical, fire-breathing paradise might be your thing! Or set up a giant TV set to act out a vampire thriller with your friends. You never know what will bump up your Likes! You can also check out some of your friends’ igloos for inspiration. You’d be surprised at what you might wander into. And take a look through the latest Furniture Catalog—there are a bunch of monster themed items that will definitely give your look an A+! Finally, head into Town to invite all your friends and don’t forget to unlock your igloo!

Secrets Classified Secret Passages :)

Here are a few tips to help you find Club Penguin’s secret passageways.

  • Head into the Dance Club and look for the green puffle that marks the spot.
  • Find a loose rock in the Forest and see where it leads!
  • A locked door can be accessed through the Hidden Lake leading to the Underwater room. Members can open this door by seeking the black puffle and finding the key in Puffle Rescue.

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 398 :)

More soon…

Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

Club Penguin has a Bug on the Logout Screen! The entities of type File do not define a valid base path: it will not be possible to translate them.

…NEW Igloo Music University Rally, Pump Up the Rock!, We're All Okay!, Get Pink and Steer the Funk has been added to promote the Monsters University! NOOO! This is WAY TOO MUCH! The tune I’ve been Delayed is added too! AWESOME! I LOVE that :)

…A link for Apps has been added to the top menu on Club Penguin’s web pages Club Penguin Apps page updated!

…Monster University Takeover Jun 27 - July 9 Check out the Video…

Monsters University Takeover Trailer VIDEO!

…Sadly the White Gi Bug is fixed and now the item is for members only! The Club Penguin Parents page has been updated and now the Parent Tool box look like this :) “Enter your email” and “Enter your password” and their text boxes have been removed and this text is added instead: “In Parent Tools, you can set play timers, manage or cancel your child's membership, and more.” The “Login button” has a New design and a “Create an Account button” is added :)

…Parents Login page has been updated and looks like this :) The image with Welcome to Parent Tools has been removed, The text Parent Email and Parent Password has new bubbles with numbers inside and are also moved above the white text boxes instead on the left side as it was before! The Text “Forgot your parent account password?” is moved to the right and in a new color, the blue colors are a bit different and “Contact our Billing Department” and email is New :)

…Parents Cancel Membership page has been updated too and now it looks like this :)

…Parents Create Parent Account page has also been updated and looks like this now :)

Club Penguin Bugs!

More soon…

Igloo Furniture Catalog CHEATS June 2013 :)

A NEW Club Penguin Igloo Furniture Catalog is here FILLED with items to promote the Monster University! As always I will Help you find ALL the Hidden Secret items without ruin YOUR FUN to look for them :)

…The Monster Eye Pillar 125, Monster Buffet Food 300 coins and Monster Archway 400 coins are NEW items!

…The Undefined item BUG is HERE! UPDATE: This Bug is now fixed :)

…Connection was lost BUG!

…Monster Door Station 450 coins, Monster Scoreboard 250 coins and Scare Can 300 coins are NEW items too!

…and so are the Monster Library Table 250 coins, Monster Rug 300 coins, Monster Bleachers 250 coins, Monster Table 250 coins and Monster Library Shelves 300 coins!

…The Green Triangle Pennants 50 coins, Pink Triangle Pennants 50 coins, Red Triangle Pennants 50 coins, Orange Triangle Pennants 50 coins, OK Pennant 50 coins, PNK Pennant 50 coins, ROR Pennant 50 coins, JOX Pennant 50 coins, 3D OK 100 coins, 3D JOX 100 coins, 3D PNK 100 coins, 3D ROR 100 coins and Monster Boombox 200 coins are NEW items too!

…and so are the Monster Ping Pong Table 300 coins and Monster Lounge Chair 350 coins!

…Paper Screen 475 coins :)

…Bamboo Stalks 175 coins :)

…Wrought Iron Lamp Post 600 coins :)

Club-Penguin- 2013-06-0982 - Copy

…Hazard Barrel 350 coins :)

…Manhole 100 coins :)

…Cityscape 550 coins :)

…Watering Hole 500 coins :)

…Picket Fence 100 coins :)

…WHY can’t Club Penguin give us more floorings? My quick Igloo Wish List :) They can put LOTS of effort and time into Advertise Parties BUT can’t find a little time to give us something that would make it possible for us to be more creative and to let us have MORE FUN while decorating our Igloos! I think that is SCARY!!!

Club Penguin Catalogs :)

More soon…

Monsters University Team - Python Nu Kappa :)

This is a message from Daffodaily5:

Hiya, It's great to see how excited you all are for the upcoming Monsters University party. I am too! I'm going to join PNK! I can't wait to bring my brashest, boldest style to the Scare Games! Our team is bound to look (and scare) the best!

Here is a sneak peek of what our super stylish sorority is going to look like! Byeee!

That P(I)NK decorated room looks AWESOME! BUT you are Wrong Daffo! Not ALL of us are excited over this Party! I for one is NOT as this Party is a part of what’s Destroying Club Penguin! PLEASE STOP these Advertise Parties for other Disney Characters in Club Penguin before it’s too late!

Monsters University Four Rival Teams to Compete in Scare Games!

Monsters University Takeover Club Penguin Sneak Peeks!

FUN with Friends Card-Jitsu Snow Party 2013 :)

I LOVE Snow and I think that a whole Party dedicated to my favorite Element is AWESOMELY FUN :) Here are a few Pictures from all the FUN I had in Club Penguin TOGETHER with Friends during the Card-Jitsu Snow Party 2013 :) The Card-Jitsu Snow Game is HERE but sadly so are TONS of BUGS! Sometimes you can play and sometimes NOT…that is NOT FUN! You have the Connection Bug too?

…Hi there how are you today?

…If you go to the forest and then down to the Underground Lake you will find the Element Pin :)

…King Lindberg has a GREAT Igloo Palace very suitable for a King and he has a majestic Rainbow Puffle too :)

… I spent most of my time during the Party at the Snow Dojo :) It’s FUN to do the Snow Dance but it makes Ninjas thirsty! Time for Tea Ekthatiger12 :)

…Williamb44 told me that many Penguins quit the game and with that makes it harder for their Team! I’m so sorry to hear that! They might get stuck in Bugs!

…We had lots of FUN talking :)

...We went to a less crowded server to see if the Card-Jitsu Snow Game worked better from there…Sadly it didn't! BUT we will NOT give up! If we keep trying we will be able to connect to the Game now and then and if we do our best to work TOGETHER in the game even if someone has to quit we will gain progress :) Bye for now Friends :)

…Hi nice to meet you again :)

…Williamb44 has found a Bug!

…If you have the Glacial Sandals on and sit in this angle the Shoes disappears! Thanks Friend for showing me this BUG!

…And here is the Chopsticks or “who ate the Sushi” BUG! TOGETHER we can find ALL Bugs in Club Penguin and report them so they can be Fixed :)

…Keep battling and good luck on your Snow Journey :)

…I was on my way to Play Card-Jitsu Snow when I met lots of Friends inside the Dojo that were waiting for Sensei :) How do your Snow training go?

…My Friends List is full so sadly I can’t add anyone BUT I’m HAPPY to send a Postcard and then we are Club Penguin Friends anyway :) The “Let is Snow!” postcard is one of my Favorites so I will send that one :)

…Tea Time :)

…Where is Sensei Saraapril?

…He is waddling around somewhere BUT Sensei is also sitting right here…LOL :)

…Oops! I accidently left the Dojo and came to the Courtyard…Hi Barsha10 you are here waiting for Sensei too :)


…I will go and play Card-Jitsu Snow now it was nice to meet you all :)

…Keep having FUN at the Party and say Hi to Sensei from me if you meet him :) CONGRATS to your Newly earned Stamp Princesspia2 :)

…For a while It didn't start to Snow when Snow Ninjas did the Snow Dance TOGETHER (BUG) BUT we had FUN while trying :)

…Bows to the majestic Snow Flurry :) Card-Jitsu Snow Saga :)

…Fire Ninja Water Guard, Water Ninja Mo Richie and I talking at the Dojo :)

…They like the Snow Ninja Suit Dance :)

…Fire, Water and Snow Ninjas working TOGETHER :)

…HURRAY! Snow Ninjas can make it Snow :) You will get the Tusk Cloak after you have defeated him :)

…Make it snow don’t be slow :) HAPPY Snow making Ninjas :)

…High up among the Mountains Dragon7899 has created this Outdoor Dojo :) Clicks on Like :)

…Dk72 indoor Dojo is filled with Bamboo and Training Mats :) I Like! Thanks for the Green Tea Friend :)

…Hi Patti Poppy and Pextonbmq I’m HAPPY to send postcards :) Do you have less then 50 cards saved in your mailbox?

…Chilleyer300 has worked so hard and gained lots of Card-Jitsu Snow progress :)

…Aces84311 invited us to her Igloo and made us very yummy Cookies and then we had so much FUN playing Music and Singing TOGETHER :)

…That Sled Race Run was intense! Congrats Aces84311 you won :) Suddenly we saw an Old Blue colored Penguin waddle by…

…She has the Nautical Necklace on and when you have you get this Bug! (Something is missing in this picture…I didn't said BUG…LOL :)

…This is a very Cool Bug and I think it would be AWESOME if Club Penguin didn't fix it!

…Playing Hide and Seek :)

…Please exit your game before leaving the room! WHAT!?! Do I have to stop looking for my Friend? NOOO! This is a NOT Cool BUG!

…HURRAY! We have found Radical :) Cakes to celebrate :)

…How are you today?


…Rhinon9187 and I having Tea at the Ninjas Headquarter :)

…Sushi is very yummy for your Tummy :)

…Sensei should be in this Server and TOGETHER we are looking for him :) It took a while but eventually he came :) I met Sensei in Server Cozy :)

…Ninja Bodima is GREAT at Hide and Seek :)

…I Like Riamda’s well decorated Puffle Tree house :) Sadly I couldn't click on Like due to a BUG!

…THANKS to ALL FUN Penguins I have met and Played TOGETHER with during the Card-Jitsu Snow Party :) You are ALL AWESOME!

FUN with Friends :)

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