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Friday, June 28, 2013

Scare Games - Penguin Poll :)

The first ever Club Penguin Scare Games is ON! Which team best suits your scare? JOX, PNK, ROR, OK…I don’t know…

…so I will not Vote this week! You can vote on YOUR Favorite answer :)

UPDATE: ! is now added after the Team names!

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Penguin of the Day Michele50 June 28 2013 :)

This is  a message from Daffodaily5:

Hiya! Michele50 is a real star penguin! She is always helping others around the island, throws awesome igloo parties and shares all her CP knowledge with her friends! *Virtual high fives*

Contact Us and tell us something awesome about your buddy! Byeee!

CONGRATS Michele50 :) Thanks for being a helpful Penguin :) I LOVE your PINK Jacket and Cool Shades :)

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MU Leaderboard BUG!

I like that we can see what Team that’s in the Lead of the Scare Games :) Right now the OK is on the first Place, PNK on second, ROR on third and JOX on fourth…

…BUT when you enter the Scare Challenge ROR is in second even though they have LESS Scare points then PNK…BUG!

Monsters University Takeover Club Penguin CHEAT :)

Monsters University Tour Guide!

The Disney Pixar Monsters University Takeover 2013 is here in Club Penguin and if you follow me I will give you a Guided Tour of this Event! Here we are in the Plaza Adopt a puffle from the Pet Shop then take them for some pampering at the hotel. Or why not take part in the latest Stage production Underwater Adventure! And when you get hungry head into The Growl for a bite to eat!

…Welcome to The Growl! Enjoy some monstrously delicious pizza play some terrifyingly fun pool tell your horribly hilarious jokes or head into the kitchen to whip up some squid pizzas! Pizzatron3000 Game :)

…This room is not on the map so you must waddle from the Plaza OR Snow Forts to come here :) Here we have the four fraternities and sororities Join one or ALL of them and compete in the Scare Games!

…The first time you enter these houses you will get a special message: We’re going to SCARE them to pieces! The winning team will be announced July 6. Come in!

…This is the PNK House They'll scare the competition to pieces! If you think you're PNK, why not join them? GO PNK! I LOVE the colors in this room BUT even if PINK is pretty and my Favorite color I get a very SCARY Feeling when I’m in here…

…Let’s steer the fear and win the Scare Games! The winning team will be announced July 6. Step inside!

…This is the ROR House They Steer the Fear! If you think you're a ROR, why not join them? GO ROR! This room is a little creepy…

…Hey champ! We’re gonna win the Scare Trophy! The winning team will be announced July 6. Hustle in!

…This is the JOX House They're always pumped up! If you think you're a JOX, why not join them? GO JOX! I LOVE the colored light decorations in here BUT this room smells very weird…can it be the old Pizza?

…Let’s make history and win the Scare Games! The winning team will be announced July 6. Welcome!

…This is the OK House For a fraternity, they're OK! If you think you're OK, why not join them? GO OK! This room is so flower decorated and cozy and not so Scary! I LOVE IT :) WAIT! The Flowers on the wallpaper has eyes…AHHHH!!!!

…This is normally the Snow Forts and Here we can see which fraternity is in first place head over to Fraternity Row to join a house or check out the university campus!

…Welcome to the Campus Quad! Relax on the lawn head to the Scare Hall for a lesson in scaring or if you're ready go to the Amphitheater and join the Scare Games!

…Here you can Study the Planets :) Where did that eye come from? SCARY!

…We have got six special MU Party Emotes…

…This is the Scare Hall Learn to give the best scare possible I recommend warming up your vocal chords and practicing your 'GRRRR' face!

…This is the Amphitheater Think you have what it takes to scare? Then join a fraternity and enter the Scare Games!

…Hmmm…it looks like there is a flooded building under our feet…I wonder if…What? Nothing! Waddle On!

…Welcome to the Town! Head into the Coffee Shop for some monster java show off your scary-good moves in the Dance Club or step into the Clothes Shop for frighteningly fabulous fashions!

...The door is made to fit both small and BIG Monsters :)

…BUT from the inside of the Clothes Shop the door is NOT! GRRR an animation Blooper BUG!

…Here we have the Coffee Shop! If all the late night studying is getting to you grab a cup of coffee for a pick-me-up or try a fruit smoothie, they're delish! And be sure to check out the Club Penguin Times Office Smoothie Smash Game!

…Let’s sit down and tell some Party Jokes :)
Why did the clock in the cafeteria always run slow? Every lunch it went back four seconds!
What flies around the classroom at night? The alpha-BAT!
What do you say to a three-headed monster? Hello hello hello!
What did the flower get in school? All bees!
Why are fish so smart? They're always in schools!
What subject do snakes like? Hisstory!
How does a penguin go to school? On an icicle!
What do sea monsters eat? Fish and ships!
What subject do trees like? Geome-tree!

…And here at the Safe Chat Quick Messages: 
Scare Games
Go OK!
Victory forever!
We're OK, are you?
We steer the fear!
Scare squad!
Scarer in training

…As always during a Party there are a few Party Stamps available to earn so open your Stamp Book and see what you are missing :) Collect ALL Stamps in Club Penguin CHEATS :) That’s all for this Tour Thanks for follow me around and if you like to Scare have FUN :) Look this door has an Animation Blooper BUG too as the shape of the smaller door are different while opened when you are outside or inside the Coffee Shop! OH NO! I’m stuck in an forever looping Animation! HELP! I’m SCARED…LOL :)

…For FREE items and more information about this Party look at this post Monsters University Club Penguin CHEATS!

MU items for June 28, 2013 Available!

If you have earned Scare Points in the Scare Games you can buy more Monster University items! Items for Everyone: Pink Monster Fins 100 pts, Items for Members: ROR Jacket 150 pts, Sulley Mask 100 pts, Sulley Costume 200 pts, PNK Mask 100 pts and PNK Costume 200 pts…

…Now I have ALL Todays items too!

…On this post you can see Tomorrows items :) MU Party items Catalog!

Club Penguin Monsters University CHEATS!

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