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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Cute Little Monster :)

I like the mini game Scare Games :) It’s FUN to avoid the Toys and the little Monster is so cute :) I think the cutest move is when it lose and leaves the training room it looks just as my Littlest Cousin did when she was younger and didn't get her way the only things missing is her Pink blanket and my Rockhopper Toy…LOL :)

…These days she looks more like this but instead of running away she run towards you…SCARY!!! But she’s still very cute :)

How to Play Scare Games?

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Saraapril Fan Art by Meyvela :)

YOU ARE AMAZING :) Me and My brothers every day reading your blog! I want to be friend with you in CP pls ADD ME :) or postcard :D from: Meyvela

Me and Saraapril

…THANKS Meyvela for your Stylish drawing of us, kind words and for reading my Blog :) Sadly I can’t add more Penguins to my Friends List BUT I can send Postcards so we can be Club Penguin Friends anyway :) Waddle On and have a HAPPY Day :)

THANKS Meyvela from Saraapril :)

Saraapril Fan Art :)

PH’s Outdoors Puzzle Challenge :)

Welcome to the great outdoors! Join PH for some puzzle fun :) Here is a Picture with Club Penguin Puzzle FUN from the Club Penguin Magazine issue 19 :)

PH: OK champers let’s go wild!

Challenge 1: Putting up a tent is never easy! Can you find all the missing pieces?

Challenge 2: Hike through the trail and try to spot every type of Puffle! Tick them off as you go.

Challenge 3: Can you ride your hopper from start to finish without hitting any rocks? Take a pencil and draw a line from start to finish without lifting it from the paper or stopping. If your pencil line hits any rocks, start again.

Club Penguin Magazines :)

UPDATE: Solve CP Wilderness Camp Puzzles and earn 500 coins :)

MU items for June 29, 2013 Available!

More Monster University items are available! If you need Scare Points you can play the Scare Games to earn them :) Items for Everyone: Purple Monster Do 100 pts, Items for Members: OK Sweater 150 pts, Johnny Mask 100 pts, Johnny Costume 200 pts, George Mask 100 pts and George Costume 200 pts…

…ALL Todays items are now in my Inventory :)

…On this post you can see Tomorrows items MU Party items Catalog!

MU items for June 28, 2013 Available!

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