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Sunday, June 30, 2013

OK Sweater BUG!

Yesterday the OK Sweater was released in the MU items Catalog and when you wear that item and are sitting like this it looks OK :) BUT…

…when you are sitting like this the OK logo is MISSING! Thanks for telling me about this Bug Fottymaddy :) Please can you fix this Club Penguin? This Bug is NOT OK!

Monster University Takeover Club Penguin CHEATS!

Club Penguin Bugs!

MU items for June 30, 2013 Available!

Todays Monster University items are available! To earn the Scare points you need you can play the Scare Games :) June 30, 2013 Items for Everyone: The Three Horned Green 100 pts, Items for Members: Two Eye CDA Mask 100 pts, CDA Suit 200 pts, Terry and Terri Costume 300 pts, Randy Mask 100 pts and Randy Costume 200 pts…

…ALL Todays items are now in my Inventory :)

…On this post you can see Tomorrows items MU Party items Catalog!

MU items for June 28, 2013 Available!

MU items for June 29, 2013 Available!

Monsters University Takeover Club Penguin CHEATS!

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