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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

R2-D2 Pin Club Penguin CHEAT :)

Here inside the Pizza Parlor is the Newest Club Penguin Pin Hidden :)

…You have found a R2-D2 Pin Would you like to pick it up? I collect Pins so yes :)

…See earlier Club Penguin Pin :)

How to add Saraapril’s Club Penguin Pin Tracker :)

Star Wars Takeover items Catalog!

Here is the Star Wars Takeover Club Penguin items from the special Party Catalog! Items for Everyone: Kloo Horn 100 coins and Bandfill 100 coins! Member Items: The Princess Leia 175 coins, Leia’s Lashes 75 coins, Princess Leia Dress 300 coins, The Skywalker 175 coins, Luke Skywalker Robes 300 coins, The Han Solo 175 coins and Han Solo Costume 300 coins!

…Chewbacca Mask 175 coins, Chewbacca Costume 300 coins, R2-D2 Helmet 200 coins, C-3PO Mask 150 coins, C-3PO Costume 300 coins and C-3PO Helmet 300 coins!

...You can buy many of the Puffle Hat R2-D2 Helmet :) Message: You can’t store more than 22 of this item…That’s Two MORE Puffles than we can own :)

…BUT we can ONLY have 20 Stored…BUG!!

…Jawa Mask 150 coins, Jawa Costume 200 coins, Greedo Mask 150 coins, Greedo Costume 200 coins, Tusken Raider Mask and Tusken Raider Costume 250 coins!

…Come back August 1. 2013 for the Emperor Palpatine Mask 100 coins, Emperor Palpatine Cloak 250 coins, Emperor Palpatine Cane 75 coins,Imperial Officer Hat 100 coins and Imperial Officer Uniform 250 coins!

…Come back August 8, 2013 for the TIE Fighter Costume 300 coins and X-wing Costume 300 coins!

…If a Non Member Free playing Penguin tries to buy a Member item they will get this ad message: Members can Purchase Star Wars Costumes and Become a Jedi Master.

…Members can earn more New items during the Jedi Master Journey!

Star Wars Takeover Club penguin CHEATS!

How to become a Jedi Master CHEATS!

When we login to Disney Club Penguin we get to see the Star Wars Takeover Video…Luckily you can use the x to skip it :)

…Cadence dressed as Princess Leia will be at the Millennium Falcon Ship click on here! Tour Guide message in this room is: Wow, what a mission! Princess Cadence needs me to join the Rebel Alliance and help defend the galaxy I will not fail!…

…This is our most desperate hour. The Death Star threatens Club Penguin and the galaxy! Use your quest map to travel to Tatooine. Help me, you are my only hope! Click on Ok…

…The quest map is now added on the right top click on it…

…to see the Galaxy! Now you can choose to go to Tatooine, Millennium Falcon or Club Penguin! On August 1, 2013 the Death Star will be availible and on August 8 you can visit Yavin 4! If you are a Club Penguin Member you can become a Jedi Master! Claim your Lightsaber to begin your Journey! Click on Equip Lightsaber…

…If a Non Member Free Playing Penguin clicks on this they will get this ad message: Becoming a Jedi Master requires a paid membership, Members can: Duel other Jedi, Level up as a Jedi and earn Jedi Robes and Lightsabers, Earn Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi costumes.

…Anakin’s Lightsaber has been added to your inventory. Welcome, student. I am Obi-Wan Sensei. You must learn the way of the Force…

…Equip your Lightsaber. Press 2D2 to begin a match. Wait for a worthy opponent.

…Or challenge an opponent by clicking “sign”. while wearing your Lightsaber.

…Continue your Journey. The Jedi Knights are the guardians of peace and justice. The Force will be with you, always. Hmmm…I will think about this and in the mean time I will se what ALL Penguins can do!

…Choose where to travel…

…Mission part 1: defeat the Stormtroopers and save Tatooine. Click on Enter Tatooine…

…You made it to Tatooine! There are Stormtroopers hiding on the planet, we must defeat them! Click on “special Map” to get around and click on “Stormtroopers” to battle.

…Map: You’re on Tatooine!

…Click on Defeat Stormtroopers to…

…get the Game! ALL Penguins can play ALL the levels! Level 1…

…How to play the Storm Troopers Game? Aim and click to shoot. Use spacebar or arrows to move to take cover and later on avoid bombs! WARNING! There is a BUG! The metal box doesn't always get red before it’s destroyed!

…Well done, Rebel Penguin! You have completed level 1…

…Now I can collect an item…

…Stormtrooper Helmet has been added to your inventory…

…Time for Level 2…Done! Stormtrooper Costume has been added to your inventory!

…and Bonus Level…DONE! Sandtrooper Pauldron has been added to your inventory.

…All the items in the mini Game Storm Troopers are now Collected!

…If you have the Stormtrooper Helmet and Stormtrooper Costume on your avatar and throw a snowball you will throw a BOMB! You can also have the Sandtrooper Pauldron while throwing Bombs! Saraapril’s Opinion: BOMBS in Club Penguin = NOT FUN!!!

Defeat Stormtroopers game tips: If don’t have anything to take cover behind roll back and forth until the Puffle in the R2-D2 Helmet comes to your rescue! Defeat Stormtroopers mini Game VIDEO!

…If a Non Member Free playing Penguin tries to Collet a Member item they will get this ad message: Collecting these Star Wars items requires a paid membership!

…Awesome! You defeater the Stormtroopers! Return August 1 to infiltrate the Death Star!

…And now for Members: The sad time to fight with Light saber for items has arrived! Click on the arrows in time to win the battle…Thanks Kelly 2007 for helping me with this you are way better then me to handle the Lightsaber and still you kept battling until we both had earned all the items :)

…I can now collect The Padawan Hair wig, Jedi Robes, Jedi Cloak, Luke’s Lightsaber, Black Jedi Robes and Black Jedi Cloak BUT there are MORE items…

…Win 30 duels to collect these items!

…Obi-Wan Cloak, Darth Vader’s Lightsaber, Darth Vader Helmet and Darth Vader Costume are now available too!

…if you wearing the Black Jedi Robes and/or Black Jedi Cloak you will be dressed in black when you fight…

…and here is how you look like dressed up as Darth Vader!

…This “Party” makes me feel Sad and I plan to spend very little time in Club Penguin while it’s on!

Star Wars Takeover Club Penguin CHEATS!

More soon…

Club Penguin Times issue 405!

Join the Rebel Alliance! Become a Jedi Master!

Join the Rebel Alliance!

Defend the galaxy!

Urgent message from Princess Cadence:This is our most desperate hour. Someone’s gotta save our skins and u guys r the ones to do it! This evil Empire and Darth Herbert have gotta be stopped once and for all! LISTEN UP! Here’s the plan...

Head to the Millennium Falcon. It’s a piece of junk, but the pilot knows what he’s doing. From here, u gotta fly to Tatooine.  You know you’ve made it if u’ve got sand in your shoes and are getting a sun tan. But don’t build a sandcastle yet! There’s still a lot of work to do. Expect to see Stormtroopers—and a WHOLE bunch of ’em. You’ll know them from the white suits—there’s no sense of style with that crew. U gotta defeat the Stormtroopers 2 save Tatooine. Lemme tell u, this is an EPIC task. I’ll be working on getting us 2 the Death Star. Wish me luck! Princess Cadence—Out!

Become a Jedi Master!

Begin your journey to become a Jedi Master.

By Obi-Wan Sensei — Members, you must learn the ways of the Force and become a Jedi Master. Use your Lightsaber to duel other Jedi. Practice is the only way you will learn. Much like a ninja, you must have deep concentration. Do not let the ways of the dark side, or their crumbly cookies distract you. Use Jedi power and agility to advance your skills. Always stay highly focused in battle. Understand the Force and use it to guide you in this journey. You are the guardians of peace and justice in the galaxy. Protect Club Penguin, and your efforts will be rewarded. May the Force be with you, always.

Upcoming Events!

On now! Fly to Tatooine Receive your orders and begin Rebel training!

Aug. 1 Infiltrate the Death Star Outsmart Darth Herbert and steal the secret plans!

Aug. 8 Fly to Yavin 4 Destroy the Death Star, restore freedom to the galaxy, and collect your medal reward!

Defend the galaxy!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until August 7.
Next pin hidden: August 8–21


Grab your Kloo Horn and Bandfill, head to the Cantina, and start an inter-galactic space band with your friends!

Ask Obi-Wan Sensei!

Who is Darth Herbert? – E. Ville
Darth Herbert was once a good Jedi, and student of mine. The Force was strong with him, and there was much potential for greatness. But his greed for power made him turn to the dark side of the Force. Now, like an angry walrus, Herbert is a master of evil. He seeks to gain absolute control of the galaxy. Including free pizza delivery to his space station. Many fear he will rule with an iron fist. And will stop only to defeat those who stand in his way. It is possible he is a servant to the dark will of another. Yet, we do not know this with any certainty. For the future is unknown, even to me.

The Force binds us together.

What is the Force? – Jed Eye
The Force is what gives a Jedi Master his power. It is an energy field created by all living things. It is inside us, and all around us. It binds the galaxy together. Like the elements of Card-Jitsu, the Force must be used with great care. It has both a light and dark side. One must understand, and use it for only good. Only those with a high count of midi-chlorians are Force-sensitive. They are able to perform acts of great skill and agility. Is the Force strong within you, young grasshopper?

Secrets Classified Tips on How to Defeat Stormtroopers!

Here are some tips to help you defeat the Stormtroopers:

Press spacebar to roll behind cover. Rolling makes it difficult for Stormtroopers’ lasers to hit you. If you shoot an enemy again once they’re in the air, you can earn more points. Rolling and ducking for cover won’t always help you. So, watch out for thermal detonators at all costs!

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 404!

More soon…

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