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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Spy Phone message from the Dot August 1, 2013!

I have no New message indication…BUG AGAIN!

August 1, 2013


Alright agents. Time to infiltrate the Death Star. Darth Herbert’s going down!

…But Dot! Shouldn't we try to TALK to Herbert? War will not solve anything! I met Darth Herbert!

…See earlier Spy Phone message from Director!

Star Wars Takeover Club Penguin CHEATS!

Payday in Club Penguin August 1, 2013 :)

Today is payday in Club Penguin and Elite Penguin Force Agents and Tour Guides have got their paychecks :)

…350 coins for my EPF Agent Work…

…and 250 coins for my Tour Guide Work :)

…Thanks for the coins Club Penguin I will save them for later :)

See earlier Club Penguin Payday :)

I met Darth Herbert in server Fog!

Today I waited TOGETHER with Friends in Club Penguin for Herbert :) It was so much FUN to meet you all BUT due to a BUG I could ONLY use the safe chat and emotes BUT I could still send Postcards :)

…While waiting we played Tag, Farted and Smiled for Herbert :)

…Suddenly Herbert Arrived and he had A LOT to say: Attention Greetings, rebel traitors! I am Darth Herbert…

When can I meet Darth Herbert?

Star Wars Takeover Club Penguin CHEATS!

More soon…

Daffo's Intergalactic Par-tay Invitation!

This is a message from Daffodaily5:

Hiya! To celebrate the epic first week of the STAR WARS™ Takeover, I'm going to stroll down to the Cantina in Tatooine for an Intergalactic Par-tay, and you're all invited! Don't forget to bring your friends (probably best not to bring your Droids, though)

I'll be heading online today (August 1st) at 7am Penguin Standard Time (3pm UK time) on the server Marshmallow. Can't wait to see you all there! May the Force be with you!™ Byeee!

…Thanks for the invitation Daffo do you think they have yummy Cake to eat there?

Star Wars Takeover Club Penguin CHEATS!

Penguin of the Day Tuffle12356 August 1, 2013 :)

This is a message from Daffodaily5:

Hiya! Tuffle12356 loves decorating his igloo and playing Card-Jitsu! In addition to helping other penguins on their ninja journey, he also helps his buds finds the latest pins. Awesome!

Contact Us and tell our team who you think should be Penguin of the Day! Byeee!

…CONGRATS Tuffle12356 :) I’m so HAPPY that you are helping other CP Players keep up the GOOD WORK!

See earlier Club Penguin’s Penguin of the Day :)

Club Penguin Times issue 406!

Infiltrate the Death Star! Imperial Threat Grows Stronger!

Infiltrate the Death Star!

Steal the Secret Plans.

Message from Princess Cadence: Okay guys! Fly to the Death Star! Remember to keep it real cause you gotta find your way in, and don’t get caught. This is gonna need some serious concentration. So, use the Force and stay FOCUSED!! Go get ’em!

To steal the plans, you need a whole lotta stealthy moves. Watch out for Darth Herbert— that guy’s bad news! So, make sure ur puffles are well behaved! We can’t have them burping up Puffle O’s and giving away our location. This place is crawling with Stormtroopers and Imperial Officers! And u don’t wanna get locked up in the detention cells. Not cool. Navigate your way through this über scary space station for an EPIC WIN! Nab the secret plans, so we can analyze the data and find the Death Star’s weakness. Once we know that—we can TOTES destroy the Death Star. The fate of the galaxy rests with you! Let’s do this!

Imperial Threat Grows Stronger!

Forces of the dark side are on the rise

By Princess Cadence — Darth Herbert’s evil forces r growing stronger. Stormtroopers r taking over the Dance Club and capturing anyone seen busting a move! There’s no laughing and having fun on the dark side, GUYS!! Say goodbye to pizza too, unless u can talk Darth Herbert into sharing! And I don’t think he’s really into that. So, gather more Rebel forces. We need to defeat the Stormtroopers, defend Club Penguin and reclaim our dance floor! Get the word out everyone!!! And let’s get this battle started! Princess Cadence, OUT!

Upcoming Events!

Aug. 8 Fly to Yavin 4 Fly to the base and destroy the Death Star!

Aug. 8 Penguin Style Bold colors and classic summer style—Get this season’s latest looks!

Aug. 15 Ruby and the Ruby Enjoy a sparkling mix of drama, mystery, and fun! At the Stage.

Infiltrate the Death Star. Go! Go! Go!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until August 7.
Next pin hidden: August 8–21


Tired of Darth Herbert? Go meet Helga, and trade your Stormtrooper helmet for a Viking one at the Stage.

Ask Obi-Wan Sensei!

What is the dark side? – Dar K. Psyd
The Force has both a light and dark side. The dark side lies in the hearts of evil. Just as Tusk turns towards the shadows, misguided Jedi turn from the light. Their cookies are inferior, and their tea is always cold. If that is not enough, their power is fuelled by anger,  fear, and greed. It is a destructive force. Follow your own path, and not the dark side’s path of fear. Like ninjas, Jedi Masters learn to recognize fear, accept, and overcome it. Once you have mastered fear, the light side of the Force will guide you. (It also has better Lightsabers).

Continue your training.

How do I become a Jedi Master? – J. Dye
Long is the journey
To be a Jedi Master
You must learn the ways
Members must duel worthy opponents, and learn the ways of the Force. This requires great skill and concentration. Use your strength and courage to know the ways of the Jedi. Remember, patience is the key to understanding. Understanding is the key to knowledge. Then wisdom will come with much practice. When the Force is mastered, use it only for good. As a Jedi Master, it is your responsibility to serve and protect the galaxy.

Secrets Classified Tips on How to Infiltrate the Death Star!

Move the blocks until you can move your key successfully into the lock. Move the long vertical blocks to the bottom of your screen to give you more room. Persistence is the key. So, don’t give up!

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 405!

Star Wars Takeover Club Penguin CHEATS!

More soon…

Death Star CHEATS!

The Death Star World is now available in Club Penguin! On this Star Wars Takeover guide post I will help you to find and solve the mini games and unlock items! How to infiltrate the Death Star:

…Mission Part 2: Infiltrate the Death Star and steal the Secret Plans Click on Enter Death Star…

...Woha! You’re on the Death Star! You must infiltrate the space station and steal the secret plans. Click on (map) to get around and then click on (mini games) to hack in. Ok…

…On the Map you can see that there are five mini games to find and solve…

...Let’s waddle this way…

…go through this door and…

…You have found the first mini game station you need to solve to Infiltrate the Death Star and ALL Penguins can play it!

…Hack into the Death Star and steal the Secret Plans. R2-D2 will help you…Ok…

…How to play: Move the blocks to get the key in the lock!

…DONE :)

…Level A Completed! You’ve earned 25 coins and can collect a Pin :)

…The item is not currently available…OH NO! BUG!

…Even after closing the Bug message window the loading Bug is still there!

…Oh well…I will Waddle On…

…Here is Level B of the Infiltrate the Death Star mini game…


…Done :)

…I can still not Collect my rewards…BUG! BUG!!

…Take any of the Elevators…

…Here is Level C of the Infiltrate the Death Star mini game…

…Princess Cadence has something to say: Good job, Rebel Penguin. We’ve almost there. Ok…

…Lets look at this…Hmmm…

…Done :)

…AND I can Collect the Rebel Helmet!

…The Rebel Boots are available too and are now added to my inventory :)

…The Pin is STILL Not available…BUG!

…If a Non member tries to Collect a Member item they will get this Ad Message: Collecting these Star Wars items requires a paid membership…

…Time to Waddle On…

…Here is Level D of the Infiltrate the Death Star mini game…

…Okay then…

…Done :)

…I can Collect the Rebel Costume…

…and FINALLY the Rebel Reward Pin is available too! That was about Time!

...Here is Level E of the Infiltrate the Death Star mini game…

…I know how to solve this :)


…I can now Collect the Death Star Plans Background and 50 coins! If you replay the levels you will earning more coins :)

…Sweet! You stole the Secret Plans. Return August 8, 2013 to fly to the Rebel Base on Yavin 4. Ok…

…The door with the word Secret on is now open so we can look inside!

…All areas on the Map are Unlocked and now you can play the mini games in any order you choose :)

…Fly to Yavin 4 Return August 8 to pilot an X-wing, earn items. and restore freedom to the galaxy.

Tatooine and Jedi Master CHEATS!

Star Wars Takeover Club Penguin 2013 CHEATS!

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