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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Death Star - Star Wars Tour Guide!

Here is the Tour Guide of the Death Star firs we can take a look at the map…

…This is the Docking Bay: The Death Star's tractor beam has pulled us into the hangar Good luck locating the secret plans The Rebellion depends on you!

…The Throne Room is where the Emperor sits and contemplates his evil schemes Thank goodness he's out today! I met Herbert in Server Fog!

…Here is the Meeting Room Commanders of the Death Star meet here and decide which planet to destroy next I hear they also play chess…

…This is the Wind Tunnel: You may think you've taken a wrong turn but you must pass through here to reach the secret plans With a little luck you can unlock more rooms! Death Star CHEATS!

…Just try getting around the Death Star without taking an elevator They're blast-reinforced and good for blocking escapes…

…This is the trash compactor It's magnetically sealed so please, no blasting Don't mind the dianoga Just leave before the walls come in…

…This room controls the Tractor Beams If they are keeping a ship from leaving turn them off here And watch your step when you do!

…The Detention Block holds many things including the secret plans! The cells are quite comfortable In fact they're fit for a princess!

…Tour DONE! Now I will get out of here :) Bye, Bye!

Tour Guide: Star Wars Takeover Club Penguin!

 Star Wars Takeover Club Penguin CHEATS!

Survival Plants!

I was filming the waves at the beach when I found on old shipwreck with three potted plants! It amazes me how resistant our nature is and how even after a catastrophe plants can grow strong again :) I hope the crew on this ship got saved…

…Here you can see how Rockhopper’s Flowerpots looked like earlier Saraapril’s Seed Vault Igloo!

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