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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Teen Beach Movie - Exclusive Interview with the Cast VIDEO!

This is a message by Spike Hike:

Hey Penguins, It's awesome when we get to meet actors who are fans of Club Penguin! Teen Beach Movie's very own Ross Lynch and Chrissie Fit gave us an exclusive interview on what they're looking forward to most at the Summer Jam. Check it out!

What are you looking forward to during the Summer Jam? Waddle on


…First of all I don’t think they are big fans of Club Penguin as they seem to know very little about it! I’m looking forward to the day when this Takeover Party ENDS!!! DISNEY! STOP destroying Club Penguin! If you want to see this Commercial you will find the link to it and more on this post Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam Club Penguin Page!

UPDATE: Now Polo Field is author of this Post!?! Hmmm…

Introducing Puffle digging for Favorite Foods!

This is a message by Spike Hike:

Hello Penguins! It's been great seeing so many penguins taking their puffles for walks. Now I've got some big news about puffle digging for members! Starting August 15, 2013 your puffle will be able to dig up their favorite food. Here's the best part... when your puffle eats their favorite treat, all their stats will go up to 100%!


Tip: The higher your puffle's stats, the more likely they are to dig up more coins? W00t! What food do you think your puffles will dig up? Waddle on!

…You have a date BUG on this post Spike it’s the 13 Today not the 12th…

…Apples, Carrots, Cake, Cheese…all the food we can find in the Puffle Catalog :) Puffles digging for Foods sound like FUN and I like that ALL Penguins Puffles can find coins :) How 11 different Puffles digging up Coins VIDEO :)

Member’s Puffles can dig for Treasures :)

UPDATE: Now Polo Field is author of this Post!?! Hmmm…

Penguin of the Day Adelypenguin August 13, 2013 :)

This is a message from Daffodaily5:

Hiya! Adelypenguin hosts contests and parties, and seems to be quite the artist – one of her igloo designs is a penguin made of puffle beds! So cute!

Don't forget, all Penguins of the Day receive 5000 coins! You can nominate a friend by contacting us! Byeee!

…CONGRATS Adelypenguin :) I LOVE your Artistic Igloo and Summer Outfit :)

See earlier Club Penguin’s Penguin of the Day :)

Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam Club Penguin Page!

Disney Club Penguin has made a special promotion page to advertise the Teen Beach Summer Jam Takeover Club Penguin Party! Here you can read info about the Party and see Commercial videos!

Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam Trailer, Chrissy and Ross Interview, Teen Beach Movie Trailer, More Videos Coming Soon...

Surf's Up Starting August 22 , Members Can Party Backstage August 22 - September 4, 2013

Cowabunga... Ready For Fun?

Join the ultimate Summer Jam with Club Penguin and Disney Channel's Teen Beach Movie for plenty of fun in the sun inspired by the movie!
Everyone Can

  • Collect cool beach item
  • Surf epic waves
  • Rock out with friends

Members Can

  • Go backstage at Big Momma's with a chance to meet movie-inspired characters McKenzie and Brady
  • Dress up in Teen Beach Movie costumes
  • Collect cool beach items
  • Surf epic waves
  • Ride a motorbike
  • Rock out with friends
  • Deck out your igloo in beach styles

Meet McKenzie and Brady


Smart and confident McKenzie loves surfing and hanging out with Brady. She’s excited about meeting Club Penguin members at Big Momma’s Backstage.


Brady is a happy-go-lucky surfer dude who's always dreamed of being in “Wet Side Story.” He's totally pumped about performing at Big Momma’s in Club Penguin.

Want More Teen Beach Movie?
Cruise over to the Teen Beach Movie website!

…You will find more info about this Takeover Club Penguin Party here Teen Beach Summer Jam Club Penguin Party Sneak Peek VIDEO!

Message to Club Penguin: You try to tone down that this is another Advertise Party but SMART KIDS don’t get Fooled! This Party you are planning to throw in Club Penguin is an ad for the Teen Beach Movie!

Club Penguin on Mobile information :)

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