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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Teen Beach Movie Dreams VIDEO!

In this Video Ninja is dreaming about what he, Polo Field and Daffodaily5 will do TOGETHER at the Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam Party :)

Click to go to YouTube!

…Playing in the Waterslides :)

…End of Waterslide Pool :)

…Riding their Bikes in a mini Game :) Bikers vs. Surfers?

…Ninja and Polo Field are good at working out BUT Daffo thinks they have started to smell unpleasant…

…Good there will be plenty of water so they can fix that before…

…they are sitting around the campfire and telling scary Stories!

UPDATE: Polo Field has now added this Video on What’s New:

Hey Penguins,Who's excited for the Summer Jam? I know I am. Get ready, 'cuz this party's going to be blastin'! Here's a sneak peek!

Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam Club Penguin Sneak Peeks :)

Spy Phone message from Jet Pack Guy August 15, 2013!

I have the Spy Phone message indication BUG AGAIN!

August 15, 2013

Jet Pack Guy

Great work agents. Darth Herbert and the Empire have been defeated. Take a break. You deserve it.

…I’m glad that we have Peace in Club Penguin again :) But I’m afraid that Darth Herbert soon will force another war upon us!

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Best Igloo You've Ever Seen? Question of the Day :)

This is a message from Polo Field:

Hey penguins - Polo here. I have a quick question for you...What's the best igloo design you've ever seen? Tell me about it! I want to redecorate my igloo today, and I'm looking for your suggestions. Thanks! :)

Hi Polo :) That is an IMPOSSIBLE Question to answer as I have seen so many AWESOME and AMAZING decorations while visit Penguins Igloos during the years I have Played CP :) You are looking for an idea for Today…Hmmm…What about an Igloo decorated with only PINK items…LOL :) Okay, Okay…Green items then?

Club Penguin Igloos :)

Puffles Favorite Foods :)

If you wonder what is my Puffles Favorite Foods? And which Food should I feed which Puffle to make their stats go to 100%? You will find the Answer on this Post :) Puffle digging for Food is available :)

Puffle Handbook :)

Ross Lynch Guest Blog - Club Penguin!

This is a message from Guest Blogger:

Hey Everyone... Ross Lynch here! Some of you may have seen me as Brady in the Disney Channel Original Movie, Teen Beach Movie.

Just wanted to let you all know how stoked I am to be a part of the upcoming Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam. Having played Club Penguin when I was younger, I never would have thought my character from the movie would end up being a mascot in one of the parties! The party looks pretty epic so stay tuned for more party updates and mascot meet up times from Polo Field. Later guys! -Ross

…Hi there Ross I have a question for you :) Have you seen the Musical or Movie West Side Story?

Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam Club Penguin Sneak Peeks :)

Penguin of the Day Volinvolin August 15, 2013 :)

This is a message from Daffodaily5:


When he’s not busy being an ace X-wing pilot, Volinvolin is one of the most caring puffle owners you’ll ever meet. He even made sure they had some nice, comfy furniture in his STAR WARS™ igloo! :)

Contact us if you want to nominate your buddy for Penguin of the Day! We add 5000 coins to every penguin we feature! Byeee!

…CONGRATS Volinvolin :) I’m so HAPPY that you are kind and caring to your Puffles and I like that you have dedicated A LOT of space for them to Play on :)

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Puffle digging for Food is available :)

As my own Puffles still are away I borrowed a Puffle from the Pet Shop to try out the new Feature Puffles digging for Food :) The Puffle made an Exclamation and…

…She found POPCORN :) Puffle Treasure! Popcorn was added to your inventory! THANKS Brown Puffle I will soon feed you with it :)

…The Puffle Handbook has been updated with information :) Under Contents the Walk icon is updated and Favorite Foods has been added :)

…The Walk page has a new walk icon and the Treasure page has been updated with this new text: Puffles can dig up coins around the island. So walk a puffle wherever you go! The longer you’ve cared for your puffle, the more it will find! Members can walk puffles for the chance to find rare items.

Favorite Foods are two new pages!

Favorite Foods :)

Members can walk their puffles for the chance to find their favorite food. Feed your puffle their favorite snack and their stats will go up 100%!

Black Puffle: Fish Burger

Purple Puffle: Hummus and Pita

Blue Puffle: Pretzels

Rainbow Puffle: Rainbow Lollipop

Brown Puffle: Astronaut Ice Cream

Red Puffle: Stinky Cheese

Green Puffle: Tacos

White Puffle: Yogurt Parfait

Orange Puffle: Socks

Yellow Puffle: Popcorn

Pink Puffle: Watermelon

…I LOVE that members Puffles can dig up Favorite Foods and I LOVE the cute Dance they do when their stats are 100% and I LOVE that Puffles will do the 100% stats dance even if you didn't feed them a Favorite Food to reach it :)

Introducing Puffles digging for Favorite Food :)

Tasty Treasure Stamp CHEAT :)

Tasty Treasure Stamp CHEAT :)

How to earn Tasty Treasure Stamp? Find your puffle’s favorite food in a treasure dig :) Puffle digging for Food :)

UPDATE: August 16, 2013 HURRAY! Tasty Treasure Stamp earned :)

Collect ALL Stamps in Club Penguin CHEATS :)

Message from Darth Herbert!

OH NO! Darth Herbert has left a message ! You haven’t seen the last of me - Herbert P. Bear BUT why are Klutzy holding it as he just found it? And why is a Puffle circled on that paper and what is that a blueprint of? This can NOT BE GOOD!

…This is how Herbert’s page looed like earlier Pizza for Herbert in Space :)

Club Penguin Times issue 408!

Surf, Sand, Sun! Imperial Forces Defeated!

Surf, Sand, Sun!

The hottest summer party is coming! By Cadence — Wax ur surf boards. Rev ur engines. And throw on ur swim suits cos it’s time 4 some slammin’ good FUN! Club Penguin is gonna spin out into a totally tubular surfer AND biker paradise starting August 22.

U guys need to cool off after all that galaxy savin’ stuff. Am I right? I’m planning this shindig and I need everyone to help get this party started! Here’s what u need 2 do. Soak up some rays before hittin’ the road or shootin’ the tube (remember ur sunscreen!!). Grab ur best bro and bust out ur epic moves anywhere and everywhere! Throw on ur stylin’ summer duds and hit the beach. Get ready to shred some MONDO waves cause the surf is gonna be CRAZY!! With ur help, this place’ll be ready for the CRAY summer party of the year. And, my superstar friends McKenzie and Brady are gonna be here to celebrate with us. COWABUNGA—Let’s hang ten August 22!

Imperial Forces Defeated!

Freedom restored to the Galaxy By Aunt Arctic — Congratulations everyone. I am very proud of all of you. Your hard work has most definitely paid off! The Death Star is destroyed, Darth Herbert is defeated, and the Millennium Falcon has left to explore the galaxy. However, don’t get ahead of yourselves, a small space craft was seen flying away from the Death Star. So, I’m not sure we’ve seen the last of Darth Herbert or that evil Empire. If they do return, they better leave their tea and cookies at home. The only thing worse than an evil Empire, is an evil empire with cold tea and stale cookies! We are safe for now. So give your puffles a squeeze, enjoy a Stormtrooper-free day, and get ready for summer.

Upcoming Events :)

On now! Furniture Catalog Start your own summer party with beach-themed igloo items!

On now! Where’s the Ruby?! Get to the Stage for a suspenseful performance of Ruby and the Ruby!

On now! Igloo Music Head to your igloo and rock out to the latest tunes!

Make a SPLASH at the biggest beach party ever on August 22!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until August 21.
Next pin hidden: August 22–September 4

Newsflash :)

ON VACATION. Leaving rubber ducky in charge of important EPF matters for the next two weeks. Back soon! —Rookie.

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

How do I become a Snow Ninja? – Sue Noh
Great question! I tracked down Sensei to find the answer. He told me to battle the minions to earn the Snow Amulet. Here are some tips he gave me:Tank thwacks three tiles in a strike—so don’t stand shoulder-to-shoulder in front of him. Scrap swings at ninjas standing next to his target. Don’t crowd together around him. Cowardly Sly hits harder from a distance, so get in close to take less damage. With this knowledge, you can use their weaknesses as your greatest strengths. However, like all great masters, you must continue your training. Greatness comes with constant study. So good luck! You are one step closer to becoming a Snow Ninja— and a master of elements.

An Icy Villain.

Who is Tusk? – W. Russ
All I know of Tusk is what I have learned from Sensei. Long, long ago, Tusk was Sensei’s friend. And as young ninjas and training partners, they were rarely apart.Together, they trained and worked towards mastering the elements. During a sparring session, Tusk was trapped in an avalanche and blamed Sensei for his fate. The bitter walrus escaped his icy cave and vowed to destroy Sensei—and his Dojo. An explosive enemy, he is an unpredictable force. He is a great threat to the island and we must continue to keep him at bay.

Secrets Classified Hidden Emotes :)

There are a bunch of hidden emotes on Club Penguin. To use them, first make sure your cursor is not in the chat bar. Type ‘E’, then type ‘P’ a puffle will appear in your speech bubble! You can try this trick with other letters and numbers too. Try ‘E’ and ‘M’ to put a coin in your speech bubble, or ‘E’ and ‘T’ to TOOT! Try a few different letter combinations and see what you find!

…See earlier Newspaper Club penguin Times issue 407!

More soon…

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