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Thursday, August 29, 2013

When to meet Cadence in English Servers CHEATS :)

Are you trying to find Cadence in English Servers? Here are some Tracking Tips for you when you can meet her :)

Friday, August 30, 2013 on Arctic at 1:00am PST
Saturday, August 31, 2013 on Arctic at 6:30pm PST
Sunday, September , 2013 on Rainbow at 6:30pm PST

THANKS to Super Sara at Club Penguin Support for this info :) I LOVE the Water Park and I think it would be so much FUN if Cadence visit that room more often…Please Cadence, Please, Please Pretty Please, Please do :)

I met Cadence in Server Abominable :)

Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam Club Penguin CHEATS :)

Saraapril Fan Art by Davidutzu7 :)

Hello, Your blog is awesome. I want to send you a fan art. Your biggest fan, Davidutzu7

…THANKS Davidutzu7 that’s so kind of you :) Thanks for reading my Blog :) TOGETHER WE ROCK!

THANKS Davidutzu7 from Saraapril :)

Saraapril Fan Art :)

Club Penguin Products page BUG!

If you click on Products on Disney Club Penguin’s web site…

…it’s nothing there…BUG!

UPDATE: This BUG is now fixed :)

Club Penguin Bugs!

Spy Phone message from Rookie August 29, 2013 :)

LOOK! I have a Spy Phone message indication :)

August 29, 2013


I had a great vacation :D And rubber ducky took care of everything! It was like I wasn’t even gone O.o

…LOL…you’re Funny Rookie :) I’m glad you’re back :) If you have time come to the Water Park it’s the BEST room at the TBM Party :)

See earlier Spy Phone message from Dot!

Club Penguin Apps page update August 2013 :)

Disney Club Penguin’s Apps Mobile page has been updated with New details after My Penguin version 1.2 for iPads was released :)

My Penguin 1.2 Ad Video!

The popular virtual world of Club Penguin comes alive on the go!

New this update – IGLOOS! Create and customize a unique igloo with furniture items. Then have an igloo party and chat with friends on My Penguin!

Play 8 games – including Jetpack Boost, Bean Counters, and the multiplayer Card-Jitsu Snow. Plus, customize penguin looks, unlock mobile exclusives, and stay connected to friends and the action at

Connect Everywhere :)

Customize Igloos :)

Chat with My Penguin App Friends :)

Play Games on the Go :)

Personalize With Penguin Styles :)

Available Now

Please ask your parents for permission


CUSTOMIZE a unique igloo with furniture items

CHAT in igloos with friends on My Penguin

SPEED through the skies in the Jetpack Boost game

LIKE friends’ igloos to let 'em know they're cool

SHOP for styles, igloos and furniture in My Penguin App Catalog

UNLOAD trucks in the Bean Counters' game - avoid anvils, fish and flower pots to earn coins

BATTLE with other ninjas to defeat enemies in Card-Jitsu Snow

EARN virtual coins to get new items and outfits

UNLOCK mobile exclusive items and styles

SYNC items and coins to use between the app and a account

EXPLORE 22 underground caves in the hit game Pufflescape

WIN coins, bonus items and treasure in the exclusive Sushi Drop game

SAVE puffles in danger in 27 levels of Puffle Rescue

GATHER up crazy puffles in Puffle Roundup

CATCH fish and avoid jellyfish, crabs and sharks in Ice Fishing

THROW snowballs at penguin friends online and add new buddies on the go

WATCH the newest videos and get sneak peeks on the What’s New Blog

ACCESS items in the app and online at

*Some features require paid membership.

Mobile Apps FAQ Update :)

This is how the Club Penguin Apps page looked like before :)

Mobile Apps FAQ Update :)

The Disney Club Penguin page Mobile Apps has new question and answers for Club Penguin App :)

What if I don't have a Club Penguin account?

A penguin can be created directly in the app.

  • Tap the top right corner on the Main Menu to go to the ‘Account’ page
  • Press one of the available '+' buttons
  • Follow the account creation steps

How do I turn off the music and sound effects?

  • Use the iPad’s side control to adjust the music and sound effects volume.
  • Mute the music and sound effects by using the iPad side switch.

Can I get a refund if I purchase a membership in the My Penguin app?

Club Penguin memberships purchased through the My Penguin app are a one time purchase, and do not recur. All purchases you make on the Club Penguin mobile app are subject to Apple inc. terms of use and refund policy.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please visit Apple's Support page.

What does the My Penguin app have that I can't get on a computer?

The My Penguin app has some features exclusive to mobile users.

  • Interact with the app daily to earn fresh sushi pieces and play Sushi Drop - a brand new game.
  • Member-only levels of Pufflescape and Puffle Rescue will be available for all players.
  • Puffle Roundup has special features not found on the browser version. (Level Counter, Timer Bonus, new obstacles and more).
  • The Penguin Style catalog features mobile exclusive items that are not available online.
  • Add your friends anywhere you go while connected to wi-fi or your mobile network.

Can I see chat logs in My Penguin?

Yes, you can find chat logs at the bottom of the igloo pages when you tap the clipboard icon on your tool bar.

How do I visit my igloo in the My Penguin app?

Tap the igloo icon on your tool bar to visit your igloo.

Can I see who Likes my igloo in the My Penguin app?

At the moment, you can see how many Likes your igloo design has received, but not which penguins have sent them.

How do I buy items in the My Penguin App?

Looking for new items? Or new furniture to decorate your igloo with?

Go to the tool bar on your home page and tap on the shopping bag icon. You’ll find catalogs with the latest furniture, clothing, and accessories that you can buy using the virtual coins you’ve earned in My Penguin.

How do I play games in the My Penguin app?

Tap on the games icon on the home page tool bar. Select the mini game you wish to play from the map.

How do I view my Ignore List in the My Penguin app?

To view your Ignore List, tap on the gear icon in the top left corner of your home screen. Then select the icon with the speech bubble.

Is a My Penguin membership recurring?

Membership is not recurring on the My Penguin mobile app.

Where do I buy furniture for my igloo in the My Penguin app?

Looking for furniture to decorate your igloo with? Just open up the My Penguin App Catalog and tap the furniture tab.

Why can't I find certain items online that are in the My Penguin App?

My Penguin catalogs feature exclusive items available only on the mobile app.

Why can I only go to games and igloos on my map in the My Penguin app?

Currently, these are the only areas featured on the map. We’re working hard to add more places to future updates.

Why doesn’t the My Penguin app change languages when I switch it?

If the My Penguin app is already running, the language will not change.

Close and restart the app to see it in the language you switched to.

Why don't the Card-Jitsu Snow videos play in the My Penguin app?

If the Card-Jitsu Snow videos aren't playing in the My Penguin app, there's a few things you can try.

  • Try closing and reopening the app
  • If Wi-Fi is lost, turn the airplane mode on, then off, to reset it

…For more questions and answers about My Penguin see Mobile Apps FAQ :)

My Penguin 1.2 app available :)

My Penguin 1.2 app for iPad Now Available!

This is a message from Polo Field:

Penguins! The new version of My Penguin for iPad is now available to download in the Apple App Store! The team has been working hard and it's totally paid off. Now it's time to try it out for yourself! First, check out this music video for the newly released "Party in My Iggy!"

Here's what I think you'll love most about the new version of My Penguin:

  • The ability to now decorate your igloo on the go 
  • The new and more lifelike 3D Penguin
  • Brand new game - Jetpack Boost...possibly my favorite Club Penguin game now!

Feel free to head over to the Mobile Apps FAQ page for any questions you need answered.

Don't see your question there? Contact Us here!

Oh, and don't forget to let us know your favorite new feature of the My Penguin App for iPad!

…I haven’t played this game yet so I can’t answer your question! BUT I heard that the app crashes if you try to edit your Penguin and that some have problem to enter Igloos! I hope you can fix those Bugs soon :)

My Penguin 1.2 app available :)

UPDATE: Club Penguin app version 1.3 available :)

My Penguin 1.2 Ad Video!

An Ad for My Penguin has been added to Disney Club Penguin’s Home page! New on My Penguin App Customize igloos and more…Check out the Video…


Click on Picture to go and see Video!

My Penguin 1.2 is available :)

UPDATE: The Video is removed from CP Home page BUT I have added another link to the Video :)

My Penguin 1.2 app Ads and Medieval items Sneak Peek!

Disney Club Penguin has added New ads for the My Penguin 1.2 app for iPad! Customize Igloos on the Go and…

…Available on iPad until October 1, 2013 Exclusive Medieval Party items for Members!

…Here is a closer Sneak Peek at the Staff of Wonder and Medieval Cloak :)

UPDATE: The Medieval ad is now removed and the “Igloos on the Go” moved from the third spot to the second!

My Penguin app 1.2 is available :)

Unlockable items Sneak Peek :)

Here is a Sneak Peek of New items that soon will be Unlockable :) My Favorite items are the PINK Hand Weights and the Tennis Gear :) I wonder if they will be available in the next Treasure Book?

Hair Wigs and Hats Head items :)

The Wisp :)

The Urban :)

The Sass :)

The Safari :)

The Boho :)

Blue Sweat Band :)

The Side Slick :)

The Wave Runner :)

The Beatster :)

The Spike n' Style :)

Yellow Sweat Band :)

Face item :)

Hipster Glasses :)

Body items :)

Classic Summer Outfit :)

Summer Frills Outfit :)

Baby Blue Blouse :)

A Splash of Summer Dress :)

Leafy Hoodie :)

Cargo Jacket :)

Smooth Stylin' Outfit :)

Color Me Bold Outfit :)

Yellow Sweatsuit :)

Green Dubstep Puffle Tee :)

Volcanic Robes :)

Snow Peak Robes :)

Smooth Styles :)

Grey Tracksuit :)

Hand items :)

Pink Hand Weights :)

Blue Hand Weights :)

Tennis Gear :)

MP3000 Workout :)

Shoes Feet items :)

Grey Loafers :)

Red and White Sneaks :)

Brown Leather Sandals :)

Barefood Runners :)

Electric Purple Runners :)

Neon Sneakers :)

Club Penguin Sneak Peeks :)

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