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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Rockhopper and Yarr visiting Prism :)

I’m so HAPPY that Rockhopper and Yarr have found their way back to Club Penguin Island again and so are they and Aunt Arctic :) I found Rockhopper and Yarr at the Migrator and asked if they wanted to meet Prism? Ye Mateys are me Mateys Rockhopper said and TOGETHER we went to the Hotel roof and flew with the Rainbow Cannon up to the Cloud Forest :)

…Both Rockhopper and Yarr were HAPPY to meet Prism and his Friends and TOGETHER we had so much FUN playing with all the Rainbow Puffles :) Rockhopper told us a Story about Garianna a young Penguin girl he and Yarr had met and he claimed that she had made a magical potion that turned her into a Unicorn Puffle!

…As always it was hard to leave the Cloud Forest without Prism I hugged him and told him that I love him and how much his siblings missing him and asked him to not give up hope! One day I will find a way to adopt Prism! It MUST be a way! It MUST! But…HOW?

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