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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Saraapril’s Medieval 2013 Stamp Book Decoration :)

This is how I have decorated my Stamp Book for the Club Penguin Medieval Party 2013 :) Gary’s Stamp as we can meet him during this Party :) The Book Pin for Garianna’s Book of Potions :) The Magic Phial Pin for the Potions we can mix :) The O-Berry Pin for the ingredients we need to collect to the recipes and for the cute and COOL Puffles we can transform into :) The Puffle icon is for the Puffles we can transform into too :) The Butterfly Pin and PINK Background are for the Fantastic Fairies :) The star decoration is for the Fairy Dust and all the Splendid Sparkles at this Party :) The Fluffy Crest Pin is for this Amazing and Enchanted Medieval Adventure :)

…See earlier Stamp Book decoration Saraapril’s Tasty Treasure Stamp Book Decoration :)

Potion Of Green Puffle Dragon available :)

GADZOOKS! A new potion is ready! Mix all the potions to earn a fantastic reward. OK Uncle Gary :)

…Let’s take a look in Garianna’s Book :)

…Potion Of Green Puffle Dragon, A dragon so brave and so bold - Giant strength and a heart of gold. Time to mix the recipe :) Click on Create Potion…

…I LOVE the bags with Sparkling Fairy Dust :) How to Mix Potions ingredients in Medieval mini Game VIDEO :)

…Fantastic! You successfully formulated the potion! Use it to transform into a green puffle dragon and begin an enchanted adventure! OK :)

…Clicks on Transform…

…Look  at me! I’m a Green Puffle Dragon :) Reverse the Spell? No Thanks I have a Dragon cave to explore :)

…Potion Of The Vanishing - Come back September 22, 2013 :)

Medieval Party 2013 CHEATS Club Penguin :)

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