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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Potion Of Ultimate Mega Dragon available in Club Penguin :)

Exceptional! A new potion is unlocked. Perfect all the potions to earn a magical reward! OK Uncle Gary :)

Potion Of Ultimate Mega Dragon This one is the best to be. So hold your breath and count to tree. Click on Create Potion…

…Here is your final potion. Use this unusual Golden O’Berry to complete the spell. Good luck! Thanks :) Click on OK…

…It will be so Much FUN to use this new ingredient :) How to Mix Potions ingredients in Medieval mini Game VIDEO :)

…Congratulations! You successfully formulated the potion! Use it to begin an enchanted adventure! OK G I will :) BUT first…

…I have New items to Claim :) Wizardly Hat, Wizardly Jacket and Magical Wand :)

…Non Members will get this Membership ad if they try to Claim a Member item!

…Click on Transform…

…WOW! I’m an Ultimate Mega Dragon :) Actions: Wave to jump up and spin and Dance to Roar! If you throw a Snowball you will be able to help out with boiling the potions…LOL :)

…Here is an Animation of the Ultimate Mega Dragon making fire and how it’s flying :)

…Sadly the Ultimate Mega Dragon can’t fly everywhere as it’s limited as a normal penguin…BORING!

…Now I’m back at the Wizard School to show you how it looks like when you throw a Snowball dressed in the Wizardly Outfit :)

…And this is The End of Garianna’s Magical Potions Book :) THANKS for the FUN Garianna I hope you will give Rockhopper more Potion recipes next time he and Yarr meet you :)

Medieval Party 2013 CHEATS Club Penguin :)

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