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Friday, October 4, 2013

Club Penguin Twitter has added Halloween Banner!

Halloween Banner has been added on Club Penguin’s Twitter to promote the Halloween party 2013!

...This is how the Banner looks like without the text…

…and here is a Picture of the Background Picture!

Halloween Banner on CP YouTube!

#WaddleOn BEST OF Season 1 Club Penguin Comedy Video :)

This is a message by Polo Field:

The viewers have spoken! Here are the BEST sketches from the first season of #WaddleOn, as chosen by YOU! END BONUS: Blacksmiths vs. Goldsmiths online meet up – see who won!

Season 2 of #WaddleOn will begin soon, so stay tuned! Waddle on!

…The Ornament Joke is my Favorite :) They got bored of waiting for Christmas…LOL :)

Help CP make an episode of #WaddleOn :)

See earlier #WaddleOn Episode 11 :)

Halloween Banner on CP YouTube!

Disney Club Penguin has added a Picture of Halloween 2013 as their YouTube Banner! SCARY!

Club Penguin Videos :)

Penguin of the Day Landylolo October 4, 2013 :)

This is a message by Daffodaily5:

Hiya! Check out Landylolo’s iggy! Clearly someone is super excited for Halloween! I hear he throws lots of igloo parties too. I bet they're super fun because he’s clearly an EPIC igloo decorator! Keep being awesome buddy!

We want you to tell us why your buddy is awesome! Do they use their spare time helping others? Are they an amazing online friend? Do they throw epic igloo parties? Whatever the reason, send your submissions to the team via the Contact us page! Byeee!

…CONGRATS Landylolo  :) Your Igloo is SCARY!

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