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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Saraapril’s Halloween 2013 Igloo Challenge :)

Today when I visited Prism and the other Rainbow Puffles and told them about the upcoming Halloween Party they challenged me to decorate the Eerie Castle Igloo so it doesn't look Scary :) GREAT idea that sounds like FUN :)

…ALL my Puffles LOVED this challenge and TOGETHER we started to brainstorming ideas :) THANKS for all your ideas Puffles :) Time to work…

…This is how the Eerie Castle looks like now decorated to an After Ski Hotel :) Not Scary at all and for me that’s a PERFECT Halloween decoration…LOL :)

…LOOK! Paw Prints! Has Herbert been here to enjoy the heated Pool? I hope so and I hope he had TONS of FUN :)

…See earlier Igloo Decoration Saraapril’s Mirror Lake Igloo :)

Plants need rest too :)

Right now the Flowerpots plants are preparing for their period of rest :) I think they look pretty when they are without Flowers or Fruit too :)

…This is how Rockhopper’s Flowerpots looked like earlier Medieval Prepared Tree :)

Woven Rice Mat Flooring BUG!

Today when I decorated my Igloo with the Woven Rice Mat Flooring and then removed the Woven Rice Mat it disappeared from the inventory! Even after logging out and then login in again it’s still MISSING! I have cleared my cache BUT the Flooring is STILL GONE! AND…

…I can’t buy a new one either “ You already have this flooring” NOOO!!! I hope Club Penguin will fix this ANNOYING BUG soon!

Club Penguin BUGS!

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