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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Walk Two Puffles at the same time BUG :)

If you want to you can walk TWO Puffles at the same time :) This is how: First take one of your Puffles for a walk and then…

Club-Penguin- 2013-10-0476 - Copy

…open the Spy Phone and call Flare

…Now you have TWO Puffles :)

…Here is an Animation of how it looks like when I walk and dance TOGETHER with TWO Puffles :)

…And here is a Picture of my Player Card TOGETHER with Flare and Snowflake :)

…Thanks Barbiedoll39 for telling me about this BUG :) Message to Club Penguin: PLEASE don’t fix this FUN Puffle BUG :)

Walk your Puffle BUG and Solution :)

Walk your Puffle BUG and Solution :)

Sometimes when I click on the “Take your Puffle for a Walk” icon It doesn't work even though…

…it is perfectly cared for! BUG!

Solution: If this “I can’t walk my Puffle Bug” happens to you go to any other room and then return to your Igloo and try again…

…HURRAY! Now my Puffle is HAPPY to go for a walk :) Where do you want to go Purple? You want to stay here in our Igloo? Okay :)

…Purple LOVES the Spa Treatment and Treadmill at the Puffle Hotel but today as she wished we will exercise here at the After Ski Hotel :)

Bonus BUG: Since Club Penguin’s last weekly update my Puffles doesn't move around so much as normal in my Igloo! Hopefully the CP Bug Team will fix that soon :)

Puffle Snack Station ANIMATED :)

Puffle Handbook 2013 :)

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