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Monday, October 14, 2013

Secret of the Candy Ghosts!

I was sitting on the snow covered ground at the Ski Village admiring the beautiful Autumn leaves when I heard a chewing sound behind me…

…I turned around and saw a GHOST! HELP!! AHHHHH!!!!

…WAIT! I stopped! A Ghost in Club Penguin? Really?

…I went back to the candy pile at the Ski Village to take a closer look but the Ghost was Gone!…Hmmm…Time to investigate!

…Up at the Ski Hill I waved to some old Friends that waved back to me :) Hi Bat Friends :) Thanks for all your help with Rescuing Puffles :)

…Here is another Candy chewing Ghost! Hmmm…it feels like some kind of rubber and there is a mechanical gadget inside it! Interesting!

…LOOK! There is a Box of Balloons here at the Monster Catcher HQ!

…If anyone would know anything about this it would be my Uncle Gary and I think he might be somewhere here in the Dark Chamber!

Club-Penguin-2011-11-03 00.39.13 - Copy

…Mechanical Spiders…

…What’s that touching me feet? Tentacles of Rubber covered in some kind of gooey slime…Ewwww!

…Hello! What are you up to? Uncle Gary didn't answer he just hurried away…

…Wait for me! And did you just reset that Mechanical Spider?!

…Look! There is a Free item sign here in the Monster Room :)

…This Costume has a very strange sweet smell and it feels very sticky! Ewww! Puts costume away…

…Look! Super Helium!

…I found Uncle Gary inside the Haunted House! I have figure out your secret Uncle the Candy Ghosts are not real they are made of Balloons filled with Helium! But why are they having a mechanical gadget inside that is chewing up Candy? Gary the Gadget Guy smiled and answered the Candy Ghosts are invented both to help me to chew up all the Candy I need to make Monster Costumes to give away and also to be spooky Halloween Decoration! I’m glad you are here Saraapril as I’m running late and I need to do more rigging before next group of Penguins finds me I LOVE HALLOWEEN! Okay Uncle Gary that is your prerogative and I will help you with the flying Music instruments as long you don’t try to Scare me or anyone else that doesn't want to be Scared! Gary is not Scary :)

…Uncle Gary gave me a Hug and said I would NEVER do that little niece and by the way if I did I know that I would have to answer BOTH to your Mum and Aunt Arctic and THAT IS INDEED SCARY!

Saraapril’s Family Tree :)

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Penguin of the Day Kb1212 October 14, 2013 :)

This is a message by Daffodaily5

Hiya! As well as his EPF Agent duties, Kb1212 spends his time showing new penguins around the island! He also throws some epic igloo parties and is one of the most stylish guys in town! (Emote Bug)

Club-Penguin- 2013-10-0780 - Copy

Be sure to send your nominations through the contact us page! Every successful POTD gets 5000 coins! Byeee!

…CONGRATS Kb1212 :) It’s so GREAT that you are a Tour Guide of Club Penguin :) Keep up the Good Work :)

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