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Monday, October 21, 2013

Club Penguin 8 Years Anniversary Takeover Announcement!

This is a message by Polo Field:

Hello Penguins! It's almost been 8 whole years since Club Penguin launched. Can you believe it? To celebrate, we'll be releasing a Happy Birthday music video! One that you can share all 365 days of the year – how awesome is that? That's not all! This will be more than your regular-old Happy Birthday tune, it's going to be a brand new Club Penguin original! I've had a listen to it and I've gotta say it's pretty catchy. The best part? It features Jordan Fisher, who you may know from Disney Channel's Teen Beach Movie. Fun fact: he also used to play Club Penguin!

We are excited to have the opportunity to work with Jordan. Especially since he's taking some time to answer some questions from you – the Club Penguin community!

Here are a few questions we'd like to ask him:

1. What are your favorite things about Club Penguin?
2. How did you get to where you are, and what cool projects are you working on now?
3. We hear you're going on a volunteer trip to Ecuador. Could you tell us more about it and how you got involved?

Now it's your turn! Have any questions you'd like to ask Jordan? Write them in the comments below and we'll pick a few more for Jordan to answer in an upcoming guest blog post!

Until then... Waddle on! -Club Penguin Team

…WOW! With this Disney has made a Takeover of the Club Penguin Anniversary Party! A new low for Club Advertise Disney!

Disney! STOP Destroying Club Penguin!

UPDATE: Interview with Jordan Fisher

UPDATE: It’s Your Birthday Club Penguin Tune Available (ft. Jordan Fisher)

Disney Game On - CP Halloween Party Ad 2013!

This is a message from Polo Field:

*Spooky Voice* Greeeeeetings Penguins, Hope you've got those igloos decorated! It's time for the Halloween Party and CANDY! Not real candy... but it's the next best thing. The party is on now. Check out Disney Channel's Game On! Waddle on!

…Cursed Candy…SCARY! I can hardly WAIT until this Party is OVER!

Halloween Party 2013 CHEATS Club Penguin!

Penguin of the Day Bestpopstar2 October 21, 2013 :)

This is a message by Daffodaily5:

Hiya! If you’re looking to PAR-TAY during Halloween this year, head to Bestpopstar2’s igloo as she’s the ghost-ess with the most-ess who will make sure you have a frightfully fun time!

Submit your Penguin of the Day nominations via the contact us page!Byeee!

…CONGRATS Bestpopstar2 :) You are very good at SCARY Decorating!

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