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Thursday, November 7, 2013

You can soon meet PH the Puffle Handler again :)

Message from Club Penguin: PH the Puffle Handler will be visiting the Club Penguin island starting November 14, 2013 :)

...HURRAY! With PH’s help we will for sure have a good chance to find Gold Puffles :) More info here at the Club Penguin Times issue 420 :)

Questions answered by a Club Penguin Intern :)

This is a message by Megg:

Hi Penguins! Thanks for all the great questions on our last post, "Ask a Club Penguin Intern." Although I would love to answer all of your questions, I've gotta go home at some point haha. I did however try and draw a picture of my penguin! I'm still curious as to why I'm not on the artist team... ;)

Now on to the questions!

Riyita: "What are you going to school for?"

I am going to school for my Bachelor of Business Degree, focusing on Branding and Entrepreneurship. Fun fact: Up until right before I applied for my internship with Club Penguin, I was originally set on being an Accountant. I realized after a few accounting courses that it was not my passion, so I quickly changed paths.

Goldblue1: "How did you sign up to be an intern?"

Signing up to be an intern is much like applying for any other job. I sent in my resume through my University and went through the same interview process other team members do. Although an internship isn't mandatory for some Universities and Colleges, it's extremely helpful when figuring out what you want to do for a career.

Semper5010: "What department do you work for?"

I work with the Community team, so I get to work in an office with Polo Field and Ninja! Community isn't the only team in Club Penguin that offers internship positions, either. Teams such as: Project Management, Programming, and Art sometimes offer internships as well.

Xela424: "What's your favorite thing about working at Club Penguin?"

It's hard to choose just one thing, so I'll give you a few! My favorite things about working at Club Penguin are the opportunities available to enhance your learning, as well as the amazing people you get to work and interact with. I work with some incredibly talented people that never cease to amaze me. I also never thought how much interacting with you guys could be so rewarding! Being in contact with the community on a daily basis is what makes this job worthwhile. I have seen what many of you are capable of and what you are striving for -- it absolutely blows me away.

Surgex10: "How long do interns stay at Club Penguin for?"

Interns usually stay a minimum of 4 months but some can get extended longer.

Trainman1405: "Do you think you'll return to Club Penguin in the future for a full time job and not just an internship?"

I would love to if I had the chance! I'm extremely thankful for the opportunity to work with a company that promotes values that align so close with my own. I only have one year left towards my degree, so we'll see how it goes!

Whaddya think? Are there any other departments you'd like to know about next? Waddle on!

…I would like to know more about the Tech Team of Club Penguin as I LOVE programming :)

Club Penguin Fun Stuff :)

Spy Phone message from Jet Pack Guy November 7, 2013 :)

I was working outside the collapsed Cave Mine when I got a Spy Phone message :)

November 7, 2013

Jet Pack Guy

There’s something suspicious going on out in the wilds. Get ready for rough terrain agents. We’ll be heading into the wilderness.

…Okay Jet Pack Guy! Have you seen the paw prints and the Broken Boiler?

…See earlier Spy Phone message from Dot!

Penguin of the Day Chilldude1 November 7 2013 :)

This is a message by Daffodaily5:

Hiya! Apart from a hot cup of tea, there’s nothing I love more in the world than hearing stories of kindness. It made my day to hearChilldude1’s friend describe them as being the most kind, polite and amazing friend they ever met on CP. How amazing is that?!

Do you have a story of kindness to share? Visit the Contact Us page and tell us why your pal is so brill! Byeee!

…CONGRATS Chilldude1 :) It’s COOL to be Kind :)

See earlier Club Penguin’s Penguin of the Day :)


The Boiler in the Boiler room is BROKEN and there are paw prints on the floor…HERBERT! WHY!?!

Herbert’s latest invention Sneak Peek!

Cave Mine Collapsed!

OH NO! The Cave Mine has Collapsed! I really hope that no Puffles or Penguins got hurt or are trapped in there! I better look if there is any new Tour Guide message for this room! Reads notes inside Hat…LOL :) Tour Guide: This is the Mine Puffles like exploring tunnels and sometimes get trapped inside They need your help to rescue them! But stay clear of the Cave Mine The was a cave in and everyone's asked to stay out!

…Yup! The Cave is blocked from the Underground Hidden Lake too! Tour Guide: This is the Hidden Lake Look at all this treasure! Why not go for a swim? The water's great! Unfortunately there was a cave in at the Cave Mine No one's allowed in so we'll have to go around!

…The Collapsed Cave is the beginning on a New Adventure that is linked to Garianna and the Gold Puffle Quest! More info about this in the Club Penguin Times issue 420 :)

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