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Friday, November 22, 2013

Times to meet Herbert CHEATS November 2013 German Servers :)

This is a message by Federflink1:

Hey people, I have secret information for you. Herbert will be around in Club Penguin next week! Likely to brag again.

Monday November 25, 2013 at 17:30, Server Handschuhe

Wednesday November 27, 2013 at 17:30, Server Gletscher

Friday November 29, 2013 at 17:30, Server Eiszapfen

Notice that all dates are in Central European Time and don’t forget to get Herbert’s new FREE Background.

…Thanks for the when and where to meet Herbert Tracking Tips :)

When to meet Herbert Club Penguin CHEATS November 2013 :)

BAFTA Kids' 2013 Vote Party Invitation - LAST CHANCE TO VOTE!

This is a message by Daffodaily5:

Hiya! It’s a bit chilly in the UK right now, isn't it? Perfect weather to stay in and have a party with me! I’ll be online today at 9am PST, 4pm UK time, on server Snow Flake and I’d love you to join me! (Picture BUG!)

UPDATE: Picture Bug Fixed :)

Wait, I forgot to tell you why we're partying! (silly me :P). Well today is the last day of voting for the UK BAFTA Kids Vote 2013! So if you haven't voted yet, now is the last chance to do it! Then you can come and meet me online for high fives all round! Byeee!

…Thanks for the Party invitation Daffo are kids that can’t vote or that choose to vote on something else then Club Penguin invited too OR is this a Bribe Party?

BAFTA Award 2013 Club Penguin is Nominated :)

UK BAFTA Kids’ Vote 2013

UPDATE: Club Penguin Won Third Place! BAFTA Kids’ Vote Winners 2013 :)

Gold Puffle - Behind the Scenes VIDEO :)

This is a message by Polo Field:

Hello Penguins, the invention of new puffles in Club Penguin is a very complex process! We shot a video for you. The team tells you what there is to know interesting facts about the development of puffles.

Fun facts: Did you know that every team at Club Penguin has a team name? For example, calls the team working on the project for the Golden Puffle "Island architect". :)

…Thanks CP Team for making this “creating the Gold Puffle” Video :) Can you please make it possible to have 22 Puffles in our Igloo soon?

Gold Puffle behind-the-scenes Video Sneak Peek :)

Sneak Peek: Gold Puffle Behind The Scenes Video Coming Soon :)

UPDATE: Club Penguin has removed this Video!

UPDATE: Club Penguin has added back the Video :)

Where to meet Herbert Club Penguin CHEATS November 2013 French Servers :)

This is a message by Loustik005:

Hi agents! Herbert P.Bear is back! Our prime suspect is the culprit: it was he who controls the Puffles! Bad news is lurking in the nature near the river! I managed to steal a few times he visits:

Saturday November 23, 2013: server Yéti at 13:00 time in France (07:00 time in Québec)

Monday November 25, 2013: server Yéti at 16:00 time in France (10:00 time in Québec)

Tuesday November 26, 2013: server Yéti at 16:30 time in France (10:30 time in Québec)

Wednesday November 27, 2013: server Jour de Neige at 17:30 time in France (11:30 time in Québec)

So you're ready to defeat his plans? Come and meet Herbert P.Bear! Rescue Puffles only just begun!

When to meet Herbert Club Penguin CHEATS November 2013 :)

More soon…

Meet PH today CHEAT November 22, 2013 French Server :)

Here’s a PH tracker tips :) She’ll be visiting the French server Yéti today November 22, 2013 at 4:30 PM (time in France) Thanks Club Penguin for helping us to know where PH the Puffle Handler will be found :)

…For MORE times to meet PH look at this post When to meet PH Club Penguin CHEATS November 2013 :)

More soon…

EPF Operation Puffle - Mission Rescue Red Puffle available :)

ATTENTION EPF Agents! Mission Red Puffle is available! Rescue the Puffles to unlock EPF equipment: Hydro-Tester 3000 and Rescue Off-Roader items :) Click on Go There…

…Poor Red Puffle!

Puffle Chase: Rescue puffles to remove their brain boxes and collect chips. Catch all five if you can! GO! Operation Puffle EPF VIDEO - Puffle Chase Club Penguin mini Game :)

…Stop running away from me! I’m trying to SAVE YOU…LOL :)

…HURRAY! I rescued Three Puffles :)

…and I retrieved the red chip :) I earned coins AND the member items :) If you are a Non member and tries to pick up a member item you will get the same ad message as you get in the Operation Puffle Party Items Catalog!

…Now I will play this game again and save ALL five of you :)

…And tomorrow November 23, 2013 I will save the Black Puffles :)

Operation Puffle CHEATS Club Penguin EPF Mission!

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