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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Club Penguin Won Third Place! BAFTA Kids’ Vote Winners 2013 :)

Just like last year Bin Weevils BRIBED kids with items to get first place on the BAFTA Kids’ vote 2013 and I can’t understand how BAFTA can allow that!

…Club Penguin is Runner up and won third place in the WEB category WITHOUT item Bribes :) CONGRATS :)

BAFTA Award 2013 Club Penguin is Nominated :)

UK BAFTA Kids’ Vote 2013

BAFTA Kids' 2013 Vote Party Invitation - LAST CHANCE TO VOTE!

Tracking PH Tips :)

This is a message from Club Penguin: PH will be visiting today at 3:00PST on the server Crystal!

…Thanks for the info I assume it’s PM :)

When to meet PH Club Penguin CHEATS November 2013 :)

EPF Operation Puffle - Mission Rescue Brown Puffle available :)

ATTENTION! EPF Mission: Rescue Brown Puffle is available in Disney Club Penguin :) Rescue the puffle to unlock EPF equipment:   Stethoscope and Puffle Medic Costume (member items) Click on Go There…

Club-Penguin- 2013-11-1450 - Copy

…The Brain Box Herbert has added on that Puffle MUST be removed!

Puffle Chase: Rescue puffles to remove their brain boxes and collect chips. Catch all five if you can! GO! Operation Puffle EPF VIDEO - Puffle Chase Club Penguin mini Game :)

…GOT YOU! OOPS!!! BUT I will NOT give up!

…That’s better :)

…You saved 5 Puffles, retrieved the brown chip, earned coins and items :)


…Come back November 25, 2013 and save Green Puffles! Okay :)

…After examining all five rescued Brown Puffles I can report that they are totally fine and healthy :) Now I will play the Puffle Chase mini Game again to save MORE Puffles :)

Club-Penguin- 2013-11-1464 - Copy

Operation Puffle CHEATS Club Penguin EPF Mission!

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