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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Club Penguin Membership Buy One Gift One :)

Here is a Holliday Deal for Disney Club Penguin :) Purchase a 1 Month membership and get a bonus month to give as a gift. Give them (virtually) everything with a gift membership!

ATTENTION! *Limited Time Offer from Nov. 28, 2013 0:00 GMT to Dec. 11, 2013 23:59 GMT. If you purchase a one month recurring membership you will receive a one month bonus membership gift code redeemable at to give to a friend. Accounts with an active membership cannot redeem the bonus code. The Club Penguin bonus membership gift code expires on December 31, 2013.
All memberships automatically renew unless canceled. Prices subject to change.

Club Penguin CHEATS :)

Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

Disney Club Penguin has started to update and as usual they have created BUGS! Current and Archive BUG at the What’s New Blog! UPDATE: This Bug is now fixed :)

…A New Ad for the My Penguin App is added! Coming soon Hand out in the Town A brand new update to the Free Club Penguin App for iPad! My Penguin 1.3 Sneak Peek :)

…And a Membership ad is added: Buy One, Gift One Membership Offer for a Friend! Learn about 2-for-1 deal…If you click on the arrow you will go to the Membership page BUT so far there is no info there…BUG! UPDATE: Club Penguin Membership Buy One Gift One :)

…Right now I can’t login to Club Penguin! Having trouble connecting? Please try again, or contact support if the problem continues. NOT Okay this is ANNOYING!!! I get this BUG both on my Member and Non Member accounts!

…Disney Club Penguin is now advertising GeoPalz iBitz PowerKey on their products page! Featured Product: iBitz™ PowerKey by GeoPalz! Run, walk, hike, play, and get active with your activity tracker! That’s all you need to do to earn points and unlock exclusive Club Penguin items. GeoPalz iBitz PowerKey = Rewards in Club Penguin! 

Club-Penguin- 2013-11-1717 - Copy

Activity Tracker: iBitz Purple PowerKey, iBitz Blue PowerKey, iBitz Green PowerKey, iBitz Pink PowerKey, iBitz Black PowerKey, iBitz Orange PowerKey, iBitz Red PowerKey! Click on one of them and…

…You will get more info: iBitz™ Pink PowerKey
The Healthy Way To Play. Get active with the iBitz PowerKey! By walking, running, and dancing you can unlock more in Club Penguin. Wear the PowerKey and track your daily activity. The more you move and play, the more points you'll earn to unlock exclusive items online.

Club Penguin Bugs!

More soon…

I met Herbert in Server Crystal FUN with Friends :)

Today I meet lots of AWESOME Agent Friends when I waited for Herbert in server Crystal :) TOGETHER we told jokes, talked about how to save all Brain Boxed Puffles, how to help Herbert to understand that everything would be so much better for him and us if we ALL could be Friends and we sent TONS of Postcards :)

When to meet Herbert Club Penguin CHEATS November 2013 :)

FUN with Friends :)

…I will add more later gtg to eat and do homework first :)

#WaddleOn Operation Puffle Part 3 VIDEO!

This is a message by Polo Field:

In Episode 17 of #WaddleOn, the EPF's search for the big orange puffle comes to a shocking conclusion!

Director: Hello #WaddleOn viewers. The EPF has taken over the show Until this big orange Puffle can be found.

Secret Message: Dear Agents, Please take back this big orange Puffle. He’s eating everything in sight. Regards, Herber P. Bear, Esquire. P.S. Give up. There’s no way you can defeat me.

Director: Well done Agents! We now return #WaddleOn to its regularly scheduled nonsense.

…I’m glad the BIG Orange Puffle is found and back with its owner :)

#WaddleOn Operation Puffle Part 1 VIDEO!

Operation Puffle - Club Penguin 2013 Sneak Peek!

#WaddleOn Operation Puffle Part 2 VIDEO!

How to meet Herbert November 2013 Spanish Servers :)

Tracking Herbert tips from Tato Maxx :) Thanks for helping us with times and servers, when and where we can meet the Polar Bear :)

…Times are in PST (Penguin Standard Time) you can see it at the Clock Tower at Snow Forts :)

Thursday November 28, 2013 at 11:00 AM server Villano, Inc.

Friday November 29, 2013 at 06:00 AM server Oso Polar

Saturday November 30, 2013 at 02:00 PM server Código Agente

…For MORE times to meet Herbert look at this post When to meet Herbert Club Penguin CHEATS November 2013 :)

Meet PH in French Server CHEAT November 27, 2013 :)

PH the Puffle Handler Tracker Tips from Club Penguin: PH will be visiting today November 27, 2013 in French Server YÉTI at 16:30 (Time in France)

…For MORE times to meet PH look at this post When to meet PH Club Penguin CHEATS November 2013 :)

EPF Operation Puffle CHEATS - Mission Rescue Orange Puffle available :)

ALL EPF Agents Report for duty ASAP! EPF Mission: Rescue Orange Puffle is available in Disney Club Penguin :) Rescue the puffle to unlock EPF equipment: Thermos (item for ALL members) Click on Go There…

…Don’t worry Orange Puffle I’m a trained PSA and Elite Penguin Force Agent and I will soon have that Brain Box removed!

Puffle Chase: Rescue puffles to remove their brain boxes and collect chips. Catch all five if you can! GO! Operation Puffle EPF VIDEO - Puffle Chase Club Penguin mini Game :)

…Uphill Puffle battle…LOL :)

…See! I told you that you could trust me to help you :)

…You saved 5 Puffle and retrieved the orange chip, earned coins and item :)

…You are HUNGRY? AWESOME! You're back to normal :)

…Come back November 28, 2013 to save the White Puffles! Okay, no problem I will make sure to be there :)

Operation Puffle CHEATS Club Penguin EPF Mission!

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