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Saturday, November 30, 2013

How to stop Herbert EPF Operation Puffle CHEATS :)

After you have rescued the Purple Puffle you will get a message from Gary IF you have collected ALL the chips if you don’t have done that yet you need to do that before you can stop Herbert! Here is a Tutorial Guide to help you do so :)

Gary: SUPERB! With all the 10 chips, you can disable Herbert’s mind control antennae. Just place the chips in the corresponding slots on the machine. Be careful, he’ll be on alert! Click on To Herbert’s lair!

…Secret door to Herbert’s Lair that is hidden here behind the Waterfall will open! Time to waddle inside…

…A TRAPP! Herbert: Bwahahaha! You thought you could walk right in? I knew the Error Prone Fumblers would try to spoil my brilliant heating solution.

Klutzy: Click clickety click-click!

Herbert: Don’t pester me, Klutzy! Why would I worry about that? It’s a ring of fire - that penguin isn’t going anywhere.

Herbert: Hey! Lets see some hustle, pinky? This mind-controlled workforce of dim-witted pets only works if we all pitch in. (WHAT!?! That is NOT how you are supposed to talk to a Puffle Herbert!!!)

Herbert: Klutzy, you made sure the hot air vent is pointing at the entrance, right? I want our guest to stay toasty. In fact, I could be even warmer! Bahahahah!

Herbert: Oh yeah! Another win! I’m on a roll, Klutzy. Nothing can stop me now!

…That’s what you think Herbert! Click on ventilation grill and go inside…

…It’s very dark and warm in here!

…I made it through the ventilations system and now I can…

…enter this side of Herbert’s Lair :) Waddle close to Herbert’s mind control antennae…

Shutdown sequence: Place all color chips in correct slots Press button below…

…DONE :)

…HURRAY The Puffles’ Brain Boxes aren’t working anymore :)

Herbert: What’ve you done!? I was warm! No, bad Puffles! Back in the tubes! Ahhhh!

…The Puffles are so HAPPY to get their Brains back and that they now can stop digging up coins all the time :) OOPS! Herbert got caught in the flood of Puffles running out of the Lair! 

…You better go after him Klutzy and make sure he gets out of the cold as fast as possible!

…Mission: Go to Herbert’s Lair! Good job agent! Now use the 10 puffle chips to disable Herbert’s mind control machine Click on To Herbert’s Lair…

…WAIT! This is a BUG MESSAGE! I have already used the 10 puffle chips to disable Herbert’s mind control machine! The Elite Penguin Force Operation Puffles is completed :) Click on the Operation Puffle icon at the top right corner of the screen…

Director: Well done. Puffles are returning to their homes. For your dedication, the EPF is granting you a reward. Stay vigilant Saraapril. This Puffle Freedom Statue item has been added to your Igloo inventory and you have earned 5000 coins (item and coins for ALL Penguins) Thanks Aunt Arc…I mean the Director I’m so HAPPY that the Puffles are back to normal again :)

BUG info: Next time you login to Club Penguin you will see this massage again! Click on Collect…

…and you will get this message: Sorry, you can only buy this item 99 times. Hmmm I have 1 in my Igloo that I have EARNED :)

…This is how the Puffle Freedom Statue looks like in my Igloo :)

Operation Puffle CHEATS Club Penguin EPF Mission!

Mission Rescue Purple Puffle! EPF Operation Puffle CHEATS :)

ATTENTION EPF AGENTS! Mission Rescue Purple Puffle is available in Disney Club Penguin :) Rescue the puffle to unlock EPF equipment: Survival Snorkel and Rescue Diver Suit (items for members) Click on Go There…

…You look so TIRED! Poor little Puffle do you know that you are controlled by Herbert with that Brain Box? I guess not!

Puffle Chase: Rescue puffles to remove their brain boxes and collect chips. Catch all five if you can! GO! Operation Puffle EPF VIDEO - Puffle Chase Club Penguin mini Game :)

…Determined EPF Agent at Work :)


…You saved 5 Puffles, retrieved the purple chip, earned coins and items :)

…When you click on the X to close the message you will get a message from Gary! BUT I will post about that on a separate post :) UPDATE: How to stop Herbert EPF Operation Puffle CHEATS :)

Operation Puffle CHEATS Club Penguin EPF Mission!

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