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Monday, December 2, 2013

Coins for Change featured on Club Penguin Twitter :)

I LOVE Coins for Change and Disney Club Penguin has just added a pictures on their Twitter to feature that event! AWESOME :)

…This is how the whole starlit background looks like :)

…On this label you will finds ALL about Coins for Change :)

Club Penguin The Spoiler Alert - Title Theme Music!

Here is a Sneak Peek of a the Club Penguin Sneak Peek Show...LOL :) Message from Polo Field: Here's a sneak peek of our new vcast series, "The Spoiler Alert", coming soon to the Club Penguin blog! You can listen to the Music for the show here on soundcloud :)

…A FEW Sneak Peeks are FUN :) BUT I hope they don’t will reveal ALL the surprises!

Club Penguin Sneak Peeks :)

Holiday and Coins for Change Banner on Club Penguin YouTube :)

Disney Club Penguin has updated their Banner on YouTube with this Holiday and Coins for Change Picture :)

…This is how the whole picture looks like :)

…And this is how their earlier Banner looked like :)

Operation Christmas :)

There are so many Brain Boxed Puffles that need to be Rescued! Luckily many EPF Agents are working hard TOGETHER to save them all :) Operation Puffle!

…When I came home to our Log Cabin after saving Orange Puffles I found that my own Puffles had put their Candy Cane Hats on and found a Dimension Box and an old Christmas Tree…

…You are a Reindeer Puffle LOL :)

…I’m glad that none of you have got captured! Now I must leave you alone again to help with the rescue work! Thanks for wanting to help out too HappyCrazy but you can’t come with me on this mission it’s way to dangerous for Puffles! If you all stay here where you are safe I can concentrate on my work and that is a BIG help :)

…Here is a Pink Puffle in need of help! Don’t fear an Elite Penguin Force Agent is here and I will do all I can to help you! DONE :)

…Hi again Puffles :) What are you up to? You have started Operation Christmas and are collecting food, candy and toys for the freed Puffles! GREAT Idea :) See you again soon…

…Poor little White Puffle! NOTHING will stop me to save you and all other Puffles I see trapped!

…HURRAY! Herbert is Stopped and all Puffles are saved :) BUT if the EPF doesn't smarten up and find a way to help Herbert to get a warm and quiet place to live he will be forced to keep trying to find one himself! It looks like Herbert is enjoying playing solitaire just like my Grandpa :)

…WOW! So much you have accomplished when I have been away! Pretty decorations, food and gifts! And you have made a warm place for Herbert so he can feel that we care about him and Klutzy too and not only about the Puffles! AWESOME :)

…Can I do something to help out? I can? You need LOTS and LOTS of Puffle fur!? Okay I will do my best :)

…TOGETHER we can help those in need :)

Saraapril’s Stories and Adventures :)

UPDATE: Thanks for my gifts!

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