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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Club Penguin Igloo Furniture Catalog CHEATS December 2013 :)

The Newest Club Penguin Igloo Furniture Catalog is filled with New and Old Holiday items :) As always I will Help you find ALL the Hidden Secret items without ruin YOUR FUN to look for them :)

Join the Railway! Members can purchase a train tunnel for their igloo. They’ll get featured on the Train Station Igloo list. Then, trains can depart from their igloos! Active from December 19, 2013 to January , 2014 :) The Red Line Tunnel 150 coins, Green Line Tunnel 150 coins and Blue Line Tunnel 150 coins are New items :)

…Railroad Crossing Sign 200 coins, Railroad Corner 50 coins, Railroad Crossing 50 coins, Railroad Piece 50 coins and Railroad Intersection 50 coins are New items too :)

…And so are the Holiday Station Clock 250 coins, Candy Cane Lantern 100 coins, Luggage Case 100 coins, Handbag 100 coins, Holiday Centerpiece 50 coins and Holiday Wreath 50 coins :)

…Train Car Present 75 coins, Newsstand 75 coins, Train Engine Present 100 coins, Station Bench 75 coins and Train Crossing Sign 100 coins are the last New items in this Catalog :)

…Mouse over the page to find the Hidden Secret The Spooky Surprise 120 coins…

…The Laughing Lantern 120 coins…

…The Glowing Grin 120 coins…

…As usual we didn't get any Flooring updates or anything else from My quick Igloo Wish List THANKS A LOT Darth Herbert you are truly a Scrooge!

Igloo Catalog CHEATS Club Penguin December 2013!

Club Penguin Catalogs :)

Igloo Catalog CHEATS Club Penguin December 2013!

The December Holiday’s are soon here and Club Penguin has released a new Igloo Catalog with a Brand NEW Igloo  :) As always I will help you find ALL the Hidden Secret items without ruin YOUR FUN to look for them :)

…Train Station Igloo! It’s Grand Central Station for all your Holiday parties! This Igloo costs 1100 coins :)

…Mouse over the pages to find the Secret Stone Igloo 2000 coins :)

…Estate Igloo 2500 coins :)

…and Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo 5000 coins :)

Club Penguin Igloo Furniture Catalog CHEATS December 2013 :)

Club Penguin Catalogs :)

A Humbug Holiday at the Stage 2013 :)

The Play “A Humbug Holiday” is back at the Stage this year too :)

…There's a holiday sale on fruit cake. TODAY ONLY! HURRY HURRY!! LOL :)

…The Costume Trunk December 2013 :) There are no new items in this Catalog and no hidden secrets!

…Now Playing A Humbug Holiday! Humbug is the grumpiest penguin in the world. He’s so grouchy, he once tried to cancel weekends. But the season of giving has come – will a holiday miracle change his heart? Probably not. But find out the answer in…A HUMBUG HOLIDAY! The costume items available in this catalog are Humbug Hat, Monocle, Tri-color Scarf, Humbug Coat, Iron Lantern…

…The Burly Beard, Ghost of Today, Ghost of Yesterday, Ghost of Tomorrow…

…Background, Megaphone and Director’s Hat :)

Tour Guide Message:

Now showing A Humbug Holiday A classic tale of fruitcake and holiday spirit Grab a costume and join the play!

Script: A Humbug Holiday
Ghost of Yesterday: Knock knock!
Humbug: Who's there? Go away I'm sleeping!
Ghost of Yesterday: It's the Ghost of Yesterday. Hi!
Humbug: So? What do you want?
Ghost of Yesterday: I'm here to remind you...
Humbug: Bah! I know this story. I've been unkind, I get it
Ghost of Yesterday: Nah, I don't care about that. I'm here to remind you...
Ghost of Yesterday: ...about your laundry! You left socks in the dryer
Humbug: Oh, thank you!
Humbug goes back to sleep
Ghost of Today: Knock knock!
Ghost of Today: I said KNOCK KNOCK!
Humbug: Bah! I'm trying to sleep! Who is it now?!
Ghost of Today: It's me the Ghost of Today
Humbug: What's so important?
Ghost of Today: There's a holiday sale on fruit cake. TODAY ONLY!
Humbug: Dried fruit dessert! My favorite! Thank you, ghost
Humbug buys eleventeen fruit cakes
Humbug: Now to enjoy this dried fruit delicacy in peace
Humbug: Ooh extra prunes!
scratches at window
Humbug: Ugh what's that awful sound?!
Ghost of Tomorrow: Fruitcaaaaake
Humbug: Who said that?
Ghost of Tomorrow steps out of shadows
Humbug: Ghost, are you here to show me my future?
Ghost of Tomorrow: Yes!
Humbug: Well what is it?
Ghost of Tomorrow: I foresee disappointment
Ghost snatches Humbug's fruitcake and runs away
Humbug: BAH! My fruitcake! Come back thief!
Humbug: shakes flipper
Humbug: And everyone wonders why I'm so grumpy!
Director: Places please!
Director: 5 minute call, actors to the stage.
Director: Let's take it from the top!
Director: That's a wrap!

…Have FUN Playing and don’t forget to use the Swithbox 3000 for Special effects :)

The Stage in Club Penguin :)

Ornament Pin CHEAT Club Penguin :)

The NEW Club Penguin Pin is hidden here at the Dance Club :)

…You have found a (Text BUG! It should be an) Ornament Pin Would you like to pick it up? Yes Please :)

…This is how the Gold Ornament Pin looks like on my Player Card :)

…See earlier Club Penguin Pin :)

How to add Saraapril’s Club Penguin Pin Tracker :)

Club Penguin Times issue 425 :)

Herbert Donates Fortune?! Rockhopper to lead Coins for Change :)

Herbert Donates Fortune?!

All those coins won’t move themselves! By Aunt Arctic — It looks like one of Herbert’s schemes will do some good for once! We’re going to put all the coins he took on a train into town, so they can be donated! All Aboard!

I visited Herbert’s old base to speak to Rookie and Gary. They were preparing the train for its first trip. “Gadzooks! I can’t wait to see the locomotive in action, especially for such a good cause,” said the scientist. While he put together the finishing touches, Rookie loaded coins on to the carts. “It’s a lot of work to load coins, but Gary said that if I do it, then I can drive the train!” “All we need to get going is Rockhopper’s shipment of train tracks.” “I don’t know what could go wrong,” Rookie told me. Once Rockhopper brings the tracks, the train can deliver its cargo of coins to town. They’ll need to go full steam ahead to make it on time for the party! Keep an eye out for the train chugging into the station on Dec. 19!

Rockhopper to lead Coins for Change :)

The merry Migrator full of tracks, gifts, and probably stinky cheese.

By Rockhopper — Avast! Coins For Change be on the horizon! If me charts be right, I’ll make landfall at Club Penguin on Dec. 19. Gary be buildin’ a train to haul treasure from that scallywag Herbert’s lair. Haulin’ treasure be work for a ship, says I, but I reckon Gary be knowin’ his business. So, I searched the seas and fought giant shrimp until they begged for mercy. Then I found the perfect train tracks for our celebration! ’Tis a fine thing we do on the Holidays, and I be honored to captain the Coins For Change donations this year. To celebrate, thar be rare treasures in me hold that’ll make ye look like a right jolly pirate! Once I arrive, I’ll be leadin’ a pirate parade to the donation station, and I be hopin’ to see ye all there.

Upcoming Events :)

Dec. 19 Rockhopper Arrives Ring in the Holidays with the Captain!

Dec. 19 Coins For Change Start saving up for the donation drive!

Dec. 31 New Year’s Eve! Countdown to 2014!

On now: Furniture Catalog—Build your own train sets!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until December 26.
Next pin hidden: December 27–January 8

Newsflash :)

I’m afraid I won’t be present at the Holidays this year. I’m taking some time to learn about distant relatives! –Gary

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

Where does PH go when she’s away? – Sir Chur
Well, I know the discovery of the gold puffle really energized her. Not long ago, she struck out in search of the next big puffle discovery. She feels that if the gold puffle can live underground for so long, there must be all sorts of puffles still to be found! Last I heard, she was ice climbing on Tallest Mountain. I don’t know what exactly she’s looking for out there, but she is really determined! Her adventures bring her to some really exotic places. It would be so exciting to hear about them! I know PH keeps travel notes when she’s exploring. Perhaps you’d be interested in reading them? Write into the paper to let me know, and I’ll make sure she publishes them.

Puffle Personality Possibilities.

What puffle would you be? What about Rockhopper or Gary or Cadence? – Olive U.
That’s several questions! But I’ll answer them all since they were quite fun to think about. It’s hard to choose a puffle when you like them all so much. But, I think a blue puffle would represent me the best. Rockhopper has such a connection with Yarr, I can’t see him as anything but an adventurous red puffle. The brown puffle is a great match for the lively and brilliant Gary the Gadget Guy. Think of the puffle toys he would invent! Just like her puffle Lolz, Cadence loves to dance, party, and be in the spotlight. I’d put her down as a purple puffle for sure! There are lots more, but I want to know what you think. What puffle would PH be? Or Sensei—imagine those eyebrows on a puffle! Write into the paper with your ideas.

Secrets Classified Treasure Hunt Tips and Secrets :)

By Rockhopper - Yarr! Be ye wantin’ to find some treasure when I make port on Dec. 19? Then ye be wantin’ to swing by the Migrator for a game o’ Treasure Hunt. Here be a secret to make the most of yer search: Thar be sparkles to show ye where the treasure lies. Whenever ye see two side by side, ye can be sure there be somethin’ worth diggin’ for. But if ye get a coin after diggin’ the first, ye might as well move on. There’ll likely not be a gem under the other! Always work together with yer mateys to cover as much ground as ye can!

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 424 :)

More soon…

Club Penguin Bugs and Details :)

The Migrator with Rockhopper and Yarr is closer and ´they are bringing the railway for the Holiday train :)

…The Igloo Music is updated with new and old tunes :) Holiday Lights, All Aboard for the Holidays, Cool In The Cold, The Palace of Ice Crystals, Holiday Medley, Santa’s Sleigh, A Little Holiday Magic :)

…In the Spoiler Alert Video Disney Club Penguin promised us NEW Puffle food and Hats today BUT so far we just has got a Catalog BUG! No matter if you open the Puffle Catalog form the Pet Shop or in your Igloo the result is the same! You get STUCK and must log off! BORING BUG! UPDATE: Puffle Catalog CHEATS Club Penguin :)

…Ads has been added on Disney Club Penguin’s Home Page! An ad for Coins for Change: Let’s Change the World! Watch the Video…

…You find the Video on this post: Coins for Change 2013 - Game On Commercial Video!

…An ad for My Penguin app: New App Update! Hang out in the Town! Watch the Video…

…You find the Video on this post: Club Penguin iPad App Official Trailer :)

Club Penguin Bugs!

More soon…

Club Penguin iPad App Official Trailer :)

This is a message from Club Penguin:

It's official! The Club Penguin iPad app will be available this Thursday. Check out the trailer here:

The next big update is almost here! iPad users will be able to download the app for free in the Apple App Store beginning Thursday, December 12, 2013

…Thanks for the info BUT I’m waiting for “My Penguin” on Android :)

My Penguin 1.3 Sneak Peek . Club Penguin on iPad :)

Smoothie Smash and Pizzatron 3000 on iPad soon :)

#WaddleOn Sneak Peek info - Penguin Carols this Friday :)

This is a message by Polo Field:

Hello Penguins! #WaddleOn Penguin Carols is coming this Friday! It's a double-length episode full of holiday music and cheer, so the team is taking an extra couple days to make it merrier and brighter! Waddle on, -Club Penguin Team (Picture BUG)

UPDATE: Picture Bug Fixed :)

…Okay :) Have FUN Caroling TOGETHER :)

…See earlier episode of Club Penguin’s Comedy Show #WaddleOn!

Coins for Change 2013 - Game On Commercial Video!

Disney LOVE to sneak in ads for Disney Channel into Club Penguin and this year they take advantage of “Coins for Change” to do so! LAME! On top of that they have involved the U.S Marine Corps with “Toys for Tots!” I SO MISS the old days when Club Penguin was an ad FREE Game for kids ALL around the world that peacefully had FUN TOGETHER :)

…There are a few Sneak Peeks in this Video :) The train ride looks COOL I hope it will be…BUG FREE! Time will tell…

Coins for Change 2013 Information!

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