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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Puffle Splash ANIMATED :)

ALL my Puffles LOVE to bathe and at the cove they can splash around in the water :)

…The underground Pool is a GREAT place to splash around in too and so are the…

…Hidden Lake and…

…Rooftop Pool :) What did you say Inventor? You want to visit Prism? GREAT IDEA! To the Rainbow Cannon…

…HI PRISM! Here we are again to visit you and your friends :) Inventor and I have hugs to you from all your siblings and we are hoping that you can come home and live TOGETHER with us soon…How to adopt a Rainbow Puffle CHEATS!

…Thanks Wwerocks88 and Sommfi for reminding me to blog about the Puffle Splash Feature :) TOGETHER WE ROCK!!! UPDATE: Puffles can Splash at the Water Dojo too Thanks Girish2002 :)

Visiting Prism at the Cloud Forest :)

Snow Ninja FUN TOGETHER with Prism :)

Hard to say bye to Prism!

Rockhopper and Yarr visiting Prism :)

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