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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Saraapril Fan Art by Moonsun Rf :)

Moonsun Rf is an AWESOME Artist that has two pictures published on Club Penguin Fan Art Gallery :) And now Moonsun Rf has made this drawing of my Penguin :)

…THANKS Moonsun Rf :) I LOVE the cute green head decoration and necklace you have made for me :) And THANKS for your kind email I’m so HAPPY and feel so HONORED that you like my Blog and made this special gift drawing for me :)

THANKS Moonsun Rf from Saraapril :)

Saraapril Fan Art :)

FUN with Friends :)

Today I took a Waddle down memory lane and here are a few FUN with Friends pictures :) TOGETHER we are working to move all the stones that block the Mine entry and Ooliverb is an AWESOME and Encouraging Team Leader and made the work so much FUN :)

…Hi Borisko99 :) How are you today?

…Selendra1 asked if I could tell her where to find Country Pins? Sure :)

…You find them here in the Penguin Style Catalog :)

…HAPPY to Help :)

Find Four FUN :)

…Hi Fairy135 :) Yes you can :)

…Selendra1 and Fairy135 are BOTH AWESOME at this Game :)

…Time for Sled Race FUN :)

…To make the sun emote click on the blue outside the chat bar and then on e, d :)

…Sadly I can’t add anyone more to my Friends List BUT I can send you a postcard and then we are Club Penguin Friends anyway :)

…Are there Gold Puffles somewhere in there?

…I agree Webk2 and Sara5196 Herbert has been here!

…I think Ice Fishing is a relaxing way to earn coins :)

…The Gold Puffle Quest is HERE and in the Forest I met Cid Boy 4732 and his grumpy but cute Black Puffle :)

…Mumble567’s Puffle is digging for gold nuggets too :)

…You found a nugget! Good Puffle :)

…I LOVE the river in Operation Puffle :)

…Hi Wanted 005 :)

…The rapids are AWESOME FUN too :)

Club-Penguin- 2013-11-1326 - Copy

…Time to Rescue Puffles :)

…HAPPILY working TOGETHER to save Puffles :)

…Hi Blacky720 I like your Fashion Style :)

…Thanks Im Grandma :) If we ALL work TOGETHER to send Gift Postcards nobody will be left without :) Give a Gift item in Club Penguin :)

…You’re very welcome Garvit2001 :)


…The Hidden Lake room is a GREAT place to dig for coins :)

…Stan1ley invited me to his Holiday decorated Igloo and there we had so much FUN talking while drinking Tea and eating yummy Cookies :)

…Thank you so much Stan1ley :) HAPPY HOLIDAYS :)

…I met Vindore at the Paddington Station…LOL :)

…we went to his “Snow Place Like Home” Igloo to watch the Snowfall :)

…Then we had so Much FUN TOGETHER with our Puffles at the Cove :) Puffle Splash Animated :)

…And that are all pictures for Today :) THANKS to ALL Penguins I have played TOGETHER with in Club Penguin :)

FUN with Friends :)

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