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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

HURRAY! Gary’s Time Trekker is now at the Snow Forts :) Let’s go inside…

…There was an error…OH NO! BUG! I hope this will be fixed before the Prehistoric Party 2014 starts next week! UPDATE: This Bug is now fixed :) See Picture further down on this post :)

…The Igloo Music List is updated :) Journey to the Prehistoric, Stone-Age Party, Pre-Historic, Ooga Booga and Jungle Ambience are New tunes :)

…The Time Trekker Bug is fixed and we can waddle inside :) Message from Gary the Gadget Guy: Greetings! The Time Trekker is being calibrated. Come back on January 23, 2014 to travel to Prehistoric Times. Garugg the Ugg Ugg needs our help to save the Dino Puffles! Prehistoric Party 2014 Sneak Peeks :)

…Disney is preparing Club Penguin to be available in Russian language :) Here is the Welcome mat furniture item with text in Russian :) добро пожаловать :)

…Probably because Club Penguin is preparing for Russian there are small text adjustments on a lot of places in Club Penguin where the text has moved a little or changed size a little :)

…The picture of the Brown Flats Shoes has been updated in the Club Penguin Style Catalog January 2014 :)

…The text Bug that was fixed in Rockhopper and the Stowaway is back again! It says “now you’re ship” instead of “now your ship”!

…In the game DJ3K the text is changed to DJ3000 :)

…you can see the change on the record players too :)

Club Penguin Home page update: Members can get the Dino Dig Site for their igloos Check out the NEW Catalog Ad is showing on Club Penguin Home Page :)

...The Club Penguin Background Picture on Home page is now added back :)

…The Weekday text is in italics now :)

…The Drink vending machine in the Dance Lounge is a little different :) Here is how it looked like before :)

…The old style Ice Rink is back again :)

…From the Plaza we SHOULD see the Ice Rink BUT instead we can see the Soccer Field…BUG!

…In the Pet Shop the Gold O’berries machine and platform has changed back to the launching design :) GREAT! I like this design much better :)

…This is how it looked like before!

…The blue sky at the Puffle Hotel Roof changed again and now it’s back to be a bit darker than before :)

…The Mine Bug is fixed :)

…In Pizza Parlor the door handles are a bit changed and now they look darker and more outlined…

…this is how it looked like before :)

…The instructions sign at the Fire Dojo has been moved down a little :)

…Your Igloo is set aside and now available directly on the map and the text font for Places, Games, Shops and Pets is made bold :)

…Tour Guide Messages: This is the Snow Forts Home to the Club Penguin clock and usually snowball fights The Time Trekker is here now Gary the Gadget Guy is getting ready to take us all back to caveguin time!

…Welcome to the Time Trekker When traveling through time please note keep all flippers inside the vehicle at all times please remain seated until the time warp is done :)

…New Club Penguin Help pages :)

How do I adopt a dinosaur puffle?

Members can adopt a dino puffle during the Prehistoric Party Jan 22 - Feb 4. Head to the Time Trekker in the Snow Forts to travel back to prehistoric Club Penguin. Six different dino puffles are available to adopt! These rare puffles will only be available to adopt during the party.

What species of dinosaur puffles exist?

Currently there are 6 different dino puffles in Club Penguin:

  • Yellow Stegosaurus
  • Pink Stegosaurus
  • Black T-rex
  • Purple T-rex
  • Blue Triceratops
  • Red Triceratops

How do I care for my dinosaur puffle?

Like all puffles, dino puffles need lots of care and attention. To care for your dino puffle, take it for a walk and use the care stations in the Puffle Hotel and Pizza Parlor.

What happens to my dinosaur puffle after my membership expires?

If you've adopted a dino puffle and your membership expires, your dino puffle will go outside to your backyard. Only members can bring their dino puffles into their igloo and take them for walks. But don't worry, while your dino puffle is in your backyard its stats won't go down.

Are group or family rates available?

At this time Club Penguin does not offer group or family rates for memberships.

Can I transfer my membership to another penguin?

We understand that many players have several penguin accounts, however we are unable to transfer memberships from one penguin to another. To prevent having a membership applied to the wrong account, make sure you check the correct penguin name and password are entered during the payment process.

Club Penguin Bugs!

More soon…


Anonymous said...

Sara you got a typo you need to put 23 not 29

Perapin said...

You're really awesome at finding the subtle details! :)

~Perapin :)

Waddles26813 said...

Hey Saraapril, I don't know if it's just my computer or I'm just seeing things, but I think they darkened the shade of yellow on the fuel can balloons in jet pack adventure.

Anonymous said...

Wow... you are so detailed, Saraapril! :)

Freezer84668 said...

You have a good eye for detail! Also, I noticed that some of the rooms that have been changed, like the Plaza and Dock, still have the old design on the map!
~Freezer84668 :)

Girish2002 said...

The Music Jam T-shirt has also updated. If you wear it, the Text 'Music Jam' will be in Russian

Anonymous said...

Amazing! How do you find all these bugs? You've sure got a sharp eye! Nice job. Amazing work! AMAZING BLOG! :)
-Anonymous Saraapril Fan

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