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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

The Forest Room is updated :)

…And so is the Ski Hill and the music in both these rooms are a little updated :)

…BUT…what happened to the house that used to be down there?! Did it get demolished by the Club Penguin Team? OR is it snowed over?

...The Prehistoric Party 2014 should be here BUT it’s NOT…UGG UGG BUG BUG!!

…WHAT?!? I’m suddenly NOT A MEMBER !?! BUG!

…Disney Club Penguin have added the “Go Back in Time” Prehistoric Party picture ad on their Home page!

…WHAT!?! You have less then one hour to activate your account. Unactivated accounts will be deleted! What is CLUB BUG up to? I guess I HAVE to click on OK…

…WHAT?!? An activation link was sent to…WHAT!?! That’s NOT MY EMAIL NEITHER IS IT MY PARENT’S EMAIL!!! You better HURRY UP to fix this BUG CLUB PENGUIN!!! Club BUG Strikes AGAIN! Prehistoric Party 2014!

…The Background picture on CP Home page is now changed too and this is how the whole picture looks like :)

…An ad is added on the Home page: Members can get dino puffles from Jan. 23-Feb. 4 Go Back in Time :)

…Gary the Gadget Guy’s Background Picture is Prehistoric…LOL :) Sadly he doesn't have a new Giveaway Background this time!

…The Weekday text on the Clock Tower at the Snow Forts is a bit larger than last week :)

…The door handles in Pizza Parlor are back to their old look again!

…The Explorer stamp can be earned now when you visiting all the Prehistoric Party rooms :) How to collect ALL Stamps in Club Penguin :)

…The Puffle Handbook Care page has been updated with this text: Go to Pet Papers to view your Adoption Certificates. Take your puffle for a walk and care for it at the Puffle Hotel!

…I LOVE that Puffles can dig up items and here are some new available :) Allosaurus Hoodie :)

…Archaeologist Outfit :)

…Stone Age Expedition Shorts :)

…Magma Hoodie :)

…Furniture Items: Hanging Torch :)

…Primal Shark Arch :)

…Tricera-statue :)

…Go Back in Time Ad is added to the Login page :)

Club Penguin Bugs!

More soon…


Missygirl156 said...

*SOB* Sara I can't talk or buy anything Club Penguin anymore! It says I must activate my account! I am sooo sad! *SOB* :(

Anonymous said...

Club Penguin has also stuffed up for me- apparently we have less than an hour to activate our membership account otherwise it'll be deleted, our puffles have also been taken too- what is going on?!?

Anonymous said...

Oh, good. I'm not the only one with that unactivated account glitch...

Anonymous said...

I told club penguin about the 0 hours til activation bug.
It's not only you.
I tested it on my other 30 accounts, and same result.

Anonymous said...

I almost died when saw that account would be deleted.
Now i know it's a bug, i'm not worried, thanks a lot Sara.
Brazil penguins are with you. :D

Anonymous said...

oh phew! i thought i really had an hour to activate my already activated account! i got so nervous! good to know its just a bug, thank you!! :)
btw, did anyone elses' puffles disappear?

Anonymous said...

Same problems here, Sara! SAY THIS ISN'T SO!!!!

Anonymous said...

has anyone noticed the little opening on the mountain in the background of the renovated ski hill? All the way to the right. Could be Herbert???

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