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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Club Penguin Style Catalog CHEATS January 2014 :)

I think the New items in the Club Penguin Style Catalog for January 2014 are Prehistoric but somehow the Fashion Style Rocks...LOL :) As Always I will help you find ALL the Hidden Secret items without ruin YOUR FUN to look for them :)

…We have got two NEW Backgrounds :) Dino Chow Background 60 coins and Prehistoric Barber Shop 60 coins :)

…The Tiki Tiki Hair Wig 250 coins, Flower Palm Dress 400 coins, Mud Makeup 75 coins and Stone Necklace 100 coins are New items :)

…Mouse over this page to find the Hidden Secret Old Great Bone Necklace 350 coins!

…The Aboo Aboo Hair Wig 250 coins, Zebra-print Dress 400 coins, Cavegeek Glasses 150 coins, The Top Knot 250 coins, Cavegeek Outfit 400 coins are New items :)

…Prehistoric Helmet 400 coins is an Old item!

…Primal Headdress 250 coins, Feather Fringe 400 coins, Stone Shades 150 coins and Leather Arm Band 100 coins are New items!

…The hidden Prehistoric Staff 350 coins is an Old item!

…Redhead Headphones 250 coins, Collared Blue Shirt 350 coins, The Eco-Brunette Hair Wig 250 coins and Pattern Fashionista 350 coins are New items :)

…and so are The Baba Baba Hair Wig 250 coins, Leopard-print Two-piece 350 coins, The Bonytail 250 coins, Powder Blue Bone Dress 350 coins, The Side Bonytail Hair Wig 250 coins, Primal Blue Face Paint 50 coins, Primal Green Face Paint 50 coins and Primal Pink Face Paint 50 coins :)

…Great Horn Mask 200 coins is an old item!

…The Ugga Ugga Hair Wig 250 coins, Glam Glam Gown 450 coins, Prehistoric Leisure Suit 450 coins, Purple Fur Vest 400 coins, The Courageous Hair Wig 250 coins and Cozy Toga 350 coins are New items :)

Penguin at Work: Stone Chef Hat 100 coins and Caveguin Pizza Apron 250 coins are the last New items :) Put on this outfit and press the ‘D’ to perform the special dance :)

…I hope this Stone age Pizza isn't too hard to chew…LOL :)

…Red Viking Helmet 750 coins :) Open and close three times then open again…

…CONGRATS! You have found the Secret Blue Viking Helmet 1200 coins :)

…Sea Foam Earmuffs 150 coins :)

…Reindeer Suit 550 coins :)

…Reindeer Head 450 coins :)

…The Nutcracker 450 coins :)

…Nutcracker Costume 550 coins :)

Club Penguin Catalogs :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Saraapril! There is a glitch with one of the hairs! When I put on the Baba Baba hair it doesn't show up on my penguin! Huge glitch!

Unknown said...

Hmmm...the Blue Viking Helmet is kind of tricky to find if you have a slow connection of your Internet system.

Anonymous said...

i agree with you ping! and sara, your blog is totally awesome!

Emma3335 said...

Sara your blog is awesome!

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