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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Club Penguin Times issue 428 :)

Coins for Change a Success! Rookie Hits the Slopes!

Coins for Change a Success!

Club Penguin citizens donate BILLIONS of coins! By Aunt Arctic — Thank you so much everyone! With your donations, we unlocked every charity project!

From donating activity packages to building a whole hospital wing, we’ve really made a difference this year!I was so proud to see everyone come together to collect the coins that were spilled. Plus, there were so many donations of your own!Generosity and teamwork like this is what makes Club Penguin so wonderful. Brilliant work!Of course, I also need to thank Rockhopper for leading the Holiday celebrations!

He has set sail again, but he told me this before he left.It be a roarin’ ruckus of a good time! I be honored to be a part o’ the Coins For Change crew!”I think “crew” is a good word to use. We’re all working together to raise coins and awareness for these charities, after all. The success we have belongs to all of us.So thank you again. I can’t wait to see what we do together next!

Rookie Hits the Slopes!

Rookie practicing his new high-speed sled tours. By Rookie — Hi everyone! Rookie reporting from the Ski Village. It took me AAAGES to pass the Tour Guide test, but now I can tell you about cool places around the island! The Ski Village is on the west of the island. That’s the left side of the map if you haven’t accidentally opened it upside-down. At the top-right of the village, you can find the Ski Lodge. It’s a really cozy spot to play Find Four or go Ice Fishing. There’s also the Everyday Phoning Facility here. I cannot say that it is a secret spy base, or I cannot not say that? Um. It has phones! Also in the village is the Tour Guide stand where I got my hat! You need to be at least 45 days old to take the test, and it can be really hard. You might need to ask for help, like I did! Thanks for staying for the tour! Talk to you soon!

Upcoming Events :)

Jan. 16 Furniture Catalog Ugga Ugga Furniture!

Jan. 16 Stage Penguins That Time Forgot hits the Stage!

Jan. 9: Penguin Style—Show off stone-age style!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until January 8.
Next pin hidden: January 9–22

Newsflash :)

Got your gold puffle yet? Start your quest at the Pet Shop in the Plaza.

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

How can I stay on top of the news? – Doug Deep
Great question. I know there are lots of budding reporters on the island. So here are my tips for getting the latest scoop:
1. Pay attention to changes on the island. Is someone building something? Or moving it? There must be a reason.
2. Watch for connections between events. If you can catch them, you might figure out what will happen next.
3. Ask questions! You can send them to me or ask your friends. Two heads are better than one at finding clues!
If you have a keen eye and stick to these tips, you’ll be on your way to digging up news like the best reporter. Good luck out there!

Comics :)

Secrets Classified Big Coin Prizes!

If you’re looking for ways to rack up big coins, we have some tips to help you!

  • Check out Puffle Round Up in the Pet Shop. The key is to be quick. Herd all the puffles together before putting them in the pen.
  • Try Cart Surfer in the Mine. Once you get the hang of turns, try lots of tricks on the straight stretches. Make sure not to do the same trick twice in a row.
  • Master the art of pizza making with Pizzatron 3000 in the Pizza Parlor. This game takes some practice, but a great chef can make a lot of coins!

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 427 :)

More soon…

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